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How to Germinate your Cannabis Seed

June 24, 2019


The first step to growing marijuana is germinating your seed, which can be surprisingly simple with the right tools. Even though the process of getting a seed to sprout and bear a healthy plant is a challenge for some growers, it doesn’t have to be. Especially when you start with a Pot for Pot, your plant will sprout and start growing in no time.

The Endosperm Houses the Food

The first thing to understand is that seeds come naturally equipped with their own starting food - endosperm. It plays an essential role in ensuring your plant reaches its full potential. As a seed sprouts, this starchy blanket around the embryo provides nutrients to a growing plant. If it doesn’t seem like a lot, don’t be fooled - there’s enough starch there to feed humans.

That starch is only part of what you’ll need – you’ll also need to provide specific temperatures to germinate your seeds. Ideally, you’ll want to keep the temperature around 25 degrees Celsius (77 F) for the best results.

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What Happens During Germination?

The process of germination is when plants start to sprout from their seeds – and it’s relatively the same throughout the plant kingdom. A little bit of moisture makes the tiny plant inside crack open the shell and sprout upwards with its root downwards. Once it’s cracked through the shell, you’ll need to give your little babies a bit of water and some love for the fun to begin.

Your seeds will need the right conditions to break through their shell and continue to grow, however. Otherwise, they may take longer to germinate. Our seedling starter kit can help you create those perfect conditions. It makes sure your seed has just the right amount of water (so that it stays moist, but not too wet). Once it has germinated and grown enough to sprout its third set of leaves, simply move your young plant into the Pot for Pot fabric pot for continued healthy growth.

It’s best to germinate seeds indoors where you can better control the temperature. Seeds are more likely to sprout in a warm and stable environment.  

Different Ways To Germinate

There are many ways to germinate seeds, but we recommend using Peat pellets.  Not only is it the safest way to start your seeds, but it’s also the easiest.

Jiffy is hands down one of the best brands of peat pellets on the market. And if you are thinking about germinating using peat pellets, this is the way to go. This method is great for avoiding the risk of damaging new roots. 

Peat pellets are comprised of decomposed vegetable matter which your plants will absolutely love. When you add water, it expands creating a nutrient-dense medium that is a good replacement for soil.

When the roots are visible, you can transport the whole pellet into a Top Soil mix with fortified Pot for Pot Superb Soil below so it can continue developing without accidentally causing root damage. Every Pot for Pot kit includes a Jiffy Pellet, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing it separately, and if you run out, order some refills or one of our expansion kits.

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After Germination

After your seeds have germinated, they need to go into a pellet so the roots can spread out and grow. You may be wondering just how far in the jiffy pellet the seeds should be planted once it has germinated. You’ll want to drop the seed about a half inch to an inch. If the seed has not sprouted, it’s okay to place it in the jiffy pellet – as long as it has soaked for at least 12 hours, but no more than 24 hours. If it has sprouted, drop the white root downward, so that the head of the seed is about an inch below the surface.

Hydrogen peroxide for damping off

Once your seed becomes a tiny plant, it’s now known as a seedling. This is great, except that seedlings are very delicate. You’ll want to be on the lookout for the number one seedling killer: damping off. Damping off occurs when something (such as fungi or other diseases) causes the nutrients in your plant to stop being transported properly. The stem becomes mushy and falls over, and your young plants will die young. The risk increases when there is minimal direct sunlight and air circulation, combined with warm temperatures and high humidity.

Eventually, your plant will be able to protect itself, but until then hydrogen peroxide is an excellent solution to this problem before it can begin. Hydrogen peroxide provides oxygen to the soil and reduces the chances of fungus spores developing.

How to use hydrogen peroxide to prevent damping-off:

Combine 1 tsp. of hydrogen peroxide with 2 cups of water. Use this solution to water the plants. Or you can soak the seed in 1% hydrogen peroxide before planting.


Germination can be tricky, but not if you have the right tools. Our seedling starter kit makes going from seed to seedling fairly effortless. It’s included in all our kits, or you can purchase it on its own. Simply select the seeds and provide some love and we’ll provide everything you need to grow healthy plants.

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How to Germinate Seed FAQ

What is the process of germination?

Germination is the process of seeds developing into new plants

What does a weed seed need to germinate?

All weed seeds need water, oxygen, and proper temperature in order to germinate. 

How long does it take for seeds to germinate?

It takes 1-2 weeks for weed seeds to germinate 

What is the best medium for germinating cannabis seeds?

We love jiffy pellets. They mimic the plants favourite natural medium, good soil.  

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