Mom's love growing with a Pot for Pot


Oakland, CA. - Does your mother, grandmother or special lady love to grow plants? Is she cannabis friendly? Then surprise her with a grow kit from for Mother’s Day. Not only will she get the enjoyment of planting and caring for a plant as it grows, but she will also get the medicinal CBD and THC pot plants to provide. It’s like a multi-tiered gift that keeps on giving. is the only stop you need when starting your own cannabis grow in your urban dwelling, windowsill garden, backyard, flower bed or wherever you can put soil in the sun and water it. This is a quality product that will deliver anywhere from 1 to 8 ounces of pot depending on how many plants you grow and what size pot you select.

According to the 2018 National Gardening Survey, 15% (19 million) of responding households said they would be interested in growing a pot plant in their home. is there for the casual DIY hobbyist all the way to those looking to grow up to six plants at one time.

Kits come in 2 gallon and 5 gallon sizes. Expansion kits are also available to add additional plants to a grow. Each kit contains a pot, drainage plate, specially formulated Superb SoilTM, top soil mix, nutrients, beneficial bacteria and fungi, scissors, a spray bottle, complete growing instructions, and more. You also get a coupon for a nice discount on your cannabis seeds from With no actual seed in the kit, anyone in the world can order their own kit and start growing their own money tree.

It doesn’t matter where your Mother’s Day lady is for you to hook her up with the gift of pot.

Candies and roses are sweeter, but giving her the gift of pot sure would be neater.‘s home grow kits are the perfect gift for any occasion.

If you are interested in more information, photographs, or interviews, please contact Dan Karkoska at or 415-350-3295.

Established in 2017 by Jason Levin and Joshua Mezher, is on a mission to bring cannabis into the homes of gardening enthusiasts and empower the hobbyist gardener with everything they need to grow a pot plant from seed to harvest. Taking inspiration from a trip to a gardening store, the two developed a Pot for Pot as a complete organic soil grow kit for cannabis, including all the tools needed and a complete growing guide. Their Superb SoilTM, which combines 18 special ingredients and even playa dust from the Black Rock desert is specifically formulated to provide the plant with full spectrum organic nutrients that makes it as easy as just adding water, seed, and sun. They encourage their growers to choose cannabis Ruderalis for home growing because it is an auto-flowering, quick-growing seed that can have both high THC content as well as the healthful CBD cannabinoid. Currently run as an e-commerce business, look for boxes in your local dispensary, smoke shop, and gardening center soon.