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5 Radical Things to do the Month of 420

Last Updated: March 23, 2023By Jason Levin

420, AKA “Christmas for Stoners,” is coming up fast! How do you plan to celebrate? You were probably planning to smoke a bowl or twenty. Maybe you were thinking about buying a new cool piece? All of those things are a perfect way to commemorate the holiday, but this year is different because it is 4/20 all month long! Things may be feeling a bit bleak in the world right now, but there’s no reason why you can’t still have a celebration!  Follow this guide to make this the most radical 420 ever!

Plant Some Pot

planting pot

Spring is here, and it is the perfect time to grow. There is absolutely no way to better commemorate the holiday than learning how to grow your own pot. Despite what you might think, growing marijuana is no more difficult than growing say, a tomato plant. Even if you’ve never grown anything, you can grow weed, all you need is some good information and supplies.

If you’ve always wanted to grow marijuana but had neither the time or energy (or what those in the marijuana growing community lovingly call a “black thumb”), there are still options.  a Pot for Pot can help anyone get started with everything you need in one place. It even helps with finding the seeds. If it is your first time growing, you should definitely start with autoflowering seeds. These easy-to-grow seeds grow into marijuana plants with the least amount of effort.


Go to a 420 Event

420 event

In these times of uncertainty and social distancing, you’re probably thinking that the last thing you can do is go to a 420 event. However, thanks to the internet, you can! Musicians and comedians have quickly taken to live streaming their performances on Facebook live or their YouTube channels. Surely you can find something like this to “attend.” April 20th is the most social holiday of the year for stoners; we’re not likely to sit in darkness smoking bowls and commenting on Reddit all day (well, not all of us).

If you cannot find any plans for a live streaming event, organize one yourself! Get performers to send in prerecorded videos of themselves. Maybe invite a group of friends and/or activists together (in the virtual sense) and record a podcast, where you all submit audio of yourselves talking about everything related to weed. You can easily do this by setting up a Discord server and using their voice chat feature to communicate with one another. Raise money by putting your PayPal or Cashapp address on the stream.

Get Your Relatives High

If you’re lucky enough to live with someone not celebrating 4/20, now is the perfect time to get them good and baked. First, cleanliness is always golden, so start by washing your hands, as well as any piece you plan to use (if you are smoking). If using edibles, make sure the food you are using actually tastes good –to not ruin the experience.  

If you are practicing social distancing and would like to participate in this activity, use gloved hands to handle the piece or edible. Use tweezers to pull the buds out of your container and to load the piece if you are not wearing a clean pair of gloves. Make sure that you are following CDC guidelines by remaining six feet away from your relative. Then, set the pipe or edible on a table between the two of you before loading your own piece. Enjoy some quality time together while still following all the guidelines of social distancing. Your relative will appreciate the reprieve from all the stress.

Gift Some Pot

These days we could all use a little more kindness, so why not give the gift of ganja? We all know someone who could really use a good toke right now. Plus, some people may be having difficulty making a trip to the dispensary. No cannabis lover should have to spend 420 without bud. So, do your part to make that happen for someone. Even if it means dropping it off at their doorstep, to maintain social distancing, a little gift can go a long way.   

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Here’s another idea. Many dispensaries provide delivery during these times. Why not place an order for a friend at their favorite dispensary and have it delivered to them? Figure out your friend’s favorite strains and have them specially delivered to their door. It’s a very caring gesture at any time – especially when lots of people are under stress. It would make that person’s day, and also help you get into the true spirit of this magical holiday.

Microdose All Month Long

This is a month-long celebration, so why not plan something that lasts the entire month? 420 is the perfect time to pick up a habit of microdosing.

Enjoy weed without the buzz? Recent studies have shown that microdosing cannabis, while it does not necessarily get you high, can be quite beneficial for your health. It’s also great for keeping you calm and collected during even the most chaotic times. It‘s incredibly easy to get started, mostly because there are many ways to microdose. You can use edibles, tinctures, and smoking or vaping. That being said, the tincture/edible route is the healthiest, as it does not damage the lungs. Tinctures and edibles also ensure you are taking a uniform dose of THC or CBD, making the practice much more effective. You cannot accomplish this by smoking flower or vaping.

An entire month of 420 is something that humanity may never see again. It’s worth celebrating regardless of what is going on in the world. So, celebrate it. Even if celebrating means meeting with a group of friends in a google hangout for an all-around smoke sesh. You may not be able to ‘puff puff pass’ in the traditional sense, but you’re still together. Besides, at least no one can bogart the blunt this time around!

The spirit of the month of 420 is strength in adversity. We can still celebrate the holiday that we love best and honor the plant we love most, all the while still being responsible citizens. We can do this together, even if we have to be apart.  Have a great 420!

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