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The Original Complete Grow Kit for Marijuana

Easier than growing a tomato plant, our weed grow kits make it easy to grow naturally at home, indoors or out.No Grow Tent Required.

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We partner with the top seed banks so you can grow the best strain of cannabis plants for your medical or recreational needs

Stealth Shipping

We stealth wrap our grow boxes so that neighbors won’t know what’s inside your home

Legal To Grow

Seeds are fulfilled separately, so we can legally ship to all 50 states and across the globe

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Home Grown Savings

Save thousands of $$$'s when you grow at home


$300 per ounce

Cannabis purchased from dispensary


<$50 per ounce

Cannabis grown at home

How to Grow Cannabis like a Houseplant

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Growing cannabis at home should not be complicated or expensive. Our grow guide will teach you everything you need to know to harvest incredible-tasting buds. We teach you everything from making your own soil to learning how to use our natural grow system in a grow tent or with the power of the sun.

We take you step by step through the growing process and answer questions such as: Which cannabis strains are best for growing at home? How frequently should I water my plant and with what? And we cover the most common issues grows face and how to avoid them.

We took our over 30 years of growing experience and distilled them down into one complete guide to growing cannabis at home. No green thumb is required; just a dash of determination, and you'll be on your way to growing the most amazing pot plant at home! Saving you money and giving you access to some of the best cannabis in the world.

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How to Grow Weed in 4 easy steps!

1Proven Grow System

We designed our grow system to include everything you need to learn how to grow cannabis naturally and cheaply. Grow huge plants outside with the sun, on a windowsill, indoors under an LED, or inside with a grow tent kit and light!

Home Grown Cannabis: Outdoors or Inside

sunlightOutside Growing

  • Grow huge plants
  • The sun is free
  • Grow the most potent Cannabis

indoor grow lightIndoor Gardening

  • No grow tent needed
  • Grow Cannabis Cup winning quality weed
  • Grow the most potent Cannabis

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up to 8 oz



Up to 1 lb and over



Our Grow Kits Make Growing Weed Easy

  • Grow Coaching

    Follow our Video Grow Guide and reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Our master growers will help coach you from seed to harvest.

  • 80 Days to Harvest

    Forget about complicated nutrient calculators, hydroponics, and light cycles. Our soil has all the nutrients your plant needs to thrive. Just add water. Your auto flowering plant is ready for harvest in as little as 80 days.

  • Seed Solution

    Pick your favorite strains from the best seed banks and breeders. We negotiated unbeatable discounts (up to half off!) on your seeds. Order from seed banks that will deliver worldwide.

  • Orders & Shipping

    Our secure ordering system accepts all major credit cards, paypal, and crypto currency. We do our best to ship your growing equipment quickly, safely, and as discreetly as possible.

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