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Am I Too High? How To Sober Up from Weed

Last Updated: November 29, 2022By Jason Levin

Hey, don’t worry, you’re in a safe place now. Let’s recap. You got too high from smoking a tree’s worth of greens. You battled the slow muscle swamp monster. Navigated gallantly through a forest of Google results. And now you’ve arrived at the right place at just the right time. 

These are hallowed grounds upon which we meet, nug ninja. It’s a congregation of all the bravest souls on earth. The feeble shall fall and only the strong shall follow. 

Have you realized where we are? That’s right, it’s our nightly summit of weed warriors across the globe who are Way. Too High. Right now.

Perhaps you’re tripping off that funky edible you took because you ran out of top-notch homegrown weed. Maybe your eyes feel like two dry chunks of scratchy fried chicken. No doubt your mouth’s gone all cottony like...like cotton candy (mmm). 

Wait, what was that sound? 

Have no fear, green machine, we’re here to walk you through some helpful suggestions on how to come down from smoking too much weed.

Will Too Much THC Affect My Health?

It’s important for you to know right off the bat that you’re not going to die from too much THC in your system. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that a fatal overdose resulting solely from marijuana ingestion is unlikely. Studies have shown that even acutely high levels of THC in the system usually do not require pharmacological intervention. Of course, if you’re feeling scared, concerned, or triggered, it doesn’t hurt to consult a medical professional or licensed therapist to help you through your high. 

You may be experiencing any level of panic, fear, or anxiety right now, but be assured that as long as you stay in a safe, secure place and treat yourself with gentle care, you’re going to be fine.

How Long Will It Take To End a Bad High?

Other than Kentucky Fried eyeballs and dry mouth, you’re probably feeling some unwanted feels you didn’t expect when you took that superhuman hit off the bowl. Know that you’re not alone. Many cannabis users experience what they call a “bad high,” and you’re just one of a distinguished group of individuals who seek the holy grail to counteract this wonky experience.

How long it takes for you to banish this bad high depends on a lot of factors, such as: 

  • The potency of the weed you smoked 
  • How much you ingested (i.e. dab, smoke, or edible)
  • Whether you already had food in your stomach
  • Your regular frequency of smoking or ingesting cannabis
  • Your metabolism 
  • Whether you drank alcohol or took any other substances along with the cannabis

With that in mind, it’s hard to determine exactly how long you’ll be feeling the effects of cannabis. A high can last for an hour or two, or much longer, depending on the variables we mentioned above. Wherever you’re at in the process though, you can definitely try a few different methods to ease through a bad weed high.

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How to Sober Up From A Bad High

Woman sitting and leaning forehead knees

Did you know the ingestion of weed has been shown to reduce symptoms of nausea and vomiting? Just taking a moment to appreciate the fact that we’re stoned rather than emptying the insides of our stomachs right now. Isn’t lying comatose on your warm couch so much better than hugging a toilet on the cold bathroom floor?

And without further ado, your Royal Highness, we humbly offer you our suggestions for soothing your THC-addled mind.

1. Deep Breaths

Stop reading and take a few deep breaths right now. No, not from the bong. Just deep breaths of air.

Deep breaths can calm you down in the most dire of situations by increasing the flow of oxygen to your brain. Your parasympathetic system kicks in and a bunch of good stuff starts happening to your body, like a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure, and reduced muscle tension. These can lead to marked improvements in both your physical and emotional state.

2. Reach Out To Friends

Ah, the power of community. If you’re with friends, don’t be afraid to let them know you’re hanging off the edge of Mary Jane Mountain. Chances are, someone in the group has had a similar experience and they’ll be instrumental in taking your hand and pulling you back to safety. The cannabis community is generally kind and understanding when it comes to bad highs, and hopefully, your friends will be too.

If you’re alone, the simple act of texting those nearest and dearest to you may help ground you in a sense of normality. Exchanging a few funny texts and receiving encouragement from your loved ones can have a powerful effect on your mind and psyche

3. Beans

Here are some fun scientific facts for you to munch on: THC is high in soluble fat. Soluble fibers help move soluble fat quickly through your body. Put those facts together and you have the best reason ever to order some chili fries through Uber Eats, ASAP.

The reasoning is that beans are extremely high in soluble fiber. Just a cup of those delicious gas-producing morsels can get your body to start moving the THC out of your body quicker than you can say “guys, I’m about to let one loose.” If you’re averse to becoming a fart bubble machine, you can also try a tablespoon of psyllium husk with a glass of water for similar system-clearing effects.

4. Pepper

Scientists as far back as the 10th century have been trying to figure out ways to cure a bad high (we told you you’re part of a distinguished group). Modern studies have looked into some of these ancient antidotes and found that black peppercorns actually do contain compounds that can counteract the effects of THC.

