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The Top 7 Cannabis Strains to Grow Outdoors

Last Updated: March 13, 2023By Jason Levin

Cannabis grows outdoors.

Spring is upon us and as such, you might be feeling the urge to plant some weed outdoors. You are right to think this way. The outdoors provide plenty of space within which to raise your crops, and you too can enjoy the warmth outside as you tend to your precious plants. 


However, an outdoor grow environment also presents unique challenges, such as temperature variations, torrential rain and a higher risk of pest and disease incidents. It is, therefore, essential to select the most appropriate cannabis strains for growing outdoors so that your efforts aren’t in vain when the time comes to harvest your crop. Here is our carefully compiled list of the best weed strains to grow outside, based on their ability to reward you for your efforts.

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Benefits of Growing Cannabis Outdoors

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to grow cannabis outdoors, including:

Lower Costs

Thanks to the power of the sun, there’s no need to spend a lot on an outdoor grow operation. All you’ll need is some good soil, nutrients, seeds, and possibly a small greenhouse to get started. You won’t have to pay for dehumidifiers, lights, AC units, or even water in the right environment.

Bigger Yields

When it comes to growing cannabis outdoors, the sky’s the limit. You can let your plants get as tall as you want, providing they are still manageable. One large outdoor plant can yield as much as a pound of dried cannabis! It only takes a handful of plants if you’re growing for personal use. Unlike growing indoors, your space is not restricted.

Less Waste

Growing cannabis indoors can be done cheaply with an indoor grow setup, but can also lead to waste, like the electricity required to power grow lights, fans, and various other equipment. When growing outdoors, the wind, rain, and sun are all free!

For Fun

Don’t underestimate how therapeutic gardening can be, whether you’re growing cannabis or anything else. Many growers find it relaxing to roll up their sleeves, step outside, and get their hands dirty while tending to their cannabis plants. Plus, there’s nothing better than consuming the cannabis you grew yourself in your backyard!

White Widow

Macro of a White Widow nug.

This hybrid is famous throughout the marijuana world for many reasons, most of which started with awards in the 1990s. After that, the strain left the Netherlands, eventually becoming what it is today.

White Widow has a high THC content that is known to raise one’s mood while also easing aches and pains. The colas are covered with a thick, white-colored resin that gives the strain its name.  That resin also helps make this strain resistant (to a certain extent) to fungi, pests and diseases. This is why we recommend it for outdoor growers since they face a reduced risk of failure due to one of those variables. In terms of yield, expect to harvest about 300g per plant.

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If you are growing outdoors and want the largest possible yield, then Hulkberry is the strain for you! This sativa-dominant breed is the product of mixing Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush genetics. With a THC content topping out at 27%, Hulkberry grows to a massive 2m in height and will give you a huge bounty of about 700g per plant.

With a name like Hulk, needless to say, this strain will instantly result in a stimulating high coursing through your veins, so it is advisable to go slow on Hulkberry until you are sure you can handle what it carries!

Moby Dick


Moby Dick cannabis strain against a black background.


When White Widow and Haze were bred, Moby Dick was born. This giant can tower to 3m in height if left to its own devices outdoors, so only opt for this strain only if you have plenty of outdoor space to grow it.

The 1.5kg yield per plant harvest will take your breath away, especially given the fact that Moby Dick can have a THC content of about 21%. The high immediately hits your head, with a citrus, woody, and pine aroma. The huge colas are great for those who love making marijuana edibles and extracts. In just 65-70 days, Moby Dick will begin flowering and you can start the countdown to your jaw-dropping harvest!

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Durban Poison

Durban Poison

This cannabis strain traces its origins to Durban, South Africa. It is excellent for growing outdoors because it can thrive under somewhat extreme conditions.

This pure sativa landrace can grow extremely tall outdoors, and once harvested is excellent to consume on a hot day when you need a boost of energy mixed with relaxed vibes. Durban Poison produces an energetic high that will have you sailing through your day!

Super Silver Haze


A Super Silver Haze nug.


When it comes to heartiness, Super Silver Haze is just as good as White Widow, so it needed to be on this list. Super Silver Haze is easy to grow, quickly taking root and thriving wherever it is.  

The buds produced from this strain are spicy, skunky, and fragrant, leaving your body relaxed, and your spirit lifted. Like Hulkberyy and Moby Dick, however, Super Silver Haze grows huge, so you will need to provide ample space for this plant to thrive. Super Silver Haze traces its roots to Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights.

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LSD cannabis nug.


This strain is a huge hit among beginners because it is hardy and resistant to many of the common fungi and pests that plague cannabis plants. This low-maintenance variety is in pure heaven when grown in hot climates. However, you will do well in moderate conditions if you provide shelter, such as a greenhouse, where conditions are warm and ample sunshine gets to the plants.

LSD is a cross between Skunk #1 and Mazar, but it earned its name from its effects. LSD produces a near psychedelic experience that will hit both your body and mind. If you intend to go to a music concert in the summer, or you feel inclined to watch a sci-fi movie at home, LSD is the weed strain to see you through such an activity.

OG Kush


An OG Kush nug.


A list of the top outdoor cannabis strains would be incomplete if OG Kush wasn’t mentioned. OG Kush owes its fame among growers and users alike due to its mellow, calming effects coupled with a potent high.

