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Growing Hemp for CBD

Last Updated: June 06, 2023By Chad Westport

pile of freshly harvested homegrown CBD hemp

Growing hemp at home for CBD is a fun and rewarding hobby. Whether you are a green-thumb gardener or a budding pot grower, learning how to grow hemp plants is an easy process. Growing your own CBD flowers from hemp plants involves little more than the right hemp seed, sunlight, and water. In less than five minutes, we will prepare you to grow your own hemp at home.

Common Questions about Growing Hemp at Home


There seems to be an innumerable uses of hemp plant and the hemp industry produces a large number of commercial and industrial products. Industrial hemp has been used for hemp fibers which is refined to textiles, biofuels, hemp paper, and more. As an agricultural product, hemp is often farmed for nutrient-rich hemp seeds and/or its cannabinoid content. CBD, or cannabidiol, is the most common cannabinoid people are seeking from hemp production. 

info-graph of hemp products organized around a hemp plant

CBD is a molecule, which requires processing of the hemp plant to extract. Hemp oil, CBD oil, edibles, and consumable buds are a few of the CBD dominant hemp products home growers can create from a successful harvest of CBD-rich hemp plants.

Before planting your hemp seeds, you’ll need to decide whether to grow your hemp plants indoors or outdoors. Indoor, you have more control over environmental conditions and less pest pressure. Outdoor, you have the benefit of powerful sunlight. 

Hemp is a photoperiod plant. Flowering is initiated by a reduction of daylight hours to roughly 12 /12 each day. If planting CBD hemp outdoors, be sure to plant them early enough to allow for at least a month of vegetative growth. Many farmers will often plant hemp crops in late spring after last frost.

If planting CBD hemp indoors, many home growers will use a specialized grow tent. Prepare your environment with proper air circulation and choose a LED light specific to plant growth.  Aside from those considerations and sourcing your hemp seeds, let a Pot for Pot handle the rest of home hemp cultivation with our Complete Grow Kits.


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Are CBD plants legal to grow?

The 2018 Farm Bill legally defined what is considered hemp and what is considered a drug-variety cannabis plant or marijuana. Hemp plants are a variety of Cannabis sativa that contain less than 0.3% THC, and are therefore legal to cultivate. That said, under these guidelines, hemp farmers must comply with state laws. Often this involves a formal process and permits. Be sure to check with your local laws first.

Many states have legalized cannabis for adult use. In the majority of these states, adults 21+ are allowed to cultivate cannabis at home. CBD dominant hemp can be grown