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The Best Ways to Store Your Weed and Why

Last Updated: July 28, 2022By Joshua Mezher

Cannabis container

When you buy weed, depending on the legal status of wherever you live, it might be handed to you in less than savory conditions - you know, like a paper bag or a plastic container (one of many reasons growing your own cannabis is the best option). 

While that serves well until you bring it home, you need to resort to a better storage method if you want your weed to stay fresh for a longer period of time. Studies suggest that marijuana or weed can remain good for two years or longer if stored under proper conditions. 

You can’t, however, expect the marijuana to remain intact by just storing it away in a sandwich bag and tucking it inside a drawer.

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Factors that Harm Your Weed

There are certain environmental factors that can cause weed degradation. If you want to take proper care of your weed, make sure that it’s protected against these harmful elements. Here are some of the factors you need to watch out for in order to make your weed long-lasting:


Too much light in any form can cause damage to your weed. This is why it’s advised to store your weed in a dark environment.

When weed is exposed to harmful UV rays for too long, the potency of the marijuana dwindles as the important components in the plant get converted into other, less desirable compounds.

Weed contains certain resin deposits called trichomes which lend it its stickiness, and light damages these trichomes.  Therefore, wherever you store your weed, it should be kept away from a direct source of strong light.

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Cannabis bud

Air plays a major role in the life expectancy of weed. On one hand, an excess of oxygen accelerates the degeneration of weed.  While on the other hand, not enough air can alter the level of humidity in a manner that leads to mold growth. 

Choosing an airtight storage container is of utmost importance, while also ensuring the container doesn’t have too much oxygen that can harm the weed. The smaller the container, the less the chances of excess air ruining the quality of the weed.


The higher the temperature, the quicker your weed will dry out. When the temperature is between 75 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (about 25-30 degrees Celsius), your weed is at a higher chance of mold growing on it, which is why it’s imperative to store your weed at a temperature below that. 

While high temperatures must be avoided, too low temperatures aren’t ideal either. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is an important compound in marijuana, gets damaged in lower temperatures. Be sure to never freeze your weed because that will lower its potency and your smoking experience. 


marijuana buds

A lot of moisture is an invitation for mold to thrive on your weed, but not enough moisture can cause the weed to dry out. Therefore, maintaining a proper humidity level is crucial.

Anything between 59 and 63 RH (relative humidity) is the ideal atmosphere to prevent too much moisture or an extreme dry environment from penetrating your weed storage container. 

Products such as Boveda Packs make it easier to control the moisture in your weed storage container.  They are two-way humidifying packs that can be reused.

Boveda packs contain a special compound that can discharge or absorb moisture as needed, and can help maintain the perfect humidity level for your weed to keep its taste and quality intact. 

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Best Storage Containers for Your Weed

No matter what type of weed you have, there are numerous ways to store it properly.  If you want the flavor and potency of your marijuana to last for as long as possible, the ways listed below are some of the best options to store your weed:

1. Airtight Glass Jars

cannabis storage jar

Glass jars are available in various sizes these days. Hence, an airtight mason glass jar makes for great storage material as far as weed is concerned.

Glass jars protect the buds from the moisture outside, and also contain the odor while protecting the weed from getting crushed. The storage jar should mostly be kept full in order to prevent any kind of air from seeping in. 

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2. Medicine Bottles

cannabis storage container

We mostly end up throwing away our medicine bottles, right? However, they can be conserved and used for weed storage.

Just make sure to clean the bottle efficiently and tear the medicine label off so that no one around the house confuses the weed with the previously stored medicine. 

3. Special Marijuana Storage Containers

It’s a good thing that companies have now started manufacturing storage containers that are specially designed to store weed, be it for short-term purposes or a longer period of time.

These are mainly high-end storage containers that have a built-in humidor function. Built to keep the weed fresh and its potency in check, these containers are available in an eclectic variety of materials, ranging from glass and stainless steel to various kinds of plastic and wood. 

4. Odor-Resistant Storage Bags

When you’re traveling, it’s easier to carry your weed in a storage bag that’s lightweight. That’s when odor-absorbing and water-resistant marijuana storage bags come in handy.

Available in various sizes, these bags have special rubber backs as exterior portions along with a carbon filter system that soaks up all the unwanted odors. 

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Protecting your stash requires storing it in ideal conditions. Improper storage can lead to the weed degenerating and losing all of its flavor and potency.

The storage containers you use should keep odors and moisture away to make sure that your marijuana lasts for as long as possible.

Therefore, make sure to use any of the storage methods mentioned above to ensure the longevity of your weed. 

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