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The Ultimate Guide on How to Harvest Weed

Most experienced growers will tell you that the hardest thing about growing their first marijuana plant was harvesting. They’ve already put in weeks of work.

After waiting patiently for all those weeks, the last thing that any grower wants is to make a mistake and ruin the potency and quality of your weed. 

This ultimate guide on how to harvest weed will help keep you from making those mistakes during this crucial phase of your weed growing adventure.

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Cannabis seeds overview

So, you are ready to start your growing journey, and it’s time for the first step: deciding which seeds to purchase. There are tons to choose from, but a Pot for Pot does some of the work for you by hand selecting the best seeds and strains for easy growing.

This article will review the seed options available to you such as autoflowering and photoperiod seeds, plus the strains that are best for newbies. Let’s dive in!

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Where to start growing cannabis

Getting started with growing marijuana is very exciting and concerning at the same time. We are here to help ease the confusion and help you begin growing marijuana easily and effortlessly. You must decide whether to grow in soil or hydro, indoors or outdoors, and what types of seeds to choose. The first step is knowing where you want to grow your weed.

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