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How to Get High With Your Family On The Holidays

Last Updated: February 15, 2022By Joshua Mezher

It's time to start preparing for the holiday season yet again. That also means that it is time to ponder that eternal question we wrestle with every holiday season. No, it's not what the season's true meaning is— it's "Should you get high with your family on the holidays?"

In the olden days, getting high with your family was more of a secretive affair, usually involving a dip behind the shed or a quick walk around the block. Sneaking a puff was followed by dousing oneself in Febreze and liberally applying eyedrops. 

Now that weed use is more or less socially acceptable, secrecy is not as necessary as it once was.

Why Thanksgiving Deserves Weed 

Thanksgiving is a holiday made for getting high. 

For one, you're seeing members of your family who you probably don't keep in regular contact with. As such, keeping the conversation going can be a bit of a chore, especially if you are trying to avoid subjects such as politics and religion. Weed is great for helping those with social anxiety keep the conversation going without worrying so much about what the other people in the discussion might think.

On that note, getting high not only makes it easier for you to open up, it also makes the people around you much more likable. The mood adjustment can help you avoid bringing up politics with your stepfather. Still, sometimes it's fun to poke the bear (a few hundred times).

Then there is the meal itself. Thanksgiving is a day devoted to indulging, which is why pot is perfect for it. There is no other day of the year in which eating constantly is not only acceptable; it is encouraged. Weed makes food taste delicious, which is great for gorging on mashed potatoes, and makes your great aunt's abominable fruit cake edible for once.

3 Strains for Stimulating Your Holiday Appetite

For some inspiration about which strains to enjoy on Thanksgiving, try Pineapple Kush. This strain blends OG Kush with the sweet taste of pineapple and is especially ideal for the holidays because it is great at inducing appetite.

It will also relieve tension and mental stress, in addition to leaving you feeling like the biggest optimist ever! What is Thanksgiving for if not for spreading cheer?!

Critical: Made For Thanksgiving!

Another “made-for-Thanksgiving” strain to consider is Critical. It has a pungent flavor featuring earthy and sweet undertones. Critical is great for stimulating your body and mind, as well as whipping up an appetite for Thanksgiving dinner. This weed is best smoked during the day as it will set the tone for the rest of your evening and night. The creative thoughts it stimulates will make chatting to everyone a breeze!

Sour Diesel: Send Your Tastebuds Into Overdrive

Need more options for Thanksgiving? Sour Diesel has you covered. Sour Diesel literally drips with resin and smoking it will trigger cravings and send your tastebuds into overdrive. Wolfing down anything on the table will be easy for you, and its high will leave your mind sharp and creative for the interesting conversations that are a staple of Thanksgiving.

After you enjoy your strain, you can look forward to that long nap after the big feast! Ah yes, this holiday was tailor-made for weed, so spark up that blunt! Load up that bong, and don't forget to pack some brownies for dessert.

First, Know Your Family

The answer to whether or not to get high with your family depends on your family, of course. But as we are all aware, weed has never been more socially acceptable than it is now. As such, offering reefer to your family is not the taboo subject it once was.

Before you offer your family weed, you should know how they feel about it. Suppose your family could be accurately described as strict conservatives. In that case, it is probably not the best idea to pass them a joint. Ditto if anyone in your family is involved in law enforcement and you happen to be somewhere cannabis remains illegal. However, if your family consists of a bunch of old hippies in California, then you are probably good to go.

That said, be selective with who you offer your weed to. Your super chill cousin who flew in from Seattle would be a prime candidate. Your uncle, who routinely complains about marijuana users, would be best to avoid entirely. You might feel tempted to offer your Sunday- school-teaching-grandmother a weed gummy, but this might not be for the best. 

Of course, your family may surprise you. There are many stories of adult children sharing their parent's medical pot and having that being one of the best times they'd ever had. Later, interesting stories might emerge – like when you made pipes out of soda cans, and mom and dad found out. Parents are wonderful sources of forgotten memories, and sometimes, they might be a source of your long-forgotten weed.

Supply The Goods

If you plan to get your family high for the holidays, you will want to supply the pot. You don't want your family smoking garbage, as that will probably affect the quality of Christmas presents you receive next month. 

Don't even think about offering them synthetic weed, as we all know that no one should ever smoke or let it anywhere near your body. Is synthetic weed even still around, or have people finally caught on? It not only tastes terrible, but it's also terrible for you. Case closed.

On that same note, don't offer them cheap weed either. For one, this will reflect poorly on you. If you want to impress your family, you can only offer them the best. They're your family, and you love them after all. Anyone who smokes cheap weed knows that it will give you a headache from hell, which is a terrible way to spend the holiday. 

How To Identify High-Quality Weed

There are many ways to identify high-quality weed, and you should acquaint yourself with as many of them as possible - not just for Thanksgiving but as a life skill! 

