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Girl Scout Cookies Strain: Grower's and Buyer's Guide

Last Updated: July 24, 2023By Deborah Agboola

Girl Scout Cookies strain, also known as GSC strain, is a potent and popular cannabis strain among medicinal and recreational cannabis consumers. This indica dominant hybrid is a sweet treat, but not the kind you bake; this weed strain gets you baked.

Girl Scout Cookies Weed Strain Guide

If you’re on the lookout for sturdy pot plants that will give you dense nugs holding a sweet balance of physical and mental effects, look no further than Girl Scout Cookies.

picking out dense nugs of girl scout cookies weed from a bag

The Story Behind Girl Scout Cookies Strain History

The Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain has a serious lineage, coming to notoriety out of the San Fransisco Bay Area in the early 2010s. Through rap music and culture, GSC and Cookie Fam gained national popularity and hype, now showing up in dispensaries and neighborhood gas stations nationwide.

With Girl Scout Cookies marijuana plants bearing genetic roots in the indica Florida OG Kush, the sativa F1 Durban Poison strain, and maybe even some Granddaddy Purple or Cherry Pie mixed in, as some reports claim. Due to its uniquely pleasant features, this strain has won some major accolades and trophies, including the much-coveted Cannabis Cup Awards.

You can get a jar of Girl Scout Cookies strain flowers in various flavors and phenotypes, including Thin Mint, Animal Cookies, Gelato, and Platinum Cookies. In fact, you are more likely to find a new variety or Cookies cross in a dispensary these days than the classic OG Girl Scout Cookies.

Terps and Aroma of GSC

Although the Cookies weed shares names with the iconic baked cookies of the American Girl Scouts, its relationship extends only to the dank aroma, taste, and flavor reminiscent of “Thin Mints.” The most abundant terpenes in Girl Scout Cookies strain weed are caryophyllene [pepper], myrcene [herbal], linalool [minty], and limonene [citrus]. 

How Does Girl Scout Cookies Weed Strain Taste?

You might be tempted to consume more than you should when you taste the smooth, pleasant-smelling smoke of the GSC strain because these flowers are typically true buds of their parents. Some of this fan-favorite reflects its OG Kush roots with a nice warm flavor that tastes like Lemon Haze. While others lean more toward their Durban Poison heritage with a mintier, skunkier taste. It all depends on the flower and the grower. 

grower examining premium GSC buds

How to Identify Top-Tier Girl Scout Cookies 

Ready to buy some premium GSC buds? Here are some shopping tips to include on your Girl Scout Cookies marijuana checklist: 

  1. Take a good look at those buds: GSC cannabis typically has a mix of vibrant green hues, fiery orange hairs, dark purple leaves, and a flurry of frosty trichomes. Darker colors with the Girl Scout Cookies strain are typical of flowers grown in colder environments. 

  2. Give those buds a good smell and take a hint: GSC flowers have pungent, earthy, yet sweet aromas with trickles of spicy undertones. You might also catch mixed hints of mint and chocolate or a sweet, herbal, woody scent with a touch of minty freshness. The smell of a good GSC flower is like a delicious dessert in your nose!

  3. Admire the density: While Girl Scout Cookies flowers typically have smaller-sized leaves, you want to appreciate dense, tightly packed buds to know you made the right choice. 

  4. Packaging: Don’t be afraid to judge a joint by its wrap, Cookie fam. Ensure your bud is serving up all quality assurance details on its packaging, from terpene profiles to potency levels.

How Good is the Girl Scout Cookies Strain? 

Don’t let the pungent, sweet flavor of the Girl Scout Cookies fool you. It is not the strain with the highest THC content of all time, but GSC strain can still be found near the top of the list.

Girl Scout Cookies strain has THC levels that range between 19 and 27%. And with a small amount of CBD, CBG, and even a little THCV (each around 1% or less) from its Durban Poison lineage, Girl Scout Cookies is the perfect flower for anyone seeking a powerful euphoric high experience. We advise consumers to pace themselves with Girl Scout Cookies ‘cause this stuff can hit hard! 

How Much Girl Scout Cookies Should I Buy? 

Everyone loves getting a good deal on their stash. I mean, who wouldn't want a bit more value for their money? But before you go bulkin’ up on your greens with larger pot sizes, maybe consider these few things: 

  1. Let’s talk tolerance: Are you a lightweight or a heavyweight? Knowing how much of that potent Girl Scout Cookies marijuana you need to feel the effects is crucial in determining what an adequate supply looks like for you.

  2. Think about your consumption pattern: How often are you hitting that bong, packing that bowl, munching on those cookies, or taking those tinctures? This should help you determine the size of your order. 

  3. Storage is key: You don’t want your girl scout cookies degrading from light, heat, or a lack of proper storage. Make sure you have a cool, dark, airtight space to keep your pot.

    p.s. Do not store your kush in a freezer to avoid mold and mildew from fluctuating humidity.

  4. Budget: We all have a limit to what we can spend on our favorite strain. Girl Scout Cookies strains typically cost between $10 and $20 per gram. The price all depends on who grows it and how it's grown. Nonetheless, make sure you plan accordingly and keep mindful consumption in mind. 

