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28 Unique and Thoughtful Weed Gifts For Every Pothead

Last Updated: March 30, 2023By Joshua Mezher

weed plant with red gift bow

Great 420 Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Pothead Friend

It doesn't matter if it's Valentine's Day, a birthday, 4/20, or Christmas. Cannabis smokers love all the weed accessories and paraphernalia you can throw at them. Weed culture is big business these days, and smokers love all things related to cannabis plants, from growing weed to weed merch and cannabis art of the highest caliber.

Every brand or product on this list we have used or seen from being knee-deep in the weeds of the cannabis industry and from being high as hell. If you're looking for cannabis gifts ideas for your best stoner friend or your romantic partner, we have you covered from the latest weed vaporizer technology and everything between the plant and the pipe. 

Where to Shop for Weed Gifts

It is essential to note that knowing where to shop for weed gifts is important depending on the type of gift. If you want to include any THC in your marijuana gifts, you must purchase it in real life, either from your local legal dispensary or your dodgy dealer. Because of federal law, it's illegal to use mail services for anything that contains over 0.5% THC in it. So any gifts you buy online will be THC-free. The good news is that CBD is legal to ship, and there are now thousands of legal dispensaries across the county.


DIY Weed Gift Box Set

thc infused weed gift basketThese are a super fun way of packing lots of fun little weed gifts into a box or basket that's not going to break the bank and is going have a lasting effect on the recipient. Nothing is better than a homemade gift. There are some DIY stoner gift box sets you can buy preassembled. But that takes the fun away as it will not contain any THC, only rolling papers, grinders, and other cannabis consumables. The best way and most affordable is to do it yourself and make an epic handmade 420 gift basket.

Weed Gift Box Ideas - Non THC

If you are wondering what to put in a weed gift basket, we have you covered. Smoking accessories and consumables are a surefire way to any stoner's heart. Lighters with psychedelic images on them are another. The truth is any cute weed accessories or gadgets will get a smile.

Rolling Papers


Rolling Tray

Blunt Wraps

Glass smoking pipe

Snacks & Munchies

Stash jar

Weed Seeds

Smell Proof Bags

Bong Cleaner

$40 to $100

non thc weed gift basket with rolling papers, lighters, snacks, blunt wraps, grinder

Weed Gift Basket - THC Infused

If you want to gift an actual homemade weed basket, it is going to need some THC in it. To do this, you must visit your local dispensary or dealer. Every stoner would love a fresh jar of flowers or a weed-edible gift box set with some baked goods. Better yet, give away the weed you grew over the summer and the edibles you made. Putting a gift box set together yourself takes nothing more than a little effort.

THC Gummies

1/8 of the best Sativa

Infused Tincture

CBD Gummies

Pre Rolled Joint or Blunt

$40 to $120



Gardeners and Weed Grower Gifts

Stoners love plants, especially pot plants. It's where their favorite drug comes from after-all. We have run through our favorite gifts for green thumbs who want to learn how to grow weed to your friend who kills every house plant they have had. Every stoner from your dabbing dad to the stoner girlfriend, they all dream of the day they get to smoke their home-grown weed.

Grow Kit - a Pot for Pot 5 Gallon

5 gallon Grow Kit with ingredients, tools, and a happy cannabis plant

Growing cannabis is easy with the right ingredients, tools, and guidance. It also doesn't have to be expensive. a Pot for Pot grow kit has everything your weed loving friend needs to start learning how to grow marijuana at home using natural ingredients and the sun. Their step-by-step guide will teaches growers how to save money by harvesting delicious fresh cannabis. Admittedly we are a bit biased, but this could well be the best stoner gift because it is the gift that gives back.


Cannabis: A Beginner's Guide to Growing Marijuana

Cannabis A Beginner's Guide to Growing Marijuana in front of a bookshelf next to a mini weed plant

Everyone should get at least one book for Christmas. Danny Dako knows a thing or two about growing cannabis. In his book, he breaks down everything you need to know about all the different styles of growing weed. This beautifully illustrated book will give the reader plenty of information to make you grow to the higher standards possible.


Gardening Tool - Hori Hori Blade

hori hori blade with other gardening tools

Every gardener loves their tools, while this gift doesn't have much to do with cannabis. It is a great gift for weed growers or anyone who loves gardening while puffing the magic dragon. This little shovel doubles as a knife and has endless applications and uses in the garden or grow room.


75watt - LED Grow Light

75 watt single pot LED grow light

These 75-watt Grow Lights make a great gift for any time of year. Not only will they grow a weed plant that will grow up to 8oz, but they can also be used to make your other house plants go wild. Every plant enthusiast should have one of these for the winter, or for gloomy days.


