a Pot for Pot Closes Pre-Seed Financing & Announces New Partnerships for 2018 Holiday Season

September 21, 2018PRESS RELEASE

a Pot for Pot natural home grow kits is exhibiting at the Canna Newswire Media Showcase in Anaheim, on September 21st, 2018

Anaheim, CA – a Pot for Pot (www.aPotforPot.com) is announcing new partnerships to expand its brand presence, and to improve its core product line of complete home grow kits.

Additionally, a Pot for Pot has filled its pre-seed funding round, and is preparing to open its seed round to satisfy investor interest for the 2018 holiday season.

“We’ve seen great demand, both from customers internationally, and from retail stores like hydro shops, dispensaries, smoke shops, and garden centers. It’s a great product, and people love it! We’re focused on meeting that demand for the holiday season.” said co-founder Joshua Mezher.

The first partnership is with Plant Success Organics, makers of household name growing supplements Great White Mycorrhizae and Myco Chum Nutrients. Both products will now be offered standard as part of a Pot for Pot kits.

“We’re very excited about our partnership with a Pot for Pot.” said Plant Success Organics Operations Manager Ben Thompson. “Being featured in their kits is a great opportunity to reach a new customer base and grow our exposure into international markets. Our nutrient supplements are going to delight their customers!”

The second partnership focuses on marketing and brand outreach. A Pot for Pot will be working with one of the leading marketing firms in the cannabis space, Hollywood based Dank City, to promote its grow kits across the internet and storefronts for the 2018 holiday season. With more than 150 million monthly impressions, and celebrity backers like Tommy Chong, expect to see a Pot for Pot on shelves near you.

About a Pot for Pot

We created a kit so that anyone can grow their own clean weed at home. Everything you need is in the box. Just add water, sunshine, and a little bit of love.

Our simple directions take you through the process step-by-step, and make it easy to grow your own natural herbs right on your desk or balcony, or in your living room or home garden.

When you grow at home, you save money, protect the environment, and avoid harmful artificial pesticides and other nasty stuff. We believe everyone should experience the joy of growing your own home stash!

If you are interested in more information, photographs, or interviews, please contact Dan Karkoska at Dan@aPotforPot.com or 415-350-3295.

Established in 2017 by Jason Levin and Joshua Mezher, www.aPotforPot.com is on a mission to bring cannabis into the homes of gardening enthusiasts and empower the hobbyist gardener with everything they need to grow a pot plant from seed to harvest. Taking inspiration from a trip to a gardening store, the two developed a Pot for Pot as a complete organic soil grow kit for cannabis, including all the tools needed and a complete growing guide. Their Superb SoilTM, which combines 18 special ingredients and even playa dust from the Black Rock desert is specifically formulated to provide the plant with full spectrum organic nutrients that makes it as easy as just adding water, seed, and sun. They encourage their growers to choose cannabis Ruderalis for home growing because it is an auto-flowering, quick-growing seed that can have both high THC content as well as the healthful CBD cannabinoid. Currently run as an e-commerce business, look for www.aPotforPot.com boxes in your local dispensary, smoke shop, and gardening center soon.