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The Cheapest Way to Grow Pot Outside

August 31, 2020

The cheapest way to grow Pot Outside

Many first-time and even some experienced growers are under the impression that growing weed is a very costly and complicated process. Lucky for you, this is not necessarily true. Weed lovers can rest assured that it can easily be grown in your garden like any other plant. Just look at growing marijuana like you would any plant in your garden. 

However, marijuana may be the ultimate plant. It’s a great addition to anyone’s life and has a long history of meaningful relationships with humans. Unlike other plants, it has no trouble growing anywhere and comes in many different aromas and colors. It also treats numerous ailments and is relaxing to the mind at the same time. 

So, let’s get into the ways you can grow weed on a budget.

A Growing Abundance of Cheap Labor

Growing marijuana is easier than you think. Once you get your seedlings started, growing outdoors is simple. You can let nature takes its course so long as the conditions are right. You won’t need to study up much beforehand. Healthy weed can be grown both indoors and outdoors, with little to no experience. 

It also doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it’s easy to use a cheap grow setup when growing weed. When growing outdoors you don’t need as much equipment, so you don’t have to worry about things like researching how to make cheap grow lights or set up tents. 

Here are some other ways to grow weed both outdoors and indoors with excellent results!


Cheap grow kit

What You Need to Grow Weed on a Budget

Worried about the cost? Don’t be, growing marijuana on a budget is simple! All you need for a cheap grow setup are lights, soil, trimming scissors, and nutrients. To achieve the best possible yield, you can add additional tools such as a saucer to catch excess water, a watering can to ensure efficient watering, and a fabric grow pot.  However, this may get a little costly if you try to put it together on your own. Instead of trying to DIY cheap grow kits, save yourself some trouble and purchase A Pot for Pot.  

Grow Lights for Growing Marijuana

Your yield will be higher when your plants get plenty of light. Depending on where you are growing, there are different options for light, but we say hands down the sun is undefeated when it comes to the best grow light. Plus, if you are looking for the best cheap grow lights, it does not get any better than the sun. 

It is a free full-spectrum light source that your plants are meant to grow beneath. If you are growing indoors, you can use a sunny window with 4 hours of direct sun as your cheap grow lights. When your babies get sun all day long, the yield will be substantial.  

Marijuana Needs Good Soil

Soil is where your plants live, so you must give them the best. Many cheap grow kits do not include high-quality soil. A Pot for Pot, on the other hand, does. We include all the essentials needed for healthy, thriving plants. We make the process simple with our 18-ingredient blend that we call Superb Soil. It has every nutrient needed to blossom from a seed to a mature plant. 

We also include beneficial bacteria and fungi like Mycorrhizae. The important bacteria and Trichoderma help the plant’s roots to break down the soil and enhance the plant’s nutrient intake. Hands down, weed grown in natural soil is always superior. 

An effective cheap grow setup does not require a grow light and grow room. And you do not need to have a magical ability to make plants grow to get great results. Even people who manage to kill every plant they own can succeed at growing weed with the right amount of motivation. Through the power of the sun alone, your grow experience can be very rewarding. 

Our grow kit, along with autoflower seeds, makes it easy. All you need to do is provide light and water the plant. 

Growing Autoflowers Outdoor

Growing Autoflowers Outdoors

Outdoor cannabis plants require predictable environments that ensure they are free from harm. Because of this, it is usually a good idea to start growing your plants inside while they are young. This is because young autoflowers are quite susceptible to damage in their early stages of life, especially when your plant is developing from a seed to a young seedling. 

Giving your baby plant special treatment, in the beginning, is more likely to pay off considerably later. If you want to guarantee your plants have the best chance of producing a great harvest, you need to start off strong from day one. 

Germination and Soil

Germinating autoflowers is no different from germinating all other seeds. An easy way to do this is by placing the seed directly in the soil and soaking it in water until it opens.  Another way is setting the seed in a cotton pad or a wet paper towel and then watering that until it sprouts. But the way we recommend is soaking your seed in neutral pH (7) water in a cool, dark place for up to 24 hours.  Then you’d plant the seed in a peat moss jiffy pellet. 

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The simple soil method

A simple way to protect the roots involves making a slight hole in the soil with a pencil, adding the seed in the hole, and cover it. Moisten the soil by spraying water on it and maintain a temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Paper tower or cotton pad method

Put your seed on a paper towel or two cotton pads. Moisten your seed by spraying the cotton pads or towel with water. Maintain a temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit and be sure to put the seed and its coverings under an upside-down bowl. Another option is to put it in a Ziploc bag. 

It will take a few days for the seed to open, then you can plant it in the soil. Be mindful of the root tip that may be exposed so you do not damage it since it can get trapped in the cotton or paper fibers.