Growing this strain is easy and does well in warm climates. Beginners are unlikely to face any major hurdles when growing this strain, which can grow to up to nine feet tall outdoors. Such a massive height doesn’t take anything away from the yield, however, as OG Kush can produce 1100g per plant. 

The buds of OG Kush have a distinctive sour lemon and earthy pine aroma. If you don’t regularly smoke, this is not the one to start out with. This strain produces a massive high that can literally knock some people out cold! It’s best to save this one for the end of the day when you are ready to crawl into bed.

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Tips for Getting Started With Your Outdoor Grow

Before you start growing cannabis outdoors, there are some important considerations to think about, including:

Your Climate

Understanding your climate is crucial to successfully grow cannabis outdoors. While cannabis is highly adaptable, it’s still susceptible to extreme weather.

When temperatures are consistently above 85°F, your plant will stop growing. On the other hand, when temperatures are consistently below 55°F, the weather can damage your plants.

High winds and heavy rains can also damage your cannabis plants, reducing their yield. And excessive moisture can cause mildew and mold, particularly during the flowering stage.


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Cannabis plants need direct sun for a minimum of six hours a day. Your backyard can be a great place to grow (or not), depending on how much full sun it gets.

Ideally, you want your cannabis plants to get as much direct, midday sun as possible. As seasons change and fall starts to approach, your plants will get less sunlight each day, triggering their flowering stage.

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A constant breeze is great for your cannabis plants, particularly in hot climates. However, if you have frequent high winds, you’ll want to plant near a windbreak, like a shrubbery, fences, or walls. High winds can quickly damage your plants through constant exposure.

Privacy & Security

Whether it’s from potential thieves or judgemental neighbors, most outdoor growers choose to conceal their crops. Plus, most state laws state that you need to conceal your cannabis plants, so they aren’t visible from the street. Unless you live somewhere secluded, tall fences, trees, and shrubs are your friend.

Outdoor Grow Locations

Many outdoors growers choose to plant their cannabis in containers on their balconies or rooftop to shield it from view. Others will build heavy wire cages to keep animals and thieves at bay. Whatever location you decide on, think about how large your plants will get—outdoor cannabis plants can be over ten feet tall when fully grown!

Garden plots are one of the most common spots, and many people will plant their cannabis alongside other plants and vegetables.

Growing cannabis on a balcony can be a great idea if it gets enough light. Ideally, the balcony will get consistent low winds and face south for optimal sunlight. However, you may need to conceal it from peeping neighbors.

Growing on your roof can work, and it’s great for sunlight; however, your plants might get too much wind.


At the most basic level, the soil is the dirt that your cannabis grows in—it’s typically a mixture of clay, rock particles, and organic remains. Cannabis plants thrive in rich soil with organic matter and excellent drainage.

Most outdoor growers will use pots or a hole with fresh soil to plant their cannabis, allowing them better control over the number of nutrients the plant receives.

While you can plant your cannabis seeds directly in the ground with the preexisting soil, you’ll probably need to add some nutrients, depending on the soil’s composition. If you do this, you’ll probably want to get your soil tested—it’s easy, inexpensive, and can minimize problems in the long run.

A quality cannabis potting soil will ensure that your cannabis plants have the best chance to grow and produce large yields. Often called super soil, you can grow cannabis plants from seed to harvest without adding any individual nutrients.

You can make super soil yourself, or buy a pre-made mixture from a reputable cannabis shop.

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Growing Containers

If you don’t have great soil, you’ll want to use containers to grow your cannabis. Using containers also helps you from having to perform heavy labor, like digging holes and amending soil.

Plus, with growing containers, you can place them almost anywhere to get optimal light and wind conditions. You can even move them during the day to take advantage of the light or shield them from high winds and excessive temperatures.

However, when growing cannabis in pots, the plant won’t grow as large as it would otherwise because the container restricts its root growth. In a broad sense, the pot’s size will determine the plant’s size, although, with proper techniques, you can grow large plants in a small container.

Typically, 5-gallon pots are great for small and medium outdoor plants, while 10-gallon and larger are best for bigger plants. Regardless of the size, you’ll need to protect the roots—they can get hot quickly in direct sunlight, limiting the growth of your plants. So, ensure that you provide your cannabis pots with shade when the sun is at its daily peak!

Start Growing

This is in no way a comprehensive list of all the cannabis strains that are excellent to grow outdoor. These are merely the ones that we believe will give you the most bang for your buck.  It is always a good idea to do your due diligence and pick a strain that is suitable for your needs. 

After you’ve chosen your perfect strain, grow your plants in a Pot for Pot.  We make it easy to grow marijuana plants on your patio, in your yard or even in your greenhouse. Before you know it, it’s time to harvest, and you’re enjoying the fall with some homegrown treats of your own. 

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Cannabis Strains To Grow Outdoors FAQ

- What is the highest yielding outdoor strain?
- Honey Cream – This Indica-dominant strain is fast-flowering, with buds appearing in as little as six weeks

- Can you grow indoor strains outdoors?
- You can grow any outdoor strain indoors, and any indoor strain outdoors

- Do sativas yield more than indicas?
- Sativas typically produce a much higher yield than indica strains at about 3 ounces to 1 pound per plant


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