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Emerald Cup Award 2023 Winners

Last Updated: June 06, 2023By Joshua Mezher

a Pot for Pot won 1st place for Most Innovative Product at The Emerald Cup Awards 2023 among other dope winners discussed below! 

Emerald Cup Award Winners for 2023

Ah, the Emerald Cup. Tim Blake's gift of the California cannabis community's favorite friendly competition. 2023 found the weedy wonderland, sponsored by OCB Rolling Papers, housed at the historic, WWII-era Craneway Pavilion located right on the water in Richmond, California. The windy Bay Area backdrop was packed to the brim of the smoke-cloud that comprises the hardest working (and friendliest!) stoners in the California Cannabiz Industry from the Emerald Triangle to San Diego and everywhere in between.

Emerald Cup Award Categories


Below we will celebrate the first place winners of the 19th iteration of the illustrious annual Emerald Cup Awards competition. (Find the complete list here.) Maybe you'll see some of your favorite cannabis products and maybe you'll find something new to get hyped about. Either way, we all know if it's the best weed in Cali, there's a good chance it's the best in the world.

Cannabis Industry Innovators:

1st Most Innovative ProductIndustry Asset goes to:

a Pot for Pot5 Gallon Complete Grow Kit

 Emerald Cup 2023 1st place Most Innovative Product – Industry Asset goes to:  a Pot for Pot – 5 Gallon Complete Grow Kit

This grow kit brings the weed farm to the suburbs or the apartment; a Pot for Pot is putting growing cannabis in the hands of every stoner, gardener, and medicine maker. With their all-natural Superb Soil system, it's easy to have a healthy harvest at home!

1st Most Innovative Product Consumable goes to:

Compound Genetics x Node Labs x The Original Resinator x Industry Processing Solutions – Rainbow Cheddar Flower

A major collaboration resulting in a delicious, drool-worthy, Live Dried Perzimmon #2 dab a doo. 

1st Eco-conscious Packaging goes to:

Talking Trees Farms – Talking Trees Farms 100% Compostable Packaging

Focusing on the things that matter! Sustainability, water savvy, organic, and built through a connection to the plant and the land, this Humboldt Co. brand already living in the future the planet needs.

Award Winning Cannabis Flowers:

The Emerald Cup was always first and foremost about the flowers. Cannabis is one of the most useful, helpful, and spiritual medicine teachers found on planet Earth. Below are weed strains grown with care and culture worth blazing immediately. 

1st Sungrown Flower goes to:

Rebel Grown – Double OG Chem #15

Important to note that this gassy, high-THC cut also won 3 Breeder's Cups, too! They have been working with these genetics since 2010, that's a longterm relationship that we all get to benefit from. 

1st Indoor Flower (and Best in Show!) goes to:

Fig Farms – Blue Face 

Fig Farm's most difficult flower to grow proved why she's worth keeping around with high potency, unique terp profile, and that moody blue color. 

Fig Farms – Blue Face 1st place Indoor Flower and Best in Show Emerald Cup 2023

1st Mixed Light Flower goes to:

Ridgeline Farms – LANTZ

1st Personal Use Flower goes to: 

Brandy Schneider – Mountain Cultured Terp Blendz 241

1st Sungrown Greenhouse Flower goes to:

Chameleon Craft – Bubble Bath

1st 3rd Party Certified Sungrown Flower goes to: 

Sol Spirit Farms – Element

1st Alternative Cannabinoid Flower goes to: 

Pure Beauty – Terry T x Gelato 33 (2:1 CBD)

1st Hemp Flower

Stoney Branch Farms – Godfather OG

The Winning Pre-Rolls:

Because convenience sometimes is key! These canna connoisseurs make it easy to light up in style. 