Black pepper contains alpha-pinene, which increases mental clarity and memory retention. It also gives you a dose of myrcene, which has a sedative effect, as well as beta-caryophyllene, which scientists think possess anxiety-reducing benefits. Throw on your Bill High the Science Guy hat and start by sniffing a handful of black peppercorns. If that first experiment doesn’t help, sprinkle a hefty amount over your snack of choice. Or try some other pinene-containing foods such as pistachios and pine nuts

5. Lemons


Do as Beyoncé says and make lemonade out of a bad (high) situation. Much like pepper, lemon contains a compound called limonene that can ground you if you’re flying way too high. Medical studies show a connection between limonene and reduction of stress. For maximal THC counteraction, squeeze the lemon into water and throw the peel in too; the rinds are extra rich in limonene content.

6. Sugar

Many claim that a spoonful of sugar helps reduce the effects of a bad high. In fact, some weed smokers even complain that munching on sweets can actually kill your high entirely. So go ahead and treat yourself to that leftover pie in the fridge. It’s all in the name of science.

7. Just Eating in General

Eating a snack or light meal can help ground you and provide psychological comfort as you move through your high. A common experience that many cannabis users share is that a full belly causes them to lose their high. 

Though there isn’t any conclusive evidence to prove these claims, some pharmacologists note that taking edibles on an empty stomach can have stronger effects on the body, sometimes resulting in anxiety or paranoia. If you dosed on an empty stomach, consider filling your tummy and seeing if it helps stabilize your system.

8. Get Into Your Comfort Zone

adult fawn pug

You have every reason to retreat into your comfort zone now. Put on your coziest pajamas, play music that makes you happy, squeeze that stuffed animal you have sitting on the shelf. If TV is a soothing pastime for you, watch some of your old favorites to ground back into something familiar. Make some tea and read a good book. Give some tender loving care to your favorite plants. Take this time to baby yourself and be your own best bud.

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9. Take A Long Nap

If nothing’s working, try what other smokers have been doing to ease their highs since the Stoned Age: a good old fashioned nap. Lie down in a comfy spot, wrap a blanket around you, and close your eyes. Since many use THC as a sleep aid, you might as well get some very good rest tonight.

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Don'ts While You’re High

We can’t help but include a list of don'ts to avoid while you’re working through the strain of a bad high. 

  • Don’t try to drive home if you’re out. Ask a friend for a ride or call a Lyft/Uber
  • Don’t drink any alcohol or take any other substances. Drinking alcohol can actually cause you to stay high for longer
  • Don’t try to operate complicated machinery 
  • Don’t forget to be extra careful in caring for your children/pets at home if you’re too high. Make sure the stove is turned off, yard enclosures are secured, and the doors are locked. Let your family members help you if you’re incapacitated.
  • Don’t drive out to buy food. Order delivery and stay in the house. 
  • Absolutely do not text your ex. Trust us, you’ll dank us later.

Tips to Avoid Another Bad High

Some tips to help you avoid bad highs in the future:

  • Read dosage instructions carefully if you’re taking edibles or tinctures
  • Don’t take edibles on an empty stomach
  • Whether you’re smoking, dabbing, or eating edibles, go slow and monitor the effects before taking more
  • Get high in a safe and comfortable place
  • Get high only around trusted friends or loved ones
  • Do your research and make sure any cannabis products you purchase are from a licensed facility
  • Try growing your own marijuana plants so that you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. With A Pot for Pot, you can raise your own clean, green stash and medicate safely. With a seed germination kit, nutrient-rich soil, and more cultivation resources for your cannabis plant, you’ll be able to flex your green thumb to get a great high.

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As your heart rate slows and your paranoia ebbs away, we thank you for joining another sacred assembly of the Way Too High Club. We hope this joint effort to help you through your bad high has been helpful. Until we meet again, we salute you and your bravery, Captain Chronic.

You’re coming down and sobering up. So what’s next? Check out A Pot for Pot growing kits and grow your own weed for a smoother high.

Frequently Asked Questions about getting high with weed

What is the quickest way to get sober from weed

In order to get sober quickly you can try things like: Taking cold shower, Ingest black peppercorn, Try some Ibuprofen, Stay hydrated, eat more

Can an overdose of weed kill you?

There is no clear definition of a marijuana overdose. In fact, doctors aren't entirely sure how much THC it takes to overdose.

Is weed harmful for teenagers?

Use of marijuana among teens is harmful. Teens should try and find ways to exercise their body and mind without external inputs. Hence it is recommended for teens to avoid weed

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