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Why Buying Cannabis Is Not A Waste of Your Money

Last Updated: September 13, 2022By Joshua Mezher

We all love weed, but it can be a pretty pricey hobby. One trip to the dispensary can set you back a couple hundred dollars or more if you prefer buying in bulk. However, you won’t need to choose between weed and money if you learn how to buy smart. (Or grow your own.) 

There’s a Reason People Spend Their Money on Weed

We all know weed is awesome. It makes you feel great, it’s fun to consume, and there are so many different ways to get high! Going to the dispensary is like going to the candy store. Plus, if you consider the edibles, the weed store is essentially a candy store, but for adults. I mean, have you tried weed-infused soda? Not only will it get you supremely baked for several hours, but it also tastes delicious! If the dispensary started carrying weed-infused beer, they might have to start charging rent.

Everyone likes buying weed. Paying a trip to the dispensary is an adventure, not a chore. Why do people like buying weed? Besides the whole getting you high thing, the reason is that there are so many different strains to try, and you know they’re all going to be really dank

In the days of getting your herb on the black market, you were stuck with whatever your guy had. If it was not dank, well, then it sucked to be you. The biggest benefit of the dispensary is the sheer volume and variety of its offerings. You can find a strain to suit any of your wants and needs, and even the midgrade merchandise is pretty potent. The top-shelf nugs are definitely worth the extra if you can afford it. I always make sure I have some extra cash set aside to grab a gram or two (usually $15 at the most) of the extreme THC strains.

This is just the flower. If that’s not your thing, there are always plenty of different styles of concentrates for your vaping pleasure. Then there are the edibles, all the snacks you love fortified with the goodness of vitamin reefer! It’s hard to hold back sometimes.

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If You’re Spending Too Much, That’s a Waste

Going to the dispensary is fun, but all those trips begin to add up after a bit, especially if you hit up the dispensary multiple times a day. It depends on how much you are spending every time you go. If you’re spending enough that you have to sometimes sacrifice other things like paying bills or buying groceries, then you’ve got bigger problems on your hands. You probably should reassess your cannabis use. If you’re finding that your wallet is considerably lighter than you would like, but you’re still getting by, then all it takes is going in there with a different mindset as a smart cannabis buyer.

Weed does not need to be an expensive habit. Simply learn how to bargain shop at the dispensary just like you would at the grocery store, and you’ll find that your wallet hurts less, and you’re still getting high!


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How to be a Smart Cannabis Buyer

Becoming a smart cannabis buyer is really all a matter of common sense and an exercise in self-control. Trust me, that last one is hard to master, but it’s achievable. To become a smart cannabis buyer, you just need to remember these things:

  • Buy in Bulk
  • Set a Spending Limit
  • Limit your Trips to the Dispensary
  • Buy Strains that are a Good Value

Buy in Bulk

Any smart bargain shopper knows: the key to saving money is buying in bulk. The same goes for buying weed. Those little gram variety packs may be fun; you can leave the store with ten different types of weed to try, but if you’re spending anywhere from 9-15 dollars for each gram, that gets very expensive very quickly. 

You’re also going through your weed much quicker than you would if you’d just bought an ounce, which usually goes for anywhere from 150-320 dollars. With an ounce, you’re getting a lot more weed than you would buying ten grams of different types of weed, plus it will last you longer!

Set a Spending Limit

Set a spending limit before going in. This will help prevent and / or reduce your amount of impulse buying. Plan ahead and figure out exactly what you need. Figure out average costs. You need to know how much money is an ounce of weed or how much money is a quarter of weed.

Limit your Trips to the Dispensary

Most dispensaries have their menus available on their websites. Take a look at the menu beforehand to figure out what you want. This also cuts down on the amount of time you spend.

Buy Good Value Strains

Lastly, look for bargains. Most dispensaries have specials on higher quantities. 


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How To Get The Most From Your Weed

Making your weed last longer is another way to save money. Here are some ways to stretch your budget. 

Don’t store it long

You must remember, your weed is living on borrowed time. As soon as the buds are trimmed, they begin losing their potency. The longer you store weed, the more potency it loses. The more you handle it, the more potency it loses. So how do you preserve something that begins depreciating the second it is taken off the shelf? The first thing you’ll need is a proper storage container, preferably glass. Mason jars and old spice containers make great storage containers; that’s why growers use them to cure buds.


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Keep it dark

Store your weed somewhere dark, as cannabis loses its potency the longer it is exposed to light. A cupboard or desk drawer is a great place, for you can ensure that your weed will be continuously shrouded in darkness! Avoid putting it atop the refrigerator as this can be too warm and damage your weed. Never store your weed in the freezer -- this will destroy it! Defrosting frozen weed will dampen it, which will, of course, lead to a nasty mold situation in your stash. 

Keep it moist

You will also want to make sure your weed does not get too dry. Smoking old dry weed is not fun. Some people keep their weed good and sticky by using a humidor button. I personally like using a bit of an orange peel, which helps keep it fresh, but you don’t want to leave the peel in too long as you can make your weed moldy. 

Consider not smoking your weed

Wait, don’t stop reading now! Smoking flower is great fun, but it is absolutely the least efficient method of consumption, not to mention the least healthy. This is why you should consider investing in a good vaporizer. Vapes are not only healthier than smoking your herb, but they also ensure your supply lasts. You will not go through as much weed with a vape as you would a bong. 

Make something out of it 

If you really want to get the most out of your stash, consider making edibles or a tincture. Edibles and tinctures are among the most efficient ways of feeling the effects of weed. First of all, the high lasts longer. Second, you need less to get you to that point, and there’s the added bonus of not damaging your lungs. It’s a win-win situation.


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making money from weed

How to get Money for Weed

If you want the designer weed, you need to be prepared to pay designer prices, which means you need to learn how to make money selling weed. (Of course, there are other ways to make money, but if you grow it, you could potentially….) Regardless, consider the numbers. An ounce of potent top shelf dank can cost more than 300 dollars, which is probably more than you want to spend. Fact is, you’re going to need more weed money to keep up that lifestyle.

So why not try growing your own for a change? The right growing equipment can set you back for a bit, but it pays for itself if you have a green enough thumb. Without having to buy the bulk of your supply at a dispensary, you can save money and weed and buy that designer herb you desire.

So you start growing, and you end up being surprisingly good at it. Before you know it, you have pot coming out of your ears. What to do with all of it? If you have a grower’s license, you can sell to the dispensaries, which is where all the big money is. California alone has made over one billion in sales for two years in a row.

You probably don’t have a license, though, so this is not an option for you. Of course, you can’t sell it! That would be contributing to the illegal drug trade, and you’re no criminal! You can, of course, always trade your excess supply for various goods and services. Don’t feel like cooking? Maybe that nice older stoner lady down the hall will feed you for the night in exchange for a few nugs. Need something heavy moved? I’m sure there are plenty of people willing to help you out for a bag of that kind bud. If you grow good enough weed, you might never need to do a chore again!
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