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Small Complete Pot Grow Kit (2 gallon)

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Grow up to 4 oz of quality weed in only 80 days with our Small Complete Grow Kit. Place the grow kit indoors or outdoors, on the patio or in your tent or garden. With our Small Complete Grow Kit, you'll grow a 2-4 foot tall houseplant when using auto-flowering seeds.

The Small Complete Grow Kit removes the need for expensive marijuana grow equipment or complicated nutrients. So don't break the bank. Follow our step-by-step guide to learn the secrets of cannabis gardening.  

Are you looking to start your cannabis grow journey? Purchase our small grow kit and take the guesswork out of indoor marijuana growing. You'll see the fruit of your labor in three months' time. Who knows? You might even make money from marijuana gardening too. So what are you waiting for? Purchase our small grow kits today.

Benefits Of Choosing A Grow Kit

Growing marijuana does not have to be difficult. You do not even need to have an expensive hydroponic setup or grow tent kit. You don't need tents or timers. You also don't need to spend money on ventilation, ducting, carbon filters, fans, and full spectrum LED grow lights. Keep things simple while you're learning with a Pot for Pot's marijuana grow kit. We'll hold your hand to the promised land as you learn to be an expert marijuana grower.

Our grow kit comes with specially formulated nutrient-providing soil. Add only water, seed, and sun (or grow lights) and you're good to go.

This grow kit is designed for first-time weed growers. It's also designed for experienced marijuana growers who want to learn more. So stop paying too much for corporate cannabis or worrying about sketchy dealers. Instead, save money and learn a new skill by purchasing your very own unique grow kits!

Additionally, we are the only one in the market to offer all-in-one coaching, regardless of your experience.

We want to help you become an indoor marijuana gardening pro. As such, we've created a community of over 25,000+ home marijuana growers. The community is filled with members with varying indoor gardening experience, including some with the best tricks for getting high-quality cannabis yields.

Email us at Help@aPotforPot.com and receive professional cannabis grow coaching. a Pot for Pot's grow coaching is available from Monday through Friday.

Seed Coupon: Each complete pot grow kit includes multiple coupons to select your strains and order seeds online separately.

    Cannabis Plant Care & Sizing

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    What's in your Grow Kit?

    Make Growing Cannabis Easy

    No Green Thumb Needed

    Growing weed can be easy! It doesn't have to be expensive either when you use what mother nature has provided: water, soil, and sun. Our soil is specially formulated to grow excellent all natural cannabis. We break down bulk ingredients and give you all the tools and guidance you need to save money by growing the most amazing plant at home. Harvest in only 80 days!

    Online Grow Coaching

    We are here to help from seedling to harvest. In addition to our step-by-step Grow Guide, we provide week-by-week video tutorials and grow coaching. Email Help@aPotforPot.com to receive personalized professional grow coaching. We’ve helped tens of thousands who have never grown a plant before yield a huge harvest of the tastiest weed buds they’ve ever smoked.

    Discount Coupons

    Every purchase comes with coupons that can be used to select your cannabis seed strains. Order seeds online from one of our trusted partners. Save even more money by using your extra coupons on future grows!

    Real Grow Results

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 195 customer reviews


    Getting started the right way

    Picking the right size was easier than Picking a pair of jeans. Everything you need is in this kit..haven't started yet, will send photos soon. Thanks...

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    AnonymousVerified Buyer



    I'm in Ireland so it took about 10 days to get here - customs, etc. Love the product. Very informational. Just what a beginner needs. Just germinated ...

    read more

    Bud w.Verified Buyer


    Outstanding product at APFP!

    Overall, the 2 gallon starter grow kit exceeds all expectations. However, the service actually gets better after the sale. The folks at APFP actually ...

    read more

    AnonymousVerified Buyer


    This is an outstanding grow Kit!

    This is an outstanding grow Kit!

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    AnonymousVerified Buyer


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