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Why Grow One Plant?

Last Updated: September 13, 2022By Jason Levin

You’ve probably heard of people with huge marijuana growing operations, with rows of dozens and dozens of marijuana plants growing all at once. This image might turn you off of growing marijuana, and for a good reason. To be honest, there’s no need to worry about growing more than one plant at a time. Let’s look at reasons why you should grow a single plant.

It’s fun

There’s something about focusing all your efforts on a single, individual plant that makes it even more fun than growing multiple at once. For one thing, you won’t have the stress of taking care of multiple plants at once. You also won’t have to worry about your female plants getting pollinated by the male plants. This makes it simple and fun: you’ve got your baby to take care of, and that’s it. You can make sure that one plant gets all the care in the world – and that will lead to higher yields in the end as well.

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It’s easy

There’s a reason marijuana is called weed – it grows like one! You could pop a seed in the ground just about anywhere, and your plant is going to find a way to grow. Obviously, babying it a little bit is more likely to get you a better yield at the end. This is why a Pot for Pot’s Complete Kit is ideal for most home marijuana growers. It has everything you need to grow your plant from its earliest days.

If this is your first time growing marijuana, that’s all the more reason to start out with a single plant. If you focus all your efforts on growing this one plant, it’ll grow bigger than if you were dividing your time between two or more plants (let alone a whole garden). The ideal way to get used to growing weed is to start with one plant. Then, learn your way around how it all works, and expand after that (if you want to).

You learn about plants and cannabis

The beauty of growing a single plant is that you have a little bit of breathing room. This gives you time to really think about what you’re doing and what you’re learning. All the stress is avoided when you just have a single plant to worry about, and you can really get into the hows and whys of it. This will make you a better gardener overall, even when it comes to non-cannabis plants. If you’re naturally curious and on the “lifelong learning” track, it’s a good idea to start out with a single plant. That way, you can learn everything about it, and then add more plants later once you fully ‘get’ what’s going on.

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It’s legal

If your city or state allows people to grow marijuana (which you can check here), there is a legal limit to how many you can grow at a time. Without even thinking about it, you can be confident that a single plant is well within the legal limit. One plant will also never be seen as “intent to distribute,” so you’re covering all the bases.

It’s cheap

Growing marijuana can get expensive very quickly. This obviously multiplies when you have more than one plant to grow. Keeping your garden to a single plant reduces the cost – and this is doubly so if you’re buying a single growing kit, such as a Pot for Pot’s Complete Kit. If, after your first growing season, you want to add some more plants, you can just get the Expansion Kit to simply do that while still saving tons of money and time.

Produce quality, organic weed

When you’re only growing one single plant, you tend to give that plant even more attention than you would if you were growing two or three plants. That’s normal, and part of the reason growing one plant can be such a great experience. If you want to grow weed organically, for example, this is more easily done with one plant. Even if you’re not growing organically, the overall quality of the weed will be better with just one.

Saves money

If you do decide to grow your plant organically, you’re going to save even more money. Organic growing can get super expensive, but with a single plant, it remains highly affordable. It also lets you test out different growing techniques (including but not limited to organic growing) at a reasonable price before fully committing to it later. Some growers who even want to have a bigger growing operation will do this because otherwise, they will waste a bunch of time, money, and resources on a growing technique that they might not even like in the end.

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Medical reasons

If you’re growing marijuana to use for medical purposes, one will definitely do the trick. Growing one marijuana plant means having a higher yield per plant, and that means more medicine for you. With autoflower strains from a Pot for Pot you can keep growing one plant at a time with a super short growing cycle, so by the time you’ve run out of your weed, you’ll already have another one ready to go.

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Mental health and plants

Studies show that the act of tending to plants reduces stress and other mental health issues, so it just makes sense to do a bit of gardening. If you don’t have the space or time to get a “real” garden going outside, growing a single plant indoors (or even outdoors) with a Pot for Pot’s kit is the next best thing. You’ll have something to focus on and care for every day, and you’ll get to experience the delightful health benefits that come with tending to plants. One plant means you won’t have to focus as much time and energy on it, making it perfect for people who are busy with work and life but still want to experience those mental health benefits.

Share with your friends

Unless you’re an extremely heavy pot smoker, your one plant is going to give you enough weed to be able to share with your friends at the end. Having a gathering of people you like at the end of the growing season is the perfect way to celebrate your success – and get a jumpstart to your next growing endeavor. Your friends can let you know what they like or don’t like about the weed you’re sharing with them, and that can help you know how to do it better next time (such as harvesting earlier because the smoke is too harsh, or harvesting later to get more of a stoner effect). Check out our kits here if you're ready to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions about growing weed

How long does it take to grow weed indoors?

This is one of the most common questions. An average indoor grow takes 3-5 months. In this period a plant goes through 5 different stages: Seed, Seedling, Vegetative, Flowering, Harvest

How long does it take to grow weed outdoors?

It depends on several factors: climate, seed variety, season, and site preparation. An average amount of time is 7-16 weeks

What are the top 5 strains to grow indoors?

Top 5 strains to grow indoors are: Royal Cookies, Amnesia Haze, Green Gelato, Royal Gorilla and Critical

What are the top 5 strains to grow outdoors?

Top 5 strains to grow outdoors are: Speedy Chile, Critical Kush, Sweet ZZ, Fat Banana and Honey Cream

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