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Main Effects of Girl Scout Cookies

Of course, your high is influenced by personal factors, processing, and product quality. However, on a ground level, this indica dominant hybrid produces a high that will make you feel spacey in the best way. We are talking waves of euphoria, relaxation (couch lock), a good body buzz, and unlocking your social butterfly. These girl scout cookies strain arousal effects and sensations are perfect for a social gathering, an evening in nature, a sleep aid, or a relaxing night on the couch after a stress-filled day. 

For medicinal benefits, Girl Scout Cookies strains have been reported to support patients with a variety of medical conditions, including appetite loss, nausea, chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety, migraine, insomnia, and even to cure writer’s block.

Reported side effects of Girl Scout Cookies include dry eyes and dry mouth or the dreaded paranoia. The chance of the latter or more serious side effects is rare. 

Please note: Before using Girl Scout Cookies for a medical condition, kindly chat with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance. 

Dosing Girl Scout Cookies 

There isn’t one perfect way to consume your Girl Scout Cookies marijuana phenotypes. Finding the most suitable way to gobble up your GSC marijuana buds should depend on several factors, including:

  1. The product form

  2. Why you are consuming 

  3. What you prefer

  4. Your surroundings 

  5. How familiar you are with the product

Girl Scout Cookies flowers being rolled into a joint as a cannabis consumption method

There are also many ways to consume Girl Scout Cookies. Some of the most common include: 

  1. Inhalation: Flowers and cartridges

  2. Edibles: Cannabis-infused snacks and beverages 

  3. Sublingual: Tinctures, oils, sprays

  4. Topical: Cannabis-infused creams, lotions, balms, and oils

  5. Dabbing: Cannabis concentrates

Each consumption method presents different effects, like the quicker onset hit of smoke inhalation compared to the delayed heavy hitter of edibles and sublinguals. Therefore, to keep things chill and make sure you’re in control of your experience, it is important to start off with a small dose and take it slow.

Growing GSC Strain

Growing your own Girl Scout Cookies can be a killer move to impress your buds, but it is not a piece of cake. Without the right know-how, cultivation can leave you feeling more burnt out than a resin-filled bowl.

Girl Scout Cookies strain is typically recommended for more experienced growers. But fear not, there is an entire community of green thumbs out there to help you grow the dankest GSC bud around.  

Here is some grow information to keep in mind when cultivating your own Girl Scout Cookies weed: 

selection of high quality girl scout cookies seeds

  1. Make sure you have high-quality Girl Scout Cookies seeds or clones. Seeds tend to grow stronger plants. Clones from healthy mother plants are preferred for better chances of preserving good traits. 

  2. GSC flowers thrive best indoors and in greenhouses. 

  3. GSC does not yield as much as other strains. But using the Sea of Green (SoG) method and proper grow kits, it can produce moderate results. 

  4. Depending on the phenotype, this variety can grow up to 5 feet tall. They are typically short due to their Indica roots

  5. For optimal growth, keep the temperature between 68°F and 77°F (20°C and 25°C) with 50% humidity during the vegetative stage. During flowering, aim for 68°F to 74°F (20°C and 23°C) with 30% humidity during the day and 60°F to 70°F (15.5°C and 21°C) at night. 

  6. High-quality light sources, such as metal halide (MH) in the vegetative state and high-pressure sodium (HPS) in flowering are a must. 

  7. Monitor pH levels and use suitable plant training tools and techniques for uniform canopy growth. 

  8. The flowering time of the Girl Scout Cookies strain is usually around 9-10 weeks. Wait until the trichomes are milky (with a few amber) before harvesting. 

  9. Curing takes up to 4 weeks in a cool, dark, well-ventilated space with good air flow and monitoring of ambient factors, like temperature and humidity. 

  10. For proper storage, use airtight containers, such as glass jars, metal tins, or vacuum-sealed bags, in odor-free and moisture-free environments. Properly curing and storing your Girl Scout Cookies marijuana can have buds last up to six months. But remember, like a stale cookie, its traits can fade with time. 

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The Girl Scout Cookies weed strain is a classic that has gained a lot of fans - and not just in the cannabis world. Its unique flavor, high THC content, cultural relevance, and therapeutic potential make it sought after. With roots of Durban Poison and OG Kush and an expansive room for more varieties, this weed is a sweet, adventurous wonder with many delightful offerings any stoner can find leisure and happiness in.

FAQs about GSC aka Girl Scout Cookies

Is Girl Scout Cookies a sativa or indica strain?

Girl Scout Cookies marijuana is an indica dominant hybrid.

What is Girl Scout strain good for?

GSC strain helps with mood disorders like stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. With a high THC content, Girl Scout Cookies strain helps relieve chronic pain throughout the body and menstrual cramps. And finally, GSC stimulates hunger which helps patients suffering from appetite loss.

What is the most powerful Cookies strain?

Potency is linked to growing practices so THC content can differ depending on how a plant is grown. GSC strain already boasts a high THC potential so any cross only has the potential to get higher like GMO Cookies which ranges from 27-33% THC.

Where is Girl Scout Cookies strain grown?

Girl Scout Cookies Strain was born in the San Fransisco Bay Area. The Cookie Fam have several, large indoor facilities all over California.

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