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a Light for Pot - Single Pot 75 Watt LED Grow Light

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a Light for Pot Single Pot 75 Watt LED Grow Light
Growing indoors has never been easier. New LED technology means these lights emit the perfect wavelength to grow your plants indoors with natural-looking light. Ideal for a single pot with 1.5 sq ft of canopy. These powerful lights can yield up to 6 oz, or even more when supplementing with natural sunlight. Or double up and grow even more. Perfect for use during both the flowering and veg stage, these high powered LEDs are all you need to have a bumper crop. No need for a tent with auto-flowering seeds! Just grow in your living room and proudly show your plant off. Hang your Lamp for Plants above your pot and turn on. Autoflowering plants do not need a 12 dark / 12 light cycle to flower. With this light and our kit, you can harvest your own beautiful indoor flowers in as little as 80 days! We want to save you money and get you growing as quickly as possible so you can learn how to grow your own pot.
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Excellent kit for beginners

Great! The kit is ALL INCLUSIVE, just add seed and water like they say. I am newer to growing but have been studying for a long time. Everything worked as promised out of the box. My plants are on day 24 and looking great! The support team has been great with questions and comments as well. They even over-nighted me a new pot saucer after mine showed up cracked. Great product and great team!

Wyatt B.


This soil literally has everything you need for your Auto. No need to mess around with expensive nutrient bottles, or droppers trying to figure out the right mix. Just follow the directions, water, and you're golden!

Zach K.

A pot for happiness...

This kit is truly an easy way for someone to learn the basics of growing your own healthy cannabis plant. The support was fantastic and all products arrived in record time (even during the height of the Pandemic). Very easy to follow guides and trouble-shooting and awesome online support. Great product for new growers!


Worry free!!!

This comes with everything needed except the seeds!! The directions were clear and my plants were growing in no time!!!


110% Satisfied Customer!!!

The only way to go! All you need is seed, water & love! I recommend you to all of my friends!!! I'm definitely a repeat customer.


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Simple light for autos

Just got my light and already had help from the folks at P4P with hanging instructions and distance. I always know they'll be there to answer all ques...

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John G.Verified Buyer


a Light for Pot - Single Pot 75 Watt LED Grow Light

No offense, it's a light. Fairly easy to use does what it should.

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AnonymousVerified Buyer


Great source of light

It's wonderful and the plants absolutely loved the light. The heatsink on the lamp helps dissipate any heat

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Brenda K.Verified Buyer



Easy to install, just mount, Plug... and play hehe 🤦‍♂️😊

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ERIC W.Verified Buyer


It's better homegrown.

Grow in 80 days with this kit...