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Runtz, Pink, and White: Strain Review & Grow Tips

Last Updated: July 24, 2023By Deborah Agboola

In our comprehensive Runtz cannabis strain review, we explore the remarkable effects, flavors, and versatility of the Runtz family, focusing on Pink, White, and real Runtz strains. We also asked some top cannabis tokers to share their Runtz experiences to get a diverse, complete picture of why one illustrious flower spawned an inescapable strain family. 

All About Runtz Weed


Runtz Strain Review

Apart from the stunning purple color, sparkly trichomes, and distinct fruity flavor, the demand of the Runtz strain may be best understood by the proliferation of counterfeits that are consistently on the market. Copycats mean merit!

runtz weed buds with runts candy

Since its gorilla-level debut of 3 freshly trimmed pounds at the 2017 Santa Rosa Emerald Cup, Runtz soared in popularity and street credibility. From the shorelines of Seattle to Tel Aviv, enthusiasts all over the world (and competitors) have taken notice of Runtz, making it one of the most searched strains of all time. The popular strain has been mentioned in over 100 rap songs, boasting collaborations with iconic artists like Saweetie, Snoop Dogg, and Future and branding itself as a lifestyle. It takes a special kind of flower in the hands of the right people to reach this level of eminence.

Runtz Strain Origin

Runtz is the result of campaign marketing guru, Ray Bama, and head grower, Nick Corwin, crossing Cookies Fam's Gelato 33 with Dying Breed Seeds' Zkittles that they were running indoors with great success. Bama and Yung LB took it to the Emerald Cup and the rest is history.

A little under two years ago, Ray Bama predicted Runtz and Runtz crosses, Runtz sisters, and Runtz stepchildren would dominate the market in 5 to 10 years. Little did he know his prophecy would come true sooner than he'd expected.

With the growing number of cannabis strains under the Runtz name, we had to find ways to identify the true, classic Runtz from the all the new iterations. The original Runtz variety now stands among the OGs, with names like ‘Runtz OG,’ ‘OG Runtz,’ and then ‘Gelato Zkittlez,’ a clear insight into her lineage.

What strain is Runtz exactly: Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid Strain?

Runtz is a hybrid strain, a blend of both indica and sativa traits. But, unlike your typical indica or sativa dominant hybrid, this rare marijuana variety is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain. Indica features with sativa traits mixed in a 50/50 ratio to give stoners the best of both worlds in equal proportions.

How to Identify the Real Runtz Strain

With Runtz amassing grassroots acclaim while remaining exclusive, small-batch, and staying far out of reach of many interested cannabis users, it wasn't long before the replicas started popping up. However, an original Runtz flower has a signature trifecta that will always set it apart: look, smell, and taste. 

Runtz Taste and Smell, Typical Flavors

When you hear the name “Runtz” does it bring back memories of those crunchy, sugary candies from the ‘80s? Yes, right? The dark purple flower of the Runtz crew had a distinct candy terp profile, and the squad knew they had to capture that quality using the Runtz name. 

Og Runtz strain dark purple flower surrounded by runts candy

“When Runtz first came out, it was the darkest thing, and then when you opened the bag, everyone would say candy,” Ray recalled in an interview with High Times

But this strain is not just about sweetness. Within its symphony of sweetness, we enjoy a free melody of fruitiness. Along with robust fruity flavors, there's a hint of skunk. This makes it an excellent cannabis choice for cannabis consumers who do not enjoy flowers with intense gas-like flavors, such as ChemDog Kush. 

Jason Gellman, owner and grower of Ridgeline Farms, and veteran cannabis consumer, shared his experience with the evenly balanced hybrid strain: 

“With Runtz, it looks amazing, smells like candy, grapes, and gas. And it tastes just like it smells, which is [actually] kind of unusual.” 

Runtz OG flavor is reminiscent of tropical pineapples, tangy berries, and delicious mangoes with a touch of spice. Then its creamy smoke, an offer of its Zkittlez genetics, uncovers even more flavors: pine wood and a subtle gas-like taste.

Runtz Appearance

Two noteworthy things noticed in a split second when gazing upon this rare hybrid's flowers: colorful buds and captivating structure. 

Runtz has conical, tightly packed buds covered in a frosty layer of sticky trichomes, with leaves that range from dark green to regal purple. Buds are a kaleidoscope of vibrant shades of purple to lime green, electrifying orange, and glimpses of blue with accents of lovely orange pistils.

What makes this noteworthy is? These colors are not typical to find side by side on the same bud. Nonetheless, the hue of your Runtz weed depends on when and how it’s grown.

Runtz packs a powerful punch with its potent phytochemical content. Despite its relatively small size, a pound of Runtz OG will last you more sessions of creamy smoke than your average high-potency kush. It is the perfect gift for your fellow cannabis enthusiasts, especially when paired with some proper storage kits to keep the nugs fresh. 

fresh nugs out of an expensive pound of real Runtz weed

Why is Runtz So Expensive?

This strain might not be the cheapest, or even the most expensive cannabis strain on the block. But doubling back to it dominating the market already, it is clear many consumers agree Runtz is a strain worth making strategic budgets for. 