Plant your seeds in a peat moss jiffy pellet

This method is highly recommended. Place your seed in neutral pH water for no more than 12-24 hours. Keep in mind, root tips should never be touched by bare hands. The best options are to use a clean spoon to move the seed. 

You will need to drain any excess water, then you can plant the seed 1 cm into the pellet, so it is completely covered with pellet soil. Place it under a good light source and In 2-7 days, you will see your plant peeking above the soil. 

Hardening Off

You do not want to just put your autoflower plant outside without first helping it adjust to the outdoor environment. Immediately giving it constant exposure to the elements could traumatize the plant, which may hurt its health. 

The best time to do this is when the temperature warms up, preferably above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The process will take a few days. Start by placing the plant outside for 3 hours in an area that’s protected from heavy wind or rain.  Each day you will increase the time until you get to 24 hours. Now, your autoflower plant is prepared for consistent outdoor growing. 

Time to Flower

Autoflower seeds generally flower faster than other types of marijuana plants. On top of that, your particular strain will also make a difference because each strain has its own typical flowering and growth phase. That’s why it is important to research how your plant grows before buying the seeds. When you purchase a grow kit from a Pot for Pot, we provide information about suggested strains, as well as coupons, to help get you started. You can also find details and reviews on growing certain strains online. 

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aPotForPot Complete Grow Kit Unboxing

Growing Weed Without Nutrients

You do not need nutrients to grow marijuana, however, it is not recommended to go without them.  Marijuana needs to grow under certain conditions, and most likely, the soil in your yard and whatever you may find at a local store just will not cut it. Cannabis is not like your average houseplant, and it has special needs. Without the proper fertilizer, the leaves will turn yellow, and you’ll end up with a lower yield. 

That’s where a Pot for Pot can help. Our all-in-one Complete Pot Grow Kit includes Beneficial Bacteria, Coco Brick, Superb Soil, Rooting Booster, and Aeration Top Soil Mix. The Aeration Top Soil Mix is excellent for controlling the moisture and air. The rooting booster ensures all the nutrients make it to the roots, so your plant grows strong. 

The cheapest indoor grow set

The Cheapest Indoor Grow Setup

A cheap grow setup indoors includes a LED grow light positioned above the plant in a fabric pot, so the plant can breathe and not get overwatered. The pot would need to be in a saucer so it can catch all of the runoff water. 

There is no reason to give your plant a designated room for growing. You can place these items just about anywhere in your home, and the light can easily be hung from the ceiling. We do suggest putting your plant where it can get the benefits of some natural sunlight, which will increase the effects of the LED grow light. Marijuana plants often attract pests and mites, so it is a good idea to protect them by keeping the area clean. Using diatomaceous earth for your soil and natural leaf shine on the leaves can also help with this issue.

The least expensive way to have everything that you need is with our Complete Pot Grow Kit. A Pot for Pot has all the right tools to set up your grow space (and a $40 coupon toward the purchase of seeds). You will get the highest quality soil enhancement, scissors, a watering can, and a smartphone camera magnifier to make this process as easy and successful as possible. This kit, your marijuana seeds, and cheap grow lights are all you need to grow marijuana. 


FAQs About the Cheapest Way to Grow Weed

What the best light for growing weed?

You have many options for lighting when growing marijuana. There is no better lighting than natural sunlight. However, if you are growing indoors, you can choose from high-intensity discharge grow lights, LED Grow Lights, and Fluorescent Grow lights. 

Does growing cannabis outdoors produce better pot?

Growing outdoors comes with many benefits and very little overhead. When you are growing outdoors in your garden, your plant is exposed to the elements. This can limit your ability to control the environment. However, this does not mean you cannot achieve excellent growth. With proper soil nutrients, protection from pests, and plenty of sunlight, your plants will thrive. 

How can I save my dying marijuana plant?

When your plant is dying, it is necessary to get to the bottom of the problem. Some potential issues are microscopic infestations, environmental conditions, and other possibilities. Research the plant symptoms to find the source of the issue. A Pot for Pot helps with this by providing ongoing online grow support every step of the way from seed to harvest.  Our expert growers are always available to provide coaching and guidance so you can keep your plant healthy, or troubleshoot a problem before it gets out of hand. 

Growing weed does not have to be complicated. You can get great results with minimal equipment. However, taking the cheaper route still requires specific tools and nutrients. Yes, you can give your plant everything it needs to grow well without going all out. Just don’t forget the necessary accessories like a pot, watering can, soil nutrients, natural pest control, and scissors. Ultimately, you can get great results with quality seeds, quality soil, some knowledge, and a little water and sun.  And a Pot for Pot is here to help you do that for a great price.



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