1st Pre-Roll – Infused Solventless Extract goes to: 

Heritage Hash Co. x Huckleberry Hill Farms – Whitethorn Rose Flower x Whitethorn Rose Live Bubble Hash

1st Pre-Roll – Infused Solvent Extract goes to: 

West Coast Genetics X Holy Water – Paleta Z x Oz Kush Rosin x Kiwi Resin

1st Pre-Roll – Non Infused goes to: 

Royal Key x Suprize Suprize – ROLLS Ghost Candy Walls

Royal Key x Suprize Suprize – ROLLS Ghost Candy Walls 1st place Pre-Roll – Non Infused Emerald Cup 2023

1st Pre Roll – Deluxe goes to: 

Rosin Tech Labs x Decibel Gardens x LUMA Farms – Roswell 47/Cali-O (Flower) – Papaya (Rosin) – Hash Hole

1st Pre Roll – Hemp Wrap goes to: 

Paletas – Paletas Infused Blunt 2.1g – Jealousy Cap Junky (Hybrid)

Best Cannabis Concentrates: 

Making hash and other cannabis concentrates is an art form and a science. These winners have it down and packed up in your dab rig. 

1st Ice Water Hash goes to: 

Heritage Hash Co x Huckleberry Hill Farms – Whitethorn Rose Live Bubble Hash

Heritage Hash Co x Huckleberry Hill Farms – Whitethorn Rose Live Bubble Hash 1st place Ice Water Hash Emerald Cup 2023.jpeg

1st Rosin goes to:

Fullymelted x Alien Labs – Zkittlez

1st Personal Use Solventless goes to:

Brett Byrd – Purple Magic

1st Hydro-Carbon Solid goes to:

Jetty Extracts – Jetty Super Lemon Haze Live Badder

1st C02 Cartridge goes to:

Huckleberry Hill Farms x Vesuvio Garden- Whitethorn Rose

1st Live Resin Cartridge goes to:

Arcata Fire x Humboldt Trees – Strawberry Zkittlez- Arcata Fire 100% Live Resin Sauce Vape: Original Blend

1st Solventless Cartridge goes to:

Arcata Fire x Humboldt 36 Farms – Arcata Fire All in One 100% live Rosin Vape: Banana Punch 

Medicinal Marijuana Infusions:

1st Therapeutic Topical goes to:

Val’s Original x West Valley Patient Center – Val’s Hawaiian Cream (Pono)

1st Tincture goes to: 

ProofBazillion Drops

Proof – Bazillion Drop 1st place Tincture Emerald Cup 2023 

Best Weed Edibles:

1st Edibles – Beverage goes to:

Herba Mate – Herba Mate Lemon Mint

1st Edibles – Gummies goes to:

Space GemSour Spacedrops

Space Gem – Sour Spacedrops 1st place Edibles for Gummies Emerald Cup Award 2023

1st Edibles – Sweet goes to:

Oui’d Confections – Bonbon Hazelnut Praliné

1st Edibles – Savory goes to:

TSUMo Snacks – Chili Limon Cannabis Infused Corn Chips

1st EdiblesHealth Conscious goes to: 

Queen Mary – Enchanted

Cannabis Community Allstars:

“Willie Nelson” Lifetime Achievement Award

Mila Jansen

Visionary Award

Amber E. Senter

Social Justice Award

Weldon Angelos

Trailblazer Award

Alex Aquino

Breeder’s Hall of Fame


1st Best Photo Contest WinnerAmateur

Ryan Gageby – @freegrow8 – “Fierce Fire”

1st Best Photo Contest WinnerProfessional

Mark Archer – @thecuratorco.me – “The Drip”

Best California Dispensaries:

Because everyone loves a pot shop! These three are the best the Golden State has to offer: 

1st Best Dispensary – Northern California

The Bright Spot – Walters Ct, Fairfield

1st Best Dispensary – Central California

Big Sur Canna+Botanicals – Carmel Rancho Ln, Carmel-By-The-Sea

1st Best Dispensary – Southern California

Cornerstone Wellness – Colorado Blvd – Los Angeles

 Emerald Cup 2023 1st Best Dispensary – Northern California  The Bright Spot – Walters Ct, Fairfield  1st Best Dispensary – Central California  Big Sur Canna+Botanicals – Carmel Rancho Ln, Carmel-By-The-Sea  1st Best Dispensary – Southern California  Cornerstone Wellness – Colorado Blvd – Los Angeles

Thank you to the sponsors, the judges, the farmers, and the consumers. The collaborations are what make this community and the community is what holds up the culture. And all at the service of the one and only cannabis plant. 

We are looking forward to the future-- give us more regenerative, more living soil and living concentrates, more diversity, and more growing weed at home. See y'all at the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball this fall. 

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