4x4ft A/C Infinity Grow Tent Kit

a/c infinity complete tent kit

A weed grower's dream gift, these complete tent kits might be a little pricy, but they can grow weed year-round and save thousands. If it is too expensive a gift, you can also get it for yourself and gift the weed you grow.



Cannabis Cooking Gifts

We all have a least one stoner friend who loves cooking and weed. Combines their love for the two devil's lettuce with some rad cooking accessories and tools. And extra stoned with them and their new toys. It's never been easier to whip up a batch of pot brownies or infused lemon lavender butter.

Cannabis Cooking Apron

cannabis cooking apron

No super stoner is complete without some cannabis apparel to rock in the kitchen. This adorable cannabis leaf design aligns with the new cannabis culture of 2022, where weed should be eaten instead of smoked. This affordable and super fun gift is bound to stoke out any stoner.


420 Edibles Cooking Book

420 Edibles Cooking Book cannabis cookbook on table with weed brownies

This cannabis cookbook is an excellent place for any cook who wants to learn the finer points of how to cook with cannabis—written by Stephanie Hua. She is an expert in cannabis edibles from being an owner of the brand Mellows and decades of experience in the cannabis industry. With over 30 recipes, you can easily find yourself entertaining friends with various yummy recipes, from weed cake to Strawberry Jam.


Magical Butter Machine

magical butter machine

The nation's most trusted brands for making edibles. These reliable machines have a huge community to help you perfect your cannabis cooking skills. The Magical Butter machine features multiple modes and options to infuse your herbs differently. Along with a complete product line to help you make all the weed butter, THC gummies, and weed candy cane you can dream of.


Levov II

Levov II machine

For a friend who has all the kitchen gadgets, the Levov II is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Unique in many ways to the Magical Butter, this machine is used for different infusion techniques and products. Or treat yourself to a Levov and get busy making your very own weed-edible gift basket.


Ardent Herbal Edibles Infusing

Ardent Herbal Edibles Infusing

Cooking with cannabis can sometimes feel like a science experiment compared to your average meal. You are dealing with milligrams, precise temperatures, and confectionary skills. Part of the process is decarbonizing the cannabis to help activate the psychoactive ingredient active. To help make one of the most critical steps easier, Ardent is temperature controlled to ensure maximum potency.




Gifts for Weed Smokers

If you are looking for stoner gifts for that friend who always has a joint hanging out of their mouth, we have you covered, from a gilded grinder to a glass fruit pipe. Stoners have a particular aesthetic and gifting them a cool smoking accessory will help them throw off some major stoner vibes.

Blazy Susan

cherry blazy susan

It's a fun to say as it is to use. Every stoner's gifting wish list should have one of these on it. If your smoking buddy's coffee table has weed stuff all over it (like mine), this is the perfect gift to get them highly organized.


OG Hit Kit

OG hit kit in green

If you have a friend who likes to take a puff with every adventure, this OG Hit Kit has proven to prevent your joints from getting crushed or lost. This useful joint holder gear can store up to 4 joints and a lighter. Pretty much everything you need for a hike to that special smoke spot. 


Grav Bongs

Small Wide Base Water Pipe by Grav Labs

Gav Labs have been making world-class bongs for years, and just when you think every bong design has been made. They cook up another beautifully sculpted bong that rips dabs in style. This year, the Small Wide Base Water Pipe is our preferred pipe to chill with. These bongs not only pack a punch but also look great on the coffee table.


Ispire daab Vaporizer

Ispire daab vaporizer

For your friend who is a techno THC nerd, this device heats your concentrate to the perfect temperature to be vaporized using induction heating, releasing the full flavor of your product. This vaporizer is potable and the ideal size to take on any adventure. For us, having hit a lot of different device dabs in the past few years, this one, by far, hits the hardest.


Cubbi Rolling Tray

Cubbi Rolling Tray with lighters and herb

All stoners face the same problems when rolling a joint, flower crumbs all over the coffee table. Hence why every stoner needs a tray to keep their stash contained. This rolling tray features a smell-proof container underneath the lid to keep everything organized and tidy.


Glass Pipe - Wake n Bacon

Glass Pipe - Wake n Bacon

This adorable pipe and fantastic play on words is going to get a giggle out of any stoner pal. As most know there are few things better than a full breakfast, a cup of coffee, and a hit of a pipe to get your day started.


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Gifting Cannabis Art

Cannabis culture literally ozzes art. One could even go as far as to say that most artists consume cannabis. If your friend is one of those people who has everything they need, then the coolest 420 gift you can give them is some marijuana art. And as its art mixed with weed, the options are endless, from painting to pictures, pots to pottery; trust us when we say you'll find some creative art.

