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How to Get Really High From Smoking Weed

Last Updated: March 30, 2023By Joshua Mezher

If the relationship you have with weed is already pretty great, it might seem... unappreciative to ask for anything more from it. But the truth is, anyone who has ever used marijuana before has probably wondered how to prolong the experience and make it even stronger. And like with all things worthwhile, there are always ways to improve your experience. Even when the experience involves getting really stoned. 

This article intends to address the issue by providing some great tips to make your marijuana experience an even better one. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about ways to get even higher, this article can help you bring your relationship with Mary Jane to the next level.

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Top Tips to Make Your Smoking Session a High-Hitter 

We all know that cannabis can deliver a very potent psychoactive high. We also know that, after a while, the effects start to decrease, and it may not feel so powerful. Plus, over time, this gets worse. It’s easy to develop a bit of tolerance if you stick to the same routine with any substance, but when you do this with marijuana, you start to reduce your high.

No one wants a mediocre experience. That’s why marijuana lovers must learn ways to “keep it fresh” and get the most out of their smoking sessions, especially if they’ve been enjoying hits for a while. If you’ve moved beyond the awkward introductions to weed over coffee and are ready to get straight to Netflix and Chill, you’ve come to the right place. Yes, you know what getting high is like, but maybe it’s starting to not be as enjoyable as it once was. And what about getting extra-extra high? 

You’re not just some amateur, and we see you! So, take a minute and check out these top tips to improve the experience you know and get really, really stoned.


Inhale Deeply

The better you inhale, the higher you will get. Most people are not getting the most out of their marijuana because they are not inhaling as deeply as possible - limiting their experience.

If you want to go higher, you must first learn to breathe deeply. It also helps to use the best devices. For maximum results, try a bong or vape to inhale THC-rich smoke into your lungs. The goal is breathing in the THC, letting it coat from within, then slowly exhaling.


Try Cannabis Strains With High THC Content

So you start with Sativa, Indica, and hybrids, but then what? Remember, marijuana strains have unique qualities, but they all fit into one of three groups. If you’re looking for the strongest effects, start by picking the right type of strain, then go for a higher THC.

Sativa strains provide energy, and for some people, cause paranoia or full-on psychedelic experiences. Unlike Indica, it won’t leave you totally stoned and couch-locked. Sativas are recommended for daytime use.

Indica strains provide a more sedative, relaxing high, making it great for calming anxiety and pain. Indicas can not only make you unproductive and sleepy, but they can also make you very hungry. These strains are best for nighttime use with plenty of food on hand.   

Hybrids, on the other hand, are a blend of both Indicas and Sativas. Many hybrids have surprisingly unique characteristics, making exploring your choices a good idea.

Even if you’ve found a strain that you love, you will eventually reach a point where you don’t get as high as before when using it. Frequently trying a different strain prevents this from happening. If you don’t have anything new, try blending different strains to yield new results. Combining different types of weed or even different strains will lead to something new, and likely stimulate a new response from your body.


Consider Kief 

Kief refers to very fine THC trichomes that disconnect from the marijuana when it is being ground up. You can purchase kief, but it’s also easy to collect some on your own. A kief box or kief catcher is attached to many herb grinders and serves as a fun way to collect this potent dust. Check the bottom of your grinder for this concentrated THC powder. Go higher by simply sprinkling some on your bowl or in the next joint you roll.


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Do a Dab

When it comes to getting high AF, dabs are regularly considered a queen of the court by those who enjoy the extremes of getting stoned.

Do you ever feel like smoking a joint but like, really really fast, and all at once? Well go on and get yourself a dab rig, you maniac. For sure, the strongest, most surefire way of getting as high as humanly possible is with dabs (or, dabbing, in its verb form). The details of this method still make some a little standoffish, and we get it. Smoking anything out of something called a “rig” with a blowtorch understandably sounds a little too close to some much harder, and way less socially acceptable families of drugs. 

The stuff you’re going to be looking for will have names like shatter, wax, and butane hash oil, to name a few. All types of dabs are cannabis concentrates that have been processed with some type of solvent, leaving you with a potent form of THC. 

Let’s emphasize that dabs are hella strong (hey, it’s okay to say ‘hella’ if you're in the Bay). If you’d like to witness a truly Herculean act of highness, take yourself back to the early 2010s, at beautiful San Bernardino’s Cannabis Cup. Get yourself a $10.00 paper plate full of cheese fries, drag on that American Spirit, and behold a parking lot full of wooks continuously dabbing for 14 hours, and yet somehow still standing- just enough to shuffle around to the STS9 show at the end. 

To someone newly acquainted with dabbing, it all might sound a little… intense, but despite the optics, dabbing is pretty fabulous and definitely gets an unfair rep. The high from dabbing feels exceptionally clean, easy on the lungs, and gives you a really nice flavor profile. Oh yeah, and it gets you really, really stoned. This can be a wonderful experience for anyone if it is done mindfully, as is the case with any drug. 

