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What Climates Will Autoflowering Cannabis Grow In?
Are you looking to grow marijuana, but lack the time you’ll need to give your plants round-the-clock care? Then you should plant autoflowering cannabis. This unique type of marijuana flowers automatically, meaning there’s no need to create specific light cycles. This also...

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What Makes Marijuana Dank?
If you are new to smoking marijuana, you’ve no doubt smoked your fair share of bad weed. Poor quality marijuana is often called “schwag.” If you smoked marijuana pre-legalization, you’ve probably smoked it once or twice. Luckily, most people have the chance to eventually upgrade and quickly learn what good weed actually is. Some may even experience something that could be considered dank. 

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best temperature to grow pot

Too Hot for Pot?

Marijuana plants can grow and survive practically anywhere regardless of the climate, hence the nickname “weed.” However, they will struggle and likely not produce desirable effects if the temperature is too hot.   The easiest way to prevent heat problems is to select...

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A man making a marijuana joint
Most people who have smoked weed have thought about selling it at one point or another. Why not? It’s a great source of profit when the regular 9-5 job is not paying the bills. Plus, it’s fun, easy, and you get to meet a ton of cool people.

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There are many potential variables to consider when growing marijuana. The first is whether you will start with seeds or clones. Each option has its own set of pros and cons, and you can either fail apically or experience great success with both. Here’s what you should consider when faced with the clones vs seeds debate.

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