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cheapest way to grow pot indoors
For whatever reason, the general opinion is that growing pot is expensive and complicated.  We are here to change that because the truth is, it’s called weed for a reason and we want every gardener to grow it as though it was another garden variety.

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sativa, indica, ruderalis
Most people know of Sativa and Indica, but few people know of the plant’s smaller stepsister called Ruderalis, or more commonly referred to as an “Autoflowering Strain”.  About Auto-flowering Strains What’s the difference? Origins Growing Autoflowering Plants We love auto-flowering plants because...

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pot, grow, soil, gardening.


Congratulations on finding your way to our site! This means you are an insider. Probably someone we know, or not too far removed from our tribe. But if you have no idea who we are and you find yourself reading this, then...

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