Learn How to Grow Marijuana like a Houseplant

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Get your FREE Guide - Learn How to Grow Marijuana like a Houseplant

Learn how to grow cannabis indoors or out, like any other houseplant!

In our guide, we show you how easy growing marijuana can be with the right strains, and how to make your own soil for growing cannabis.

No green thumb required, just a dash of determination is all that's needed to grow the most amazing pot plant!

Right from the start, my plant has done everything they said it would. Once I sat down with the instructions and read carefully, it was easy. I’d do it all over again.
It is growing and working great! This is a first experience and love it. Will be doing more in the future soon and love the customer service as well. Very helpful.

Legal Worldwide

Each complete weed growing kit comes packed with everything you need to go from seedling to full grown adult, while our seed fulfillment partner ensures we ship to all 50 states and world wide!

24/7 Grow Support

We provide 24/7/365 access to our dedicated staff with every order. It's our mission to make sure you have everything you need for a bountiful yield! Our cannabis grow kits make growing pot as easy as a weed.

Discrete Packaging

We package every shipment in private, discrete boxes - ensuring you only need to share your bountiful harvests with your closest friends!

What's in your kit?

a Pot for Pot Complete Weed Grow Kit 2 Gallon

Superb Soil™

Our soil is specially formulated to grow you the best natural cannabis flowers under the sun or indoor light. No additional nutrients needed.

Adorable Watering Can

Protect your plant with our natural leaf shine spray. Just add water, seed, and sunshine for your plant to thrive.

Professional Trimming Scissors

Our precision trimming scissors are designed for cannabis and can be re-used again for veggies and plants.

Save Money,
Grow Your Own

Our complete cannabis grow kits are priced for efficiency and ease of use. Enjoy the fruits of your labor while saving tons of money over retail.

Click to compare our weed grow kits to grow your own pot plant at home:

  • Medium
    2 Gallon Kit
  • Large
    5 Gallon Kit
This is an outstanding kit, everything you need to grow your beautiful little girls.
William F.
A pot for a pot is honestly one of the best products that I have ever had the pleasure of utilizing. It’s simple to figure out and the best thing is their Grade A Customer Service. I recommend this company 100% and give them 5 out of 5 stars.
Joseph H.

No Tents, Timers, or Troubles

Grow any time of year with our seed fulfillment partner

Autoflowering cannabis Ruderalis is the most rewarding plant you can grow. It grows with so much vigor, you’ll be amazed at how big it gets in a day.

Grow any time of year without a tent, because cannabis Ruderalis flowers automatically. From seed, it will be ready to harvest in only 80 days.

We’ve partnered with the world’s best seed bank to bring you the best genetics Amsterdam has to offer. Inside your kit is a coupon to our partner's website, where you’ll select your favorite strain.

Only 11 days since I planted my seed and she’s thriving! The instructions have been easy to follow and the team has been great with answering questions along the way. Highly recommend the starter kit if you’ve had trouble as an amateur.
Ashley A.
I love the packaging and how convenient it is having all in one kit for someone like myself with no experience in growing.
Jon H.
I love how simple and user friendly it is. Something that would make any first time grower’s experience an easy follow through from seed to harvest. This product would also be a great gift to anyone looking to grow. Excellent for the first time gardener or marijuana enthusiast. This kit makes it all available in one package with week by week instructions laid out so simply through the whole process.
Extremely easy to use and very helpful and detailed! My seed sprouted and it took right off! I’m excited to see the results.
Maria M.
So far all I have done is add water and put my pot in the sun! The guide was easy to follow. Super cute kit.
Jake M.

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