Start with small doses- don’t be a Wonderwoman. And do it in a place that’s comfy and familiar. There’s a reason why it’s growing so fast in popularity, and after giving dabs a shot, many never go back!  Overall, dabbing has the potential to be an excellent THC experience for all types of smokers.

Dab rigs used to be somewhat of an investment, and they still can be, with some selling for $500 and beyond. However, these days you can buy rigs for around 100 bucks. And, you can get tiny ones too! So, overall this method of getting really stoned is much more accessible than you’d think.

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Change Your Smoking Approach 

Sometimes all it takes is a new gadget to get the high you’re looking for. You’d be surprised how many people miss this simple hack. Most marijuana smokers generally have a go-to method for consuming their marijuana. While this is understandable, it is always a good idea to try something different. Use a different device or get creative by choosing another way to smoke your weed.

If you keep using the same method over and over again, your body will naturally become resistant to it. Therefore, you need to change your routine regularly. If you generally use a bong, try a pipe or roll a joint.

Not sure of all your smoking options? Here are a few devices and methods to try:

  • Gravity bongs: These help you inhale massive amounts of weed with minimal effort.
  • Vaporizers: These devices gently warm marijuana to the best temperature, so the psychoactive properties are not destroyed.
  • Bongs: Water-cooled weed smoke provides a smooth way to take in plenty of cannabinoids.
  • Pipes: Simple and straight to the point, pipes deliver smoke straight to the lungs.
  • Blowback: Take a joint, and put the lit end between the lips of person A, and then have person B blow air through the unlit end and into the mouth of person A. It works similarly to a power hitter with the force of the air being pushed into your lungs causing a more intense high.

Getting more from your marijuana high can be very easy to do, and there are several ways to make your high either more intense, beneficial or perhaps just more interesting. Experiment with different techniques to see what works best for you. There is no right or wrong way to do this.


Smoke Blends for an Elevated High

If you have access to some of these herbs, you are definitely in luck. These herbs intensify the effects of cannabis, making it easy to reach new heights.

A popular herb to try with cannabis is Kratom, which is native to Southeast Asia. This herb is already used worldwide for both recreational and medicinal purposes, just like marijuana. Kratom promotes anxiety relief, better sleep, euphoria, and pain relief, so it should be no surprise that many choose to combine it with weed.

Kratom isn’t the only herb that blends well with weed. Here are more smokeable herbs that blend well with cannabis for an increased high:

  • Wild Dagga
  • Blue Lotus
  • Passion Flower
  • Kanna
  • Damiana
  • Tobacco

Alcohol is another debatable method of boosting a high. It only takes a small amount of alcohol while smoking marijuana to intensify your effects. But keep in mind this isn’t going to work well for everyone and may even create a disagreeable experience for some smokers.


Grind Your Marijuana for a Great High

The way you prepare your marijuana can make a considerable difference in the final results of the high you achieve. No matter how you consume marijuana flowers, making sure it is properly ground up can help extend your pleasure. When your weed is finely ground, rather than in large danky nuggets, it is much easier to get a nice even roast when you light it. You’ll notice a  clean, level smoke and larger, improved hits (if using a bong). The difference is sure to be felt.


Switch Up Your Strains

You might be thinking, “well duh,” but still, it’s worth emphasizing that things have gotten really, really good in the last decade, thanks to the work of cultivars and the legalization of the weed industry. Did you know that there are some weed strains that carry as much as 30% THC content? That’s a lot. Like a lot a lot. Next time you're at the weed dispensary, ask your budtender for high THC strains like Red Congo. For dramatic effect, say it like you’re an outlaw cowboy demanding a stiff shot o’ whiskey before taking down the Sheriff, and slap your money on the counter like you mean it. 

Keep in mind that switching up your strains in order to intensify your high really means switching up your strains regularly. If you get too comfy with high THC strains, then after a while you’re going to rely on them in order to get really stoned, creating a standard that other strains will never live up to. You’ll also eventually build a tolerance, meaning that not even the strongest kid on the block will be enough to get you properly, much less extraordinarily high. 

So the point here is that intensifying your high is not necessarily synonymous with smoking the most intense strain on the planet. Instead, switching up your strains, regardless of how potent they are, will decrease your body’s tolerance to any one particular strain. 


Skip the CBD

While we’re talking about cannabinoids, we should mention that not all of them get us super high. The one we want to focus on, in particular, is CBD. As a compound, CBD is absolutely amazing for treating anxiety and inflammation. Choosing weed with CBD content is a great choice for those of us trying to counteract the anxiety that THC sometimes causes, and it definitely deserves its own article. 

