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Super Soil Recipe for Cannabis Plants

Last Updated: September 13, 2022By Joshua Mezher

If you've wanted to start growing your own weed indoors but needed some guidance on making your own super soil, you are in the right place. This article will detail the easiest way to make your own soil, should you try the DIY method. 


What is super soil?

Super soil is a chemical-free soil mix deliberately formulated to create the perfect cocktail of essential nutrients for marijuana plants throughout their growth cycle. Every super soil recipe is designed to yield fully organic soil, so the concept of organic super soil is a bit of a misnomer unless the super soil recipe used contains non-organic ingredients.

You can buy
premade super soil, such as Superb Soil, or you can make your own by following super soil recipe small batch instructions posted below.

Why super soil is great for potted plants

When you use a super soil mix to grow your potted weed plants, you will be free from the hassles of adding different nutrients as your growing plants' needs change. The varying nutrient needs often result in growers applying too little or too much, leading to nutrient burn or insufficient nutrients.

Additionally, super soil, or
organic super soil for that matter, lets you grow your cannabis organically. Super soil makes it easy to refrain from using artificial chemicals and pesticides.

If you are an environmentally conscious grower, then a
super soil organic concentrate is ideal because it will prevent your garden from becoming a polluting chemical runoff source.

Many growers are also convinced that organically grown has a superior taste, aroma, and terpene profile.
Premade super soil can help you enjoy those benefits.

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What's in the most popular super soil?

Many cannabis growers will tell you that Subcool Super Soil is the most popular brand of super soil. So, let's explore the ingredients that go into the most popular super soil. After all, Subcool himself revealed his super soil recipe back in 2009, so its ingredients are no secret. They include the following;

  • 8 large bags of quality organic potting soil with mycorrhizae and coco fiber. This will be the base soil for your soil mix.
  • 25-50lbs of worm castings (organic is preferred)
  • 5lbs of blood meal
  • 5lbs of bat guano
  • 5lbs of steamed bone meal
  • ¾ of a cup of Epsom salt
  • 3lbs of rock phosphate
  • ½ a cup of dolomite (sweet lime)
  • ½ a cup of trace elements (azomite)
  • 2 tablespoons of powdered humic acid

Once you have the ingredients above, you're ready to make your own
soil blend super compost

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How to make super soil

Since the Subcool Super Soil recipe is publicly available, we will use that same recipe to show you how you can make a batch of super soil organic concentrate.

However, before we dig into the details of preparing that soil mix, here are some notes worth considering while following the Subcool recipe:

  • Steamed bone meal. This component has some people concerned because it is a by-product of the animal (mainly cattle) industry. You can't be sure that the cattle were raised organically, so using this ingredient would compromise your intention of making organic super soil. Fishbone meal would be a better alternative in this case, and it serves the purpose adequately.

  • Store-bought base soil. You may not know what exactly went into making the bagged soil you buy from a store, so it may be wiser for you to create your own base soil using one part compost, one part peat, and one part aeration. Then you can be confident that nothing unwanted has snuck into your grow medium.

  • Mycorrhizae. If you talk to experienced weed growers, they will tell you that myco is most useful when applied to plants' root zone, meaning that if the super soil you are making will be at the bottom of your grow container, the myco will be wasted there. You may be better off topdressing the growing plants with this ingredient.

  • Bat guano. If you include fishbone meal in your super soil mix, there is no need to add bat guano. Besides, harvesting guano isn't exactly sustainable or safe, so avoiding this ingredient will not only save you money but also make your soil mix more eco-friendly.

With these observations in mind, you are now free to tweak the recipe to your liking or use it as recommended by Subcool.

Here is a list of helpful equipment while making super soil:

  • Pitchfork or garden shovel
  • A kiddie pool/wading pool or tarp or even a large plastic tub
  • 3-5 trash bins with lids


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Super soil prep instructions

Step 1: Pour a portion of the base soil into the kiddie pool or other container

If you are using a large tarp, pour just half of the base soil onto the tarp. If the container is small, divide that base soil into portions. You will use these small portions to make several small batches of super soil.

Step 2: Add a portion of the other ingredients, excluding water

If you put half the base soil into the container, now is the time to put in half of the other ingredients (powdered humic acid, sweet lime, fishbone meal, and all the others). If you make smaller batches, portion the ingredients appropriately as you add them to the base soil on the tarp or in the kiddie pool.

Step 3: Add the remaining base soil

(if you are using a tarp, you can prepare the super soil mix in one batch.)

Step 4: Mix it up

Using a shovel (or pitchfork), mix the ingredients properly into the base soil. As you do so, break up any large clumps of soil. Mix the S
ubcool Super Soil recipe ingredients until you can no longer see separate layers.

Step 5: Transfer the soil mix to the trash cans

Transfer the soil into your prepared trash cans and add water until it is moist. Make sure that the soil doesn't get soggy. Approximately 5 gallons may suffice in each of the trash cans. This water will improve the distribution of the
Subcool Super Soil recipe ingredients.

Step 6: Mix the ingredients in the bins

Using your garden shovel or pitchfork, mix up the ingredients inside the trash bins. This further enhances the distribution of the different soil components, along with the water.

Step 7: Let the soil cook

In this step, place the bins containing your
super soil mix in a preselected warm place, and leave them there for several weeks (at least 30 days). This step is called cooking the soil because, over time, the soil undergoes chemical reactions that generate heat as the nutrients change into a form that cannabis roots can absorb. Hot super soil (super soil which hasn't been left to cook for an appropriate duration) can harm your plants, so be patient and let it cook before you use it.

How to use your super soil

Once your super soil has cooked sufficiently (30-60 days), resist the urge to plant your weed plants directly in this soil mix. The soil is so nutrient-rich that it will burn your plants. To be safe, pour soil blend super compost into one-third of your pots

On top of this rich layer, add about 50/50 base soil and super soil, and then top up the container with plain base soil. Your plants will go to this top layer, and their roots will gradually reach deeper into the pot to reach the super soil.

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Isn't it better to just buy super soil?

Opinions differ on this one, but the consensus leans towards finding a reputable source of super soil for sale and buying a ready-to-use mix. a Pot for Pot's Superb Soil is a wonderful option. Not only is it created for marijuana plants, but it's also designed to be easy to use. You'll save a ton of hard work without sacrificing any of the quality you get from making your own super soil from scratch.

With the proper growing medium, all your cannabis plants need now is water. However, you still have to be careful while watering your plants. It is best to water sparingly so that the soil is moist but not soggy to the extent of triggering runoff. When a lot of water flows out of your grow containers, you're washing away many of those useful nutrients found in your organic super soil.

That's why it is essential to pay attention to the amount of water you give your plants. Use a watering can  and check your soil first. Simply sticking your finger up to the first knuckle inside the soil can help identify how dry the soil mix's top layer is. If the soil is dry to that point, carefully water your plants. Look for any runoff at the bottom of the container. Wait a day or two before watering again.

Super soil can help you grow high-quality marijuana, but a grow kit from 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is super soil?

Super soil is a heavily amended organic soil, and provides your plants everything they need to show the best results

How does super soil work?

Living organisms in Super Soil makes it a rich source of nutrients. As the plant grows it works with its microscopic partners to source just the right food for each stage of growth. It helps your plant to get the best nutrients and get the best results


Can you use nutrients with super soil?

Yes, you can use nutrients with super soil but our recommendation is to wait till the roots reach down to the super soil.

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