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Grow Bulb for your Pot
Grow Bulb for your Pot Grow Bulb for your Pot Grow Bulb for your Pot
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Grow Bulb for your Pot

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If you're looking for a light to supplement the sun, this is a great affordable option that is easy on the eyes.  Each bulb emits 800 lumens and shines a bright white light.  It can be plugged into any standard light socket.  We recommend using up to four bulbs per pot if you are looking to completely supplement full sun.  The more sun available, the fewer bulbs needed. 
  • Easy to install. Uses any standard socket. 
  • Natural Light is Ideal.  Our bulb is a much closer match to the spectrum of natural light than others which emit light at only a few wavelengths.  A natural spectrum is more beneficial to the healthy growth of indoor plants.
  • Full spectrum for photosynthesis.  Waveband ratio has been modified for optimal growth.  Full spectrum lights like ours have more of the type of light plants need.
  • Achieve a high quality grow. 
  • Comfortable light.  Plants look fresh and vigorous.  The color of the light doesn't distort the color of plants, and lets you enjoy the color of Spring.