Here’s how you sort the good stuff from everything else:

  • Inspect its appearance. Great weed typically comes in a healthy green color and will often have stunning undertones and hues. You shouldn’t see any visible seeds or stems. High-quality buds are also trichome-dense, so look out for sparkling, milky-white crystals. More trichomes mean more cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as great taste and aroma. Don’t hesitate to ask for a jeweler’s loop for a closer look at the trichomes!
  • Take in the smell. High-quality weed has a pungent, musky aroma. Low-quality weed may smell moldy, “grassy,” or even mildewy. Any smell other than the strong, unmistakable weed smell is a red flag pointing to poorly cultivated weed, improperly trimmed or cured pot, or cannabis that’s more than a year old.
  • Feel it.  High-quality weed shouldn’t tear apart or feel brittle when you touch it. If the bud crumbles, don’t buy it! You’ll recognize pot with high moisture content because the stem doesn’t snap once you squeeze it. This is a no-no. The extra moisture is a haven for mildew and mold. 
  • Pay attention to the location. In a dispensary, the weed on the top shelf is premium quality but tends to be very expensive – great for when you need to splurge on pot for a special occasion like Thanksgiving. The pot on the middle shelves is affordable and is a grade below the best stuff. Avoid the weed on the bottom shelf because it is of poor quality and will hardly get you stoned if you aren’t a beginner, and it often has lots of seeds and stems, plus other undesirable attributes (low THC, for example).

If you genuinely want to be the best family member that you can be, you should bring them the best Thanksgiving treat of all: weed that you grew yourself. The holidays are a time to share a part of yourself, right? Instead of bringing the same old cranberry sauce that no one ever eats anyway, why not bring something new to the table? Grow your own marijuana with a Pot for Pot. 


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The Best Weed to Bring For Your Family

What should you bring to your Thanksgiving dinner? Time to use your imagination. 

You could go the old-fashioned way and bring a joint or two. One might also be impressed if you were able to dig out your aunt's old bong from her days of hanging out with people-who-may-have-hung-out-with-people-who-knew-Sublime back in the day. 

The best route is to bring some edibles that you made for the occasion. Edibles are great in that they do not leave behind as much evidence as a joint (smell and all). You also have more control over the dosage, thus ensuring that no one gets too high and you don't get blamed for ruining the holiday. 

Make sure that you warn your family of the effects of edibles before letting them embark on the journey! Remind them that edibles do not kick in immediately; they will need to wait before they feel the effects. If needed, those who partake can eat half a dosage, then eat the other half if they find the dosage is not heavy enough. Of course, be mindful if you are bringing something sweet like brownies, cookies, or gummies. 

Make sure that you do not allow your edibles to get into the hands of any children – that can be very dangerous. Plus, good luck explaining that to the cops, or worse, a pissed-off family member.

Avoid The Alcohol

The holiday season, Thanksgiving, in particular, means copious amounts of alcohol for some people. If you plan on getting high with your family during the holidays, stay away from the booze.

You don't want your mom, who may have been drinking wine all day, to end up incapacitated on the couch before it's time to slice the turkey. No one wants to deal with that conversation. Mixing alcohol and weed often means that you're going to have a bad time. For most people, mixing weed and alcohol means getting 'the spins', which you want to avoid on the hungriest of holidays. 

Mixing weed and alcohol is best left to the seasoned pros, but it is best to tread lightly even then. If you want to mix the two, go right on ahead. Smoke first, then drink a little. Do not do both simultaneously, as this is guaranteed to end up with someone praying to the porcelain gods, which will again ruin the holiday.

Help Keep Everyone Safe!

Family members should ensure they are not on medications that could interact dangerously with the weed you are offering them. 

As wonderful as weed might be to all of us, some medications react terribly with it because of how cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system. Marijuana can make the effects of some medicines stronger and undo the effects of others.

Mixing weed with depressant drugs can lead to respiratory issues and even death in some cases.

Before offering weed to any member of your family, make sure that they are not taking any medications that could cause these negative interactions. Nothing will kill the holiday cheer quicker than unintentionally injuring or killing a member of your family. Err on the side of caution and abstain from smoking weed altogether if you or a member of your family are not sure how weed will interact with current medications.

You can have a great time getting high with your family during the holiday season this year. Make sure that you play it safe, however. Do not mix alcohol or medications. Only smoke with family members who are cool with it, and do not peer pressure anyone! Make sure that you provide only good quality pot (even better if you grow it yourself!).

Most importantly, make sure that no one overdoes it. You don't want to be responsible for your cousin having a bad trip. If you bring weed that you've grown yourself, you know exactly what is in it and how potent it is. 

Fortunately, a Pot for Pot has everything you need to grow the ganja you need to get high with the fam this holiday season! The outdoor season might be over, but it's never too late to grow high-quality herb at home! 

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