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A Pot for Pot mini grow kit with twisted plant stalk

A Complete Grow Kit for Soil-Loving Plants.

Grow organic marijuana, herbs, and flowers all year-round. Our basic grow kit has everything you need to get started.

Just add water, seed, and sun.

a Pot for Pot: Herbs & Cannabis Grow Kit

  • No Grow Tent needed
  • No Grow Lights or LEDs are required
  • Cheapest grow kit for marijuana
  • $40 seed coupon included
  • Organic soil recipe
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Grows great marijuana, sunflowers, lavender, microgreens, and much more
  • Online Grow Coaching & Support

What's in your box?

Our cannabis grow kits are designed for gardeners of all levels. You can quickly learn how to grow organic cannabis in soil without all the fuss of hydroponics systems or complicated nutrients. Our super soil is 6x denser than your standard gardening soil, packed with organic nutrients and minerals. It provides you with everything you need to grow a strong, healthy plant..

In addition, each kit contains all the essential gardening tools you need from seed to harvest, including step-by-step instructions on how to grow marijuana in just 80 days, whether it’s in your closet or garden. Need more help? Our grow coaching team is here to answer all your questions, just email help@apotforpot.com. Each grow kit comes with a $40 dollar coupon from our seed fulfillment partners so you can grow your favorite strain.

Choose the Right Kit for You

$40 Seed Coupon Included

Bonsai Mini Grow Kit

A perfect plant for your desk or windowsill, this little kit grows an adorable cannabis bonsai plant almost right out of the box! With nothing more than a bit of love, light, and water you can enjoy the magic of growing your own herbs and flowers. This kit can yield up to 1oz of dried & delicious homegrown marijuana.

$40 Seed Coupon Included

Small Indoor Grow Kit

We designed this grow kit for the gardener who wants a cheap simple solution to getting your 1st harvest under your belt without breaking the bank. a Pot for Pot is the best answer to learning how to grow a small marijuana plant. No grow box, tent, or expensive grow lights are needed, we encourage you to use the sun’s power indoors or outside. This kit will grow a 2 to 4-foot tall plant and can harvest up to 4oz. This size kit also works great in grow tents for more advanced hobbyists who want to grow organic marijuana indoors. We suggest one pot plant per 3 sq ft.

$40 Seed Coupon Included

Weed Growing Kit

Our most popular soil system for growing weed in the garden, you will find her in homes all over the midwest and the rest of the country. This kit is the best value, and our most affordable grow kit measuring at five gallons. We designed this system to grow weeds in the garden under full sun. In ideal growing conditions, this kit will grow plants over 6 feet tall and yields up to 8 ounces of dried flower. Our growing system is perfect for gardeners who want to learn the basics of growing without spending a fortune on complete hydroponic grow kits. Growing in organic soil means all you need to do is add water to your pot plants and let nature work its magic. This size works as a great general plant growing kit for autoflowering marijuana, photoperiod cannabis, sunflowers, lavender, weed, basil, tomatoes, and a variety of potted plants.

$40 Seed Coupon Included

Large Outside Grow Your Own Kit

Our large 35 gallon grow box system is for full-term photoperiod cannabis seeds. If you want to learn how to grow massive cannabis plants with huge buds this grow kit is for your garden. When started early in the season this kit can grow plants over 10 feet that yield well over 1 pound of dried cannabis. This is the perfect system if you are looking for a DIY weed growing kit that includes everything you need to go from seed to harvest. This system is designed to be grown outdoors as it’s too large to fit inside a grow box. Its super soil has all the nutrients your plant needs. This grow kit is designed for growing weed, but its super soil can also grow a wide range of plants, from Christmas trees to sunflowers.

Why do we think we have the best complete grow kit?

Because we care the most… It's that simple. Our kits go far beyond the included instructions or grow guide. We back that up with our unparalleled grow coaching that is free with every kit. If you have a question, email it to help@apotforpot.com and we will answer it. It’s our mission to get you across the finish line, so you and the plant have the best experience possible. At the end of our growing process, you will be able to enjoy medicinal flowers from the most amazing plant to grow. We are saving the average medical user over $500 a year. If you follow our system, we guarantee you a harvest at the end of your journey.

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on the bud growers complete system or other complicated hydroponics grow kits when you are growing a weed. We took everything we have learned over our combined 30 years in the cannabis industry and poured it into a Pot for Pot. Our grow DIY solution is simple, cheap, and effective. We have shipped thousands of grow box kits worldwide. Our community has literally harvested tons of cannabis by using the power of the sun. Grow autoflowering cannabis plants by just adding water, seed, and sun.

What makes our kits work?

The cannabis plant's favorite place to grow is in good soil with lots of sunshine. It is what she evolved with, and you won’t find a happier looking plant. We mimicked this with our super soil and growing system. We stuffed the nutrients pot plants love into our soil, making it 6x more nutrient dense than your standard garden mix. And it’s the power of the sun. It is a proven recipe that provides marijuana with all organic nutrients and minerals she needs to thrive. Combined with direct sunlight and autoflowering cannabis, it becomes the easiest grow kit on the market. It is as simple as adding water, seed, and sun.


Customer Reviews of our Grow Kits

Join the thousands of home growers who choose our complete pot grow kits and accessories to grow at home!

Excellent kit for beginners

Great! The kit is ALL INCLUSIVE, just add seed and water like they say. I am newer to growing but have been studying for a long time. Everything worked as promised out of the box. My plants are on day 24 and looking great! The support team has been great with questions and comments as well. They even over-nighted me a new pot saucer after mine showed up cracked. Great product and great team!

Wyatt B.


This soil literally has everything you need for your Auto. No need to mess around with expensive nutrient bottles, or droppers trying to figure out the right mix. Just follow the directions, water, and you're golden!

Zach K.

A pot for happiness...

This kit is truly an easy way for someone to learn the basics of growing your own healthy cannabis plant. The support was fantastic and all products arrived in record time (even during the height of the Pandemic). Very easy to follow guides and trouble-shooting and awesome online support. Great product for new growers!


Worry free!!!

This comes with everything needed except the seeds!! The directions were clear and my plants were growing in no time!!!


110% Satisfied Customer!!!

The only way to go! All you need is seed, water & love! I recommend you to all of my friends!!! I'm definitely a repeat customer.


Get started growing your own bodacious bud at home!