So, while we have nothing but love for CBD, it’s also true that CBD does not get you high, and in fact, in higher amounts, it will weaken the psychoactive effects of marijuana. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, then make sure you ask your budtender about the CBD levels in the strain you are buying. 

Particularly potent strains like Chemdawg and Fat Banana are strong because they have a higher THC content and low amounts of CBD. The most efficient way to avoid CBD is to use oils that have been intentionally processed to remove it. Technically you can’t fully remove CBD, but you can get really, really close to it.

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Smoke After a Good Workout Session

Working out is good for your body, your emotional health, and surprise, it’s good for your high too. Remember that all systems in your body are interconnected, so the condition you are in has a direct impact on the way that you experience THC. Regular exercise will help you get really stoned because it keeps your metabolism working efficiently, and your cardiovascular system strong enough to keep blood flowing properly.

Research has shown that many smokers say they feel an enhanced high if they smoke after a good, long workout. So, it should be no surprise that many people reach their highest high at this time. On top of that, smoking weed after an exercise routine can help relax overworked muscles, speeding up recovery times.  

A study conducted in 2013 on Drug and Alcohol Dependence revealed that a cardio workout increases blood-THC levels by as much as 15%. Exercising can also help you have a better high since THC is stored in body fat. While that can sound like a good thing, THC in fat takes a long time to release. You’re much better off enjoying a proper diet and regular exercise routine that reduces your overall body fat, as this can help with the quality of your high.

In addition to regular exercise, working out before you get high and while you are high can get you extra stoned. Working out right before you smoke or vape raises your blood pressure and oxygenates your blood cells. Both of these things facilitate the body’s ability to process THC. The exercise itself gives you a small dose of serotonin and dopamine too, so off the bat, you’re beginning with high feel-good vibes. 

It might seem counterintuitive, but exercising while high can really improve your workout by loosening you up. Some athletes even claim that working out while high turns their training into a sort of meditative experience. This is a great way to get super stoned and indulge in some guilt-free munchies while also getting the benefit of deep full-body relaxation.


Meditate With Your Marijuana

The biggest struggle most people have when meditating is quieting the mind and relaxing the body enough to effectively meditate. Well, this is where weed comes in.

If you’ve learned anything from this article, it should be that two herbs with similar effects can increase your overall results. Meditation may not be an herb, but it definitely has a similar impact on the body. Marijuana can be relaxing to the mind, body, and soul, and so can meditation. Combining the two only intensifies the effect.  

This connection is well known. Many religious sects include cannabis in their meditation practices. This is because the two together create increased awareness. Marijuana provides grounding while also relaxing the mind, helping meditators easily reach a state of stillness.

The combination of meditation and marijuana can lead to expanded consciousness, a life-changing experience, and a much wanted extended high.

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Take a Break to Tackle Your Tolerance 

It may be time to stop smoking for a little while or try doing it less often. Now, this may not be your favorite option, but it really does make a difference. By smoking less often or taking a small break, your next hit is guaranteed to be a really good one. Using cannabis daily causes your body to create tolerance. If you want to get higher when using weed, a tolerance break is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this.

You don’t have to go for an extremely long time without using marijuana. Instead, try taking a break for a few days or maybe a couple of weeks. You can even go without cannabis for as long as a month or more if you want. Research shows that it takes about a month for cannabinoids to fully leave your body. The longer you go without it, the stronger your next high will be.


Change Your Surroundings

A little change of scenery can really increase your high. For smokers who usually enjoy your high inside the home, try something new by taking the experience outdoors. Being in nature can positively affect and prolong your high. It can even become a spiritually empowering experience.

You just never know; you may tap into a whole new world or part of yourself.


Grow Your Own Smoke

Let’s say it again, and this time throw in some imaginary clap emojis: Grow. Your. Own. This is and always will be the most secure way to ensure your ability to get really stoned in perpetuity, forever and always. Growing your own weed will give you an unlimited supply of marijuana, and what can beat that? If there’s anything getting in the way of your right to get high as possible, it’s not your method, and it’s not your strain; it’s the cost and supply. 

The movement toward full legalization that we’re seeing is a huge victory, but like all things worthwhile, it doesn’t come without a price. Like literally, the price you’re paying for the eighth you used to get from the lady next door has skyrocketed at the dispensary. Growing your own weed gets you really stoned in a way that other methods can’t; it dramatically lowers the cost and therefore increases access to marijuana. 

People have the impression that it’s a hassle and a task only meant for the pros, but it really isn’t. Growing weed at home has become so commonplace that folks with zero experience grow dispensary-quality weed, by simply purchasing all-in-one grow kits.

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Enjoy Some Edibles

Turning your THC into an edible form is a well-known way to feel a stronger, longer high than simply smoking. You can take all of the goodness of fats found in regular food, and incorporate them into the weed itself as ingredients to some sort of tasty treat. Before mixing weed into food, take what you already know about fats into consideration- meaning that you need to infuse the cannabinoids from marijuana into butter or oil.  After that, the possibilities are endless. 

