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About Us

We are "aPotforPot", and our mission is to empower cannabis users with grow kits designed specifically for cannabis plants so medical and recreational users alike can grow their own pot naturally and easily. How do we achieve that? By giving growers everything they need to cultivate marijuana plants in the comfort of their own homes.  

Our goal at aPotforPot is simple: to provide kits with the tools and resources necessary to grow cannabis successfully so people can get high, be healed, or both. We put together complete marijuana growing kits for indoor and outdoor cultivation. They include everything either a beginner grower with one autoflower plant on the balcony or a seasoned green thumb with multiple plants set up in an indoor garden grow tent, needs to reap a successful harvest. As well as providing kits with the right earth and nutrients such as our specialty formulated coco and Superb Soil, we also provide cultivation know-how with expert guidance from our 'Grow Coaches.' These guides are real humans ready to help you with real growing experiences. If a budding grower is trying their hand and has questions on how to clone or how to harvest,our coaches are here to give those growers the real-time answers they need and the tools they need to execute! We'll do the thinking for you, just add water, seed, and sun 

If you’re like most people who love weed, you’ve dreamed about starting with a little cannabis seed and growing a gorgeous plant with glossy purple buds and that fresh smell few people are lucky enough to experience. However, you feel overwhelmed by all the products and information on the subject. Which soils do I use? Which grow lights are the best for me? Should I grow with hydroponics? If I play Beethoven to the plant from seed, will the harvest get me higher? So many logical, stoney questions come to mind, but just take a breath (or smoke some weed...) and relax. We’ve got answers! 

The people who founded our company aPotforPot in 2017 have real-time experience growing weed from cannabis seed. They understand what growers go through at the beginning of their pot growing journey and start them off with an expert's foundational head start to growing the plant. For example, you will need some experiential direction on how to correctly water your pot plant. If you inform yourself, you'll empower yourself psychologically!.. and get a bodacious healthy harvest of kush! Our 'Grow Coaches' will go as far as looking at pictures and videos of your weed plant to give you personalized feedback on what is happening with your plant at any given time. We love talking about plants. Email us any time, and experienced cannabis cultivators will get back to you with genuine human answers. We make growing a pot plant easy! 

We at aPotforPot firmly believe that using a grow kit to cultivate your own at home provides peace of mind to marijuana users who want to ensure their pot isn’t grown with unknown, harmful pesticides. We deliver only the purest, most superb soil and nutrients we could dream of when we were starting our journey with our first cannabis seed. 

On top of it all, growing your cannabis is surely the cheapest way to keep a healthy stock in the house. Our medium grow kit can easily fit on a balcony, in an indoor garden grow room, or casually in the back yard, and yield up to 8 ounces of dried herb from a 3-6 foot plant. With autoflower seeds, that could be done multiple times a year. That’s a lot of pot even for the well-acquainted cannabis connoisseur. And few things are so rewarding as pulling out a big jar of fresh home-grown buds to share with smiling friends! Or even use your plant as the most useful and magical Christmas tree a stoner might dream of on a snowy night. 

Joshua and Jason, the founders of aPotforPot, believe in more than giving people marijuana grow kits so consumers can revel in the cannabis plant's beauty. They believe in empowering individuals with grow kits and challenging users to break their reliance on corporate pot because it pays off to grow your own!.1  Staying independent from commercial cannabis can be done by teaching people how easy and rewarding it is to grow plants at home using natural nutrients. It seems that as larger companies expand their operations and monopolize, quality decreases and prices increase depending on corporate whims. Weed is so much better than that. It is an astonishing plant with many undeniable benefits to people, and her historical connection with humankind should be held in cultural reverence. Temporally, growing weed at home regulates the commercial industry and ensures weed is always accessible to people who need it for a fair price. One day we hope to see it as a worldwide outdoor garden variety, trichomes glistening in the shade of roses and thyme.  

As a team, we believe in equal access. By giving all people all-in-one marijuana grow kits including essentials like soil, or even the right fabric pot, all people regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or creed will have the opportunity to use this incredible plant. We think that providing complete grow kits to anyone who needs THC or CBD for medical use or simply wants contentment, has the right to it. History has shown us that the plant goes hand in hand with the liberation of the mind and we know when people grow it from seed they will experience this tenfold. Everyone deserves the right to choose freedom and kush!  

To break down what you get, for example, we provide growers with a medium kitthat includes things like diatomaceous earth, nutrient-dense soil, rooting booster, jiffy pellets, a seed starter kit so you can germinate with ease, a fabric five-gallon plant pot designed for healthy aeration, pest prevention nutrients so you don't become a spider farmer on accident, trimming scissors, and even a watering can that doubles as a spray bottle. The $40 seed coupon will allow you to get the perfect autoflower strain you were looking for from the seed bank. Starting at germination with our easy-to-follow guidance and kit, even beginners will end up with the perfect pot. 