Kush Cards

three different kushkards on a background of dank buds

Cards are super fun and thoughtful gifts to give your stoner friend and tell them how much you appreciate them. Kush Cards come with beautifully illustrated cannabis art and comes with a nifty joint holder or one hitter. However, no joints are included with the purchase. You will need to visit your local dispensary for that.


Ikebana Pot Painting

Ikebana Pot Painting

Everybody has empty wall space, and every stoner has a place in their heart for paintings of pot plants. So fill both of them up with this beautiful collection of Ikebana cannabis art that embodies modern weed culture. These art pieces are guaranteed to brighten any wall.


DIY Weed Painting Kit

stoner chick artist at easel working on weed art in a cloud of smoke with a gift bag

Of course, there is always the DIY version of gifting. Cannabis smokers love getting creative when they are smoking. This is an easy, simple gift requiring you to purchase a canvas, some paint, and a brush. Then pop down to your local dealer and pick up some of the best cannabis they have.

Paint $10.99

Canvas $14.99

Brushes $6

The best Sativa $40



Weed T-Shirt

stoney snowman weed t shirtT-Shirts are a fabulous gift; everyone needs one, and ones with some cute art 420 art are even better. Some of our favorites come from TieDyed Adventures, curated by cannabis influencer Silenced Hippy. Noting beats a Christmas T-shirt as a gift for anyone who loves Christmas any time of year.



Stoner Gifts for Him

When buying weed paraphilia for that remarkable man in your life, be it a stoner dad or boyfriend. They all have a few things in common. They like things that catch on fire, and they love high-tech gadgets.

Stoner Lighter

houseplant handsome lighter

Seth Rogan is an all-time legendary stoner. The guy smokes more grass than a cow. To help him with his habit, he started Houseplant, a leading cannabis brand. Not only do they grow great weed, but they also have turned to selling luxury weed gifts and accessories. One of which is this strikingly handsome lighter.


Electric Joint Grinder

Electric Joint Grinder

This novel grinder is designed to not only grind up your weed, it also will help dispense it into a standard cone paper. Practically rolling the joint for you, while keeping the sticky icky off your hands. It's not long until we have robots rolling and lighting our joints.


Joint Holder Case

stylish brass joint holder case

Perfect for that after-dinner valentines day joint, this stylish cannabis gift will hold one or two joints depending on their size and seals air-tight, so your not going to stink out the whole room. Made from a solid chunk of brass, this gift is gorgeous and feels great in your hand.



Girly Stoner Gifts for Her

Finding out what gift will get your girl giggling doesn't need to be complicated; something cute goes a long way, and so does something cozy. The most important thing is you get her a gift even if it's something generic like the products featured at urban outfitters. Just don't go getting her flowers if they are not the flammable kind.

Weed Socks

weed socks from a pot for pot

As if her feet weren't cute enough already, these socks feature a classy aesthetic that will make her toes tingle. Perfect for any ordinary laundry day, V Day or Christmas, the weed leaf pattern is subtle enough to pass through TSA without batting an eyelid. But loud also enough that all weed-smart women will know who has the good stuff.


420 Weed Yoga Tank Top

420 yoga tank top

There is nothing like getting your stretch on while being elevated. If your special person loves doing yoga and weed, this beautiful tank top will let the class know who is the most relaxed person in the class with style.


Cannabis Jewelry - Ras Boss

Ras Boss gold coated weed leaf necklace with gemstone

If you want to declare your undying love for your stoner girlfriend, nothing says "I love you" better than dripping them in gold. Ras Boss makes bespoke cannabis jewelry; all their creations come from the plant and are coated in gold, making these beautiful earrings and necklaces a one-of-a-kind, ideal gift for your hemp queen.

$420 to $1000

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High Minded FAQs

What are the cheapest 420 Gifts?

The best cheap gift has to be a pair of rolling papers; they are easy to find, almost any gas station or corner shop has them, no worrying if you got the perfect size, and they are under $5 bucks. To make it more meaningful, you can always write a note on the inside for a lasting impact.

How to wrap weed as a gift?

We find the best way to wrap weed is not to wrap it at all. Instead, use a little gift bag and some tissue on top. This works great if you bought the gift from your local dispensary and it's in either jars or mylar bags. If you have acquired your weed gift from a dealer, you can always put it in a mason jar and place it in the gift bag. Also, it doesn't waste paper, as gift bags can be reused. And don't forget some rolling papers. 

What's the best marijuana gift?

Any cannabis gift that has to do with weed will be a crowd favorite. With that said, a weed gift that has actual marijuana in it is always going to be the best present. However, if you can't get your hands on any weed, there are hundreds of companies making ancillary products or CBD gifts. For seasonal gifts, there are always themes you can follow that are specifically designed. There are no right or wrong gifts to give, except the one you cannot afford.

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