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Can You Legally Grow Weed in Arizona Now that it’s 2023?

Last Updated: March 13, 2023By Jason Levin

grow weed in Arizona legally

Arizona’s had a medical marijuana program since 2010, with the passing of Prop 203. However, recreational marijuana was not allowed whatsoever. In 2020, Prop 207 changed all of that.

Up until now, the situation for recreational marijuana users was bleak. Anyone caught in possession of marijuana could be charged with a felony, jail time, and a fine of $150,000. Growing marijuana plants came with the same penalties and a higher maximum for jail time. Paraphernalia, hash, concentrates, and the sale of marijuana was also strictly forbidden, with the same harsh penalties.

The only exception was the medical marijuana program, which was signed into law in 2011. 13 specific conditions could qualify a patient to legally obtain and use medical marijuana. For those not within 25 miles of a dispensary, growing was also allowed. There were many hoops to jump through, but since 2020’s vote, obtaining marijuana in this state is a lot easier.


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Arizona legalized weed

In 2020, Arizona’s voters decided to legalize recreational marijuana. Soon, established dispensaries will also sell recreational marijuana in Arizona. Better yet, people who were previously charged with marijuana possession crimes (of 2.5 ounces or less) can have their criminal records hidden, giving them a fresh start.

The new laws allow adults (age 21 and older) to possess up to one ounce (or about 28 grams) of “flower” and up to 5 grams of concentrates. Perhaps best of all is that residents of Arizona can now grow their own marijuana as well with a Pot for Pot. Individuals can grow up to six plants at a time, with a household cap at 12 plants (for residences with 2 or more people).


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In other words, the reality of growing and using marijuana in the state of Arizona has done a 180-degree shift. While it used to include the harshest penalties in the country, now it has a legalized system that many other states will envy.


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Growing in Arizona

The main thing to consider when growing marijuana plants in Arizona is the dryness. Sure, it can be a challenge, but there’s also a lot of sun. The sun alone means marijuana plants have the potential for some top-notch THC development, but they need to be well taken care of to thrive. In the case of Arizona growing, that usually means finding a way to get additional water to your plants since natural precipitation alone will not cover it.

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Growers in Arizona will most likely want to germinate their seeds and grow their seedlings indoors during March. This allows you to keep the humidity and heat more precise when they’re at their delicate early stages of growth. Once they have grown up a bit, making them more sturdy, you can move their pots outside to enjoy the natural rays of the sun.


That’s when you’ll find a Pot for Pot particularly useful. Designed for growing marijuana, it protects your plants’ roots against sudden changes in the desert weather, and helps you every step of the way from seed to harvest with step-by-step instructions and ongoing one-on-one grow coaching.


The pots are also easy to move indoors when the weather outdoors isn’t favorable. Get your new grow going the right way with a Pot for Pot and ensure yourself a beautiful bounty of bodacious buds!

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