You might not yet be familiar with all of these things, but that’s why we’re here. We'll guide you along the way until you've gotten to the part where you can smoke it, eat it, or ingest it in any way your heart desires. Our complete systems are designed to fit whatever your space calls for, whether it be a windowsill plant, a grow tent,  or a desktop plant with a full spectrum grow light in the home office, we'll provide the tools and advice to do it right. Just add the seed, water, and some sun, then just sit there and watch your precious bud-bearing houseplant grow.  

Every kit provides a coupon so you can get your cannabis seeds online. We highly recommend feminized autoflower seeds, especially for beginners. Male plants can cause a lot of problems, including not yielding any buds. Autoflowerstrains, or Ruderalis, have shorter lifecycles than photoperiod plants moving up the harvest time to only 80 days from seed. Which we feel is a great way to start out for first-time growers, though it is not uncommon for the most advanced hydroponics cultivators to utilize autoflower strains as well. Choosing the best strain for your desired effect is easily one of the most fun parts of the process. Marijuana seed banks have everything nowadays from the original Indica-dominant OG you grew up on, to the newest sativa-dominant strain capable of sending you to the moon through a wormhole, while simultaneously allowing you to get all of your studying done with euphoric solemnity. You can even grow cannabis seeds that produce CBD-rich buds with, or without, THC. It’s incredible how much high-quality stuff you can yield by giving plants natural ingredients and growing them organically, outside in the sun.  



aPotforPot believes that growing cannabis should be for everyone who wants or needs the plant for personal use regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or creed. Providing grow kits creates an equal chance for all consumers to ensure they receive a fair price for their weed and a knowledge of what is going into their flower. We will always be sure to stick to our goal of equal opportunity.  


The Leadership Team: 

aPotforPot was founded by Joshua Mezher and Jason Levin in 2018. The two have been friends for over a decade; they are co-CEOs and operators of the day-to-day running of the business.  


Core Values: 

We're working to empower people. We believe cannabis grow kits will enable marijuana users of all kinds to get what they need in a fair and safe way. We strive to give all people the freedom to grow pot.  


Investing in aPotforPot: 

If you are interested in investing & want to learn more about future opportunities, email us at investing@apotforpot.com. 



We'd tell you what our pot grow kits can do for you, but nobody can tell you better than the people who use aPotforPot! If you like how we put together our grow kits and guide you through the process, then go ahead and leave a review on our board! 


Work at aPotforPot: 

At aPotforPot we are a diverse team who all play an essential role in bringing aPotforPot to your doorstep. We all get a deep sense of satisfaction in what we do; after all, we work in the cannabis industry, and it's a fun place to be. Want to join us? Email Resume@aPotforPot.com. 



Employees get a discount on all sorts of things for what we know will make their life enjoyable! A complete grow kit, a grow light, fabric pots, cannabis seed coupons, and an overall sense of calm in your workplace. 


Meet The Team: 

Check out the good and true people who have joined our team to make this company what cannabis consumers need it to be.  


Conferences and Meetups: 

We are actively out in the industry exhibiting our plants and knowledge. Come see us to talk indica, sativa, nutrient types, how to germinate, how when you're high and you focus your eyes really hard on a weed plant you can hear it breathing, indoor gardening, grow tent size, or grow light guidance. We love our jobs! 


Product Philosophy: 

We believe in cannabis. Liberation of the plant is our goal, and education is our  medium. We want to be sure that anyone who needs that flowery purple skunk, can get it for a fair and equitable price. Growing cannabis is the way! 



We are always finding ways to improve your experience as a bud grower. Technology and science only grow stronger and we always strive to stay updated and grow with them. If autoflower seeds are here now, what might tomorrow offer? 


Community Involvement: 

aPotforPot is a company founded on the liberation of cannabis and the people who love it. We hope building these grow kits for people will accomplish that goal.  



Joshua Mezher founded aPotforPot after having learned hands-on how to grow breathtaking cannabis from feminized cannabis seeds. Co-founder Jason Levin is an engineer and actually created an e-cigar designed to grind herbs and vaporize the THC for inhalation. Read more about their pot adventures here: 

Our Online Museum: 

Here is a collection of all the exquisite cannabis plants our users grew with our easy-to-follow guidance and complete pot grow kits. We've got all sorts of users with different systems that utilize everything from our grow tent kits, to our grow lights and gardening gifts.  


a Pot for Pot Mini 0.5 Gallon Complete Weed Grow Kit on table with guitar in background