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The Best 420-Friendly Vacation Rentals in the Country

Last Updated: December 16, 2023By Jessica Reilly

Some people travel for adventure and others for relaxation. Some travel for wine and beer or to try fine cuisine. And some people travel for weed.

Traveling for Weed: Cannabis Tourism

If you’re a cannabis lover, you know the importance of traveling to places where your favorite plant is allowed to shine. Your bucket list is filled with legalized destinations, like Colorado, Washington, California – even Amsterdam.

But just because recreational marijuana is legal in a given location doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to smoke it in public. In many cases, private residences are the only place you’re legally allowed to smoke, so travelers staying at hotels are out of luck. But there’s an app (or website) for everything these days, including finding specific cannabis friendly lodging. Whether you travel to try cannabis products in places or to have access to your medicine on the road, staying in 420 friendly housing makes your vacation better.

decor in fancy 420-friendly airbnb

What Makes Lodging Marijuana-Friendly?

Staying at a 420-friendly Airbnb, hotel, or other lodging means that you can enjoy the best of what an area has to offer, from the scenery and the nightlight to the selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, and drinks. You can light up or indulge as you would at home, without any fear of getting the cops called or getting a hefty surcharge added onto your total.

If a hotel, inn, resort, or room for rent is weed-friendly, they will usually make it obvious in the description or the details of the property. Any reference to 420 means cannabis and cannabis products. Some properties will allow you to smoke inside and outside, while others ask that you use non-inhalation methods like edibles and drinks inside, and keep vapes, pre-rolls, and other kinds of smoke outside.

Best 420-Friendly Airbnbs and Vacation Rentals by State


  1. Sonoma Hills Farm

Staying at Sonoma Hills Farms is more than a getaway – it’s a cannabis-centric immersive experience. The farmhouse overlooks the cannabis fields of the farm and gives you access to outside smoking areas, a private pool, farm animals, and all of the hemp you could ever want! Treat yourself to a weekend of pampering with CBD products, try a new recipe with hemp greens, and spark one up by the pool – you’ve never seen a 420-friendly Airbnb like this before.

  1. Box Canyon Sunflower Farms

Escape to a private yurt tucked in the heart of California’s weed country, the Emerald Triangle. This cozy one-bed is on private property next to the Shasta Trinity National Forest and smoking is allowed on the deck, which overlooks the imposing Ironside Mountain. A creek runs by at the foot of the yurt, and your smoke sesh has never been this epic. Mimosas, seasonal fruit, and cannabis flower are available upon request.

  1. Joshua Tree Stargazing OasisJoshua Tree Stargazing Oasis

If you prefer the desert to the mountains, this inviting cottage in Joshua Tree is perfect for you. Light up by the pool or the grill, pop an edible in the hammock chair, or pass the bong around the fire at night. An on-property telescope lets you take advantage of the incredible night sky views, including the clearest band of the Milky Way you’ve ever seen. And not only is this vacation rental 420-friendly, it’s also pet-friendly!

  1. Heated Pool House

Stay close enough to the heart of Los Angeles to be near the action, but far enough out to enjoy some peace and quiet with this pool house rental. This beautiful home boasts four bedrooms, gym equipment, a large heated pool, and cannabis-infused products provided for every guest.

See more cannabis-friendly accommodations in California.


  1. 420-Friendly Home

A rare find- this rental is weed forward inside and out! Smoke anywhere you want on the first floor of this beautiful home, which is where you’ll stay just minutes from downtown Denver and bike trails. If you don’t travel with smoke equipment, you can borrow a pipe, dab rig, or joint roller from your hosts – talk about hospitality!

  1. The Georgetown Spot

Tucked in the mountains of Georgetown, this creekside chalet is the alpine getaway of your dreams. You have full run of the place, which includes three bedrooms, four private balconies, and the nearby creek. The house is set in the valley but world-class restaurants are just a few blocks away. Best of all, smoking is allowed inside and out, and every guest gets a welcome gift of weed.

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Cannabis Condo in Windsor Park Neighborhood

This centrally located four-bedroom condo is one of many 420 friendly apartments in Chicago, and the perfect place for stoners to stay while exploring the Windy City. Smoking is allowed on the back patio and you’re just blocks from the lakefront. Staying here puts you near all of the action, just minutes to Hyde Park, Bears Stadium, casinos, and more.


  1. Glamping Cabin

Get away from it all on this 20-acre homestead, tucked in the woods of Maine. Relax and unwind with a slower pace of life as you meet and mingle with farm animals, explore the on-site weed farm and sample their organic product. Take a joint with you up the mountain, into the creek, or just enjoy while listening to the breeze rustle the leaves.

  1. Island Cottage

You can’t get any close to the ocean without being on it than staying at this adorable seaside cottage on Westport Island in Maine. Set off the mainland of the US, this cottage offers striking views of the ocean from all sides, with visibility to the local lighthouse and further on clear days. Smoking is allowed outside here and cannabis is provided for your stay. Check your surrounding when you walk outside to light up – there may be a seal sunning itself nearby!