Take Sarah, another veteran cannabis consumer, who shared her Runtz experience with us. She has visited many dispensaries (even beyond her local dispensary), and this strain can be hard to find. 

According to many surveys, when the hybrid strain comes, it never stays for long. The demand for the strain far outweighs its supply, and applying our knowledge of market trends, we know scarcity raises desirability and value. 

But again, the appeal of the Runtz kush spreads beyond its rarity to its award-winning parentage: Zkittlez X Gelato 33. These two (also hybrid) strains have a combined award stock of over 35 trophies! No wonder this flower is racing through competitions and joints alike. It’s got big “roots” to fill.

Finally, we have its unique content profile that breeds the remarkable effects that make it so desirable. Runtz packs a high THC punch but still offers delightful flavors and sensations through its harmonious blend of terpenes and flavonoids.

This strain has its low ends, but its rarity, profile, and lineage checks more than a few boxes. So, whether you decide to splurge on a single gram or go all out with an entire zip of this hybrid, this strain may prove well worth the price for a smooth, comfortable experience—if you get the real deal.

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What Kinda High Strain Effects?

The popularity of Runtz stems from its ability to produce a balanced mind-body high. With an equal blend of indica and sativa traits, and a harmonious network of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, this strain offers pleasant euphoria in a manageable high. As a result, Runtz weed is reportedly a brilliant solution and support for chronic stress, anxiety, and mild to chronic pain treatment. 

Remember Sarah? Here’s what she had to say about the hybrid strain: 

“I like Runtz because it doesn’t get me couch locked, but definitely relaxes me, especially after a long day of heavy brain work….Its dominant terpene, caryophyllene, is great for inflammation and helps my rheumatoid arthritis. Its limonene content is great for my asthma, and its myrcene helps with pain and inflammation and preps me for bed without making me sleepy. I get pretty uplifted on Runtz. It’s not like a CBD-dominant strain, but it gives the in-between energy.” 

And the public agrees. A plenitude of cannabis users have reported that Runtz is perfect for creating a relaxed yet, connected social vibe, unwinding after a long day, and inducing a peaceful sleep. While it may not be the best choice for a Monday morning board meeting, this strain has the ability to expand your creative borders, deepen your focus, and transform your last-minute presentation into a genuine masterpiece. 

Runtz Weed Strain THC Levels

This hybrid variety is extremely potent, with an impressive THC percentage averaging 24% with the ability to skyrocket to a jaw-dropping 29%. However, we must give a friendly heads up to newbies and consumers with a low THC tolerance: pace yourselves with this one. It is always best to know your limits! If you need a similar cannabis variety with a milder THC content, we recommend giving White Runtz a try.

Runtz CBD Content

The trendy hybrid may shine on the social scene, but it is hardly favored with CBD extraction pros. Runtz has a low CBD yield of 0.1% to 0.3%. But that doesn't mean that the magic of CBD isn't experienced; the entourage effect is always in play with cannabis consumption. 

Runtz Terpene Profile

The secret to this indica-sativa strain's long-lasting, euphoric, sweet high is its terpenes. Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, and the mysterious wood-scented Phellandrene, are the dominant terpenes. The flavonoids, Cannflavin A, B, and C, also contribute to the visual, health, and recreational appeal of this strain. 

Difference Between White, Pink, and Runtz Strains

As we already covered, there is only one real Runtz strain---the “Runtz OG.” Thus, any other name varieties beyond the Runtz OG (or previously mentioned names) are either crosses or used to identify different Runtz growers. 

White and Pink varieties are simply variations of the original Runtz strain. 

White Runtz is just one of the many popular strains within the Runtz family. Many believe the strain gets her name from her thicker-than-typical, dense, white trichome coverage. Yet, White Runtz is, ironically, one of the least potent Runtz varieties, with an average THC level of 17 to 19%. However, it is reportedly great for relaxation, easing muscle pain, handling chronic pain issues, relieving tension and headaches, and may benefit cannabis consumers with insomnia. 

Pink Runtz is another derivative of the Runtz OG. We couldn’t find one universally agreed upon reason Pink Runtz is so called. One theory is that its name mirrors its confection-like flavors and color, reminiscent of the famous, tiny, fruit-shaped candies. While some believe its name comes from the dark pink color scattered across some well-grown buds. There are obviously a lot of unknowns with this flower. But, two certain features we gathered on this strain are it has an average THC level of 25% and is excellent for relaxation, muscle pain relief, stimulating good sleep, creating an appetite for food, and easing nausea. 

pink runtz strain plant at the beginning of the flowering stage

Strains with Similar Effects to Runtz

What features make a strain similar to Runtz OG to you? Here are a few varieties said to be like this perfectly balanced strain and why: 

  1. Zkittlez: calming and uplifting energy

  2. Original Glue (GG4): similar flavor and cannabinoid profiles

  3. Bubba Kush: identical THC yield and matching caryophyllene and limonene content

  4. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC): ability to induce a smooth, deep, chill, focused mood 

Some other strains similar to this hybrid variety include Tropical Runtz, Jilly Bean, Purple Happy Rancher, and Runtz Kush.