By now it probably makes sense that brownies hold the title to the world’s most iconic edible. The butter or oil in brownies allows for a perfect THC infusion, while the chocolate unleashes a range of helpful antioxidants. Additionally, the rich flavor of cocoa (or cacao) provides the perfect medium to cloak the strong flavor of THC butter and oils. 

Remember that THC always needs to come into contact with heat in order for it to get you really stoned, so the heat from the infusion process is what allows all edibles- whether they are cake, gummies, cookies, or pasta sauce- to get us all really high. So, make an infusion by simmering your weed at a constant temperature in your fat of choice, then strain the weed out. 

And yes, edibles have the propensity to get you unusually, uniquely high. Their effect is not only powerful but also much longer-lasting than the effects of smoking or vaping. One reason that edibles (like these delicious gummy bears) make us happy and high is that there is more than just THC working through our bodies. The THC we all know and love is Delta-9-THC, but when you eat THC, your liver converts our friend Delta-9-THC into a new chemical you might have never known about: 11-hydroxy-THC. So if you didn’t know already, it’s kind of surprising that there’s a totally different cannabinoid that’s getting you really stoned. Chew on that, why don’t ya?


Combine Your Weed With a Cup of Coffee

Coffee and weed are a perfect pair for creating a mind-blowing high! Science is even backing this up.

According to a study posted by Science Daily, researchers gave squirrel monkeys enough THC to get them high by pulling a lever. They then combined the THC with increasing amounts of a type of caffeine called MSX-3. As researchers increased the dose of MSX-3, the monkey pulled the lever less than they were before. The experiment suggested that adding caffeine made the monkeys need less THC to get the same high. 

This is exciting news for marijuana lovers that are looking to go higher!

How does it work? Caffeine blocks the receptors in your brain that usually receive adenosine, a compound that causes your brain to relax and get sleepy. Cannabis stops the break-in neural transmission, which causes the mind to relax. The two can now work together to let the brain relax, expanding its imagination and thoughts.

Coffee basically mimics the actions of THC, and with higher doses of caffeine, it makes us feel good due to its ability to access every reward system in our brain.


Take a Toke With a Bite of Mango

According to research, mangoes have myrcene terpenes, which can enhance your high and potentially cause it to last longer. Myrcene is found in many different types of fruit, but you also find it in other favorite plants such as hops and marijuana.

Since they both feature the cannabinoid myrcene, increase your overall consumption by eating mangoes before enjoying marijuana. The myrcene found in mangoes merges with the marijuana myrcene and assists THC in moving faster to your brain. Talk about a tasty way to get higher! 


Mix Marijuana with Other Drugs

Now don’t go around repeating this, but it’s been said there are certain illicit substances that pair unusually well with weed, and that info on these combinations might be floating around somewhere on the internet. But we’re not degenerates, so we know nothing about that. 

Bahahaha just kidding! Using marijuana with certain drugs can be an incredibly rewarding experience if done correctly and with the right intention. 

Out of all the drug families, marijuana and psychedelics are most certainly BFFs. It makes sense that this is true, as both substances are ancient facilitators of human ritual. Combining psychedelics with marijuana does a great job of getting you really stoned. Smoking weed while on mushrooms, for example, creates waves of euphoria and smoothes out the edges of both drugs. Psilocybin takes away the feeling of drowsiness and heaviness that some folks attribute to weed. Many people consider marijuana to be its own kind of psychedelic, so it is unsurprising that marijuana allows people to access a higher level of introspection while on mushrooms. 

Weed also does wonders for LSD. The next time you’re an hour and a half out from dosing, and kicking yourself for buying bunk acid, try smoking a joint. It’ll jumpstart your trip faster than you can say “give me another tab.” That’s because marijuana is a known potentiator. It’s a great combo for wanton silliness, as well as for solo meditation. So if you’re trying to get really stoned, it’s worth giving this a try.


How to Get Higher Smoking Weed: Frequently Asked Questions

Even seasoned smoking professionals sometimes have questions when it comes to enhancing the quality of their high. So let’s take a moment to explore a few common questions before signing off with this article.

How can you boost the intensity of your high?

Here are some tips to increase the intensity of your high: 

  • Buy quality weed from a dispensary or cannabis club
  • Store weed in a good glass or steel jar
  • Keep a low level of body fat
  • Maintain proper tolerance breaks
  • Eat the right food

Does honey make joints burn slower?

Yes, some experienced cannabis smokers believe that coating the outside of the joint with honey makes it burn slow.

Does double wrapping a joint burn slower?

Yes, double wrapping can make the joint burn slower and last longer! But you also run more of a risk of your doobie canoeing so don't rush into your puff, let the tip of the joint cherry. 

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