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  1. Downtown Boston Condo

This one-bed apartment is located in the Jeffries Point neighborhood of Boston, just blocks away from the airport and the waterfront at Piers Park. Easily hop on a trail to get anywhere you need to be in Boston and explore the local shops and eateries. Puff safely inside this rental.

  1. Luxury Apartment in Boston

You can smoke anywhere you want in this 3-bedroom apartment in downtown Boston! Smoke inside with takeout and a movie or outside as you explore all the city has to offer. There is a dispensary just a few blocks away as well as easily-accessible public transport so you can get wherever you need to be.

Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. Full house with pool

This pad may as well be called the marijuana party house! With seven beds, a pool, and smoking allowed outside, this Airbnb off the strip in Las Vegas is the perfect place for a stoner vacation. Take a hit off the bong and hop on the waterslide, grab a cab to the strip to explore dispensaries, and watch the sun set behind the mountains at night.

  1. Luxury Lounge

This vacation rental describes itself as “completely 420 friendly” with no need for stoners to hide their true colors. The 420 lounge is stocked with everything you’ll need, from rolling papers and glass smoking accessories to a private pool and hot tub for the most epic smoke sessions. Just minutes off the strip, this residence comfortably fits up to 12 people for an amazing stoner getaway.

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  1. Jupiter Hotel

An old motel-turned-boutique hotspot, the Jupiter is one of the most sought-after hotels on Portland, Oregon’s eastside. And they're a cannabis-friendly hotel - they've partnered with a local dispensary to allow you to add a 420 customization to your stay, with their Oregrown 420 package. The package comes with a PAX vaporizer, rolling papers, a stash jar, stickers, and a discount voucher to use at Oregrown, which is just a few blocks away from the hotel.

Unfortunately, you can’t smoke in the rooms or on the sidewalk outside the hotel – but ask about the outdoor patio or rooftop area.

  1. Zen Garden Wellness Center

Perfect for people on a road trip or looking for somewhere to pitch a tent, the Zen Garden Wellness Center is a world unto itself. Visitors can enjoy a serene lounging pool, peaceful zen gardens, take a soak in a hot tub or make friends with the on-property horses. Smoking is allowed outside here. There are no formal spa accommodations but there are designated camping spots that are marijuana-friendly, perfect for tent campers, van lifers, and RV dwellers. Electrical hookups, outdoor shower and toilet are available!

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Cynevan Farm

Make your wildest cannabis dreams come true with a stay at a working hemp farm in Vermont! This historic farm has been in business since the late 1800s and the farmhouse was built in 1885. You get the entire hour to yourself, as well as the ability to explore the 15-acre property. Take a hike up Snake Mountain across the road or kick up your feet on the porch and relax with a bowl.

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River House Bed and Breakfast

This quaint bed and breakfast is nestled up against the Spokane River and provides the perfect place for some serious R&R, or a jumping-off point into the many outdoor activities Washington has to offer. Swim, fish, raft, float, or take a whitewater raft down the river, hit the trails to climb a mountain, or just kick your feet up on the patio with a joint. This B&B is 420-friendly and light up on any of the many patios, covered porches, swings, gardens, or even in the hammock!

See more 420-friendly accommodations in Washington.

Finding Your Own Weed-Friendly Accommodations

In today’s digital age, there’s an app (or website) for everything, including finding 420 friendly hotels and lodging options. Here are a few of our favorite places to look.

Domestic Cannabis-Friendly Vacation Rentals

International Weed-Friendly Vacation Rentals

FAQs about Cannabis Friendly Hotels

How do I know if AirBnB is 420-friendly?

If an Airbnb (or VRBO or hotel or any other vacation rental) listing is 420-friendly, it will be included somewhere in the description of the property. Many times you will be allowed to smoke outside but there are cannabis-friendly rentals that allow you to smoke inside as well.

What does 420-friendly mean on AirBnB?

420 friendly rooms for rent on AirBnb are where consuming cannabis (usually smoking, dabbing, or other inhaled methods) is allowed. You may be allowed to smoke outside in designated areas, anywhere outside on the property, or outside and inside.

Is smoking allowed at AirBnB in Boston?

Whether your Boston AirBnB is 420-friendly depends on where you stay. It is not allowed at every rental, but you can find some that allow you to smoke outside or inside.

What is 420-friendly?

A property or vacation rental that is 420-friendly means they allow smoking, dabbing, or other inhaled forms of consuming cannabis. Smoking weed can leave an odor behind and be messy, so not every AirBnB or vacation rental allows it. If a rental is 420-friendly, landlords will mention it in the property description.

Las Vegas 420 Smoking Allowed?

Smoking weed is not allowed on public property in Las Vegas. There are many vacation rentals including AirBnBs, bud and breakfasts, and VRBOs that are 420-friendly and will allow you to smoke weed. Smoking weed is not allowed inside Las Vegas hotels.

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