List of Runtz Strains and New Crosses

Bama accurately predicted the future success of Runtz. They knew they had flower that would sweep the industry off its feet and ignite a burning desire among breeding talents to associate themselves with the OG strain. So, even while they developed other phenos to help make the strain more available and less “small-batched,” other breeders worked on copies, imitations, and new Runtz genetics. Some phenotypes under the Runtz umbrella include:  

  • Cherry Runtz

  • Black Runtz

  • Runtz Cake

  • Blue Runtz

  • Banana Runtz

  • Candy Runtz

  • Hawaiian Runtz

  • Forbidden Runtz

  • Runtz Muffin

  • Terdz

  • Watermelon Runtz

  • Azul Runtz (an official Cookies offering)

  • Devine Runtz

  • Coochie Runtz

  • Super Runtz strain

  • Rainbow Runtz

  • Space Runtz

  • Gruntz

Gruntz, Zkittlez X Gelato grown indoors by GreenLine 

Bud-Trivia: Many rumor that Obama Runtz drew inspiration from the former President’s campaign message.

OG Runtz Strain - Medical Uses

If Sarah’s experience wasn't enough to go by, here are a few more positive health effects many consumers attribute to Runtz: relief from depression, nausea, appetite loss, inflammation, anxiety, chronic stress, panic disorder, insomnia, muscle pain, and other types of pain.

But this superstar sweet flower is not without her downsides. Some side effects include dizziness, cottonmouth (dry mouth), dry eyes, headaches, insomnia, low blood pressure, paranoia, and an increased heart rate. Side effects are temporary and not experienced by everyone, but know your limits, and stay within them for the ultimate high without the lows. 

Illustrated Marijuana Grow Guide

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aPotForPot Olive Green cannabis leaf Organic Cannabis Soil Recipe

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How to Grow Runtz: Tips & Tricks

Want to grow Runtz as your next houseplant? Many growers think this strain is better suited for intermediate to advanced level growers because of her specific needs. But don’t worry; if you really want to grow Runtz, we have easy-to-use complete grow kits to fit every budget and expertise level for the best growing experience. 

Essential details about growing Runtz: 

  1. Runtz is a fun strain to grow, with her beautiful purple to lime green buds.

  2. It is a true clone-only cut, meaning only the Runtz crew holds the genetics. (Now copyrighted by the Cookies Fam.) And in order to get the genetics, a grower has to get a clone from them. Any 'Runtz' seeds have the potential to present as a totally different phenotype which means a totally different flower and flavor.

  3. Runtz can be grown indoors or outdoors.  

  4. This plant can reach up to 6 feet tall so take into account of your grow space's canopy space and utilize pruning techniques when necessary. 

  5. Indoor growers should aim for temperatures between 70 and 78 Fahrenheit (20 and 25 degrees Celsius) during the majority of the plant's life, but lower temperatures to closer to 68 degrees Fahrenheit during late flower to encourage more purple Runtz flowers. Ensure that the crop has adequate free airflow so that the plants are strong and do not suffer from mold.

  6. Runtz produces relatively smaller yields. Indoor growers can expect up to 16 ounces (450 grams) per plant, while outdoor cultivation can produce up to 18 ounces (510 grams) per plant. That is approximately 128 ounces per square meter inside and 144 ounces outside. Maximize yields by investing in HID or LED grow lights.

  7. Runtz has an average flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks (approximately 63 days), whether grown indoors or outdoors.

  8. Experienced growers can breed their signature Runtz phenotype by crossing Gelato and Zkittlez.

“Candy But Make It Cannabis”

Want that next-level Runtz high? Ensure you are getting the product, the flower, not a brand. The cannabis community is clearly and UNDERSTANDABLY fawning over the legendary Runtz kush. So, enjoy its mouthwatering adventure and relish every sweet hit, but be sure to stay mindful because the Runtz Crew classic hits harder than a heavyweight champ on their best day. 


FAQs Runtz Strain Review

How much is Runtz in CA?

The price of Runtz in California varies with region, dispensary, and quality. It is essential to research how much a good-quality Runtz will cost in your location to create your budget.

Who owns Runtz weed?

Though created by the Runtz Crew, Cookies Family filed the trademark for RUNTZ in 2020.

How much is a lb of Runtz?

Prices vary depending where the weed was grown and by whom, but a pound of Runtz can cost upwards of $3,500.

What’s Runtz good for?

Runtz works well for socializing with friends, relaxing your head and body, and making food more appealing for a better appetite.

How does Runtz make you feel?

Runtz may make you happy, relaxed, sleepy, and calm. Many cannabis consumers like this strain because it helps them unwind after a long day. 

Which is better: White Runtz or Pink Runtz?

Many prefer White Runtz for its potency and tropical citrus flavors, while most choose Pink Runtz for its visual appeal and tropical citrus fruits-berry-and-candy-like flavors. Try both and decide for yourself!

What strain is real Runtz?

The real Runtz is now referred to as Runtz OG. 

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