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The rarest strain of Cannabis, is now being grown as a houseplant.


Oakland, CA. - Have you heard of ruderalis? www.aPotforPot.com is on a mission to educate home growers about this amazing strain of cannabis they recommend for their grow kits.

Ruderalis is a remarkable plant that flowers in 80 days from seed regardless of the light cycle. It is also super high in CBD and THC. Plus it gives you fresh leaves to use in smoothies or salads.

Cannabis Ruderalis is native to Asia and Eastern Europe, especially Russia, where it adapted to its short growing season and extreme environments. It is noted for its thick and sturdy stems and usually grows to be about 1.5 to 3 feet tall. The term ruderalis stems from the root word ruderal which describes a species that grows in spite of its environment being inhabited by humans or being otherwise affected by naturally occurring disturbances to the area. Some think it a descendent from the Indica family.

Originally, it was thought of as a wild breed of cannabis, but indoor growers have brought it inside to influence new hybrid varieties.

“We recommend all our growers try Ruderalis with our all-in-one grow kits,” said Joshua Mezher, co-founder of www.aPotforPot.com. “Its autoflowering properties and quick grow cycle make it ideal for the home farmer to grow a quality pot plant anywhere in no time.”

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If you are interested in more information, photographs, or interviews, please contact Dan Karkoska at Dan@aPotforPot.com or 415-350-3295.

Established in 2017 by Jason Levin and Joshua Mezher, www.aPotforPot.com is on a mission to bring cannabis into the homes of gardening enthusiasts and empower the hobbyist gardener with everything they need to grow a pot plant from seed to harvest. Taking inspiration from a trip to a gardening store, the two developed a Pot for Pot as a complete organic soil grow kit for cannabis, including all the tools needed and a complete growing guide. Their Superb SoilTM, which combines 18 special ingredients and even playa dust from the Black Rock desert is specifically formulated to provide the plant with full spectrum organic nutrients that makes it as easy as just adding water, seed, and sun. They encourage their growers to choose cannabis Ruderalis for home growing because it is an auto-flowering, quick-growing seed that can have both high THC content as well as the healthful CBD cannabinoid. Currently run as an e-commerce business, look for www.aPotforPot.com boxes in your local dispensary, smoke shop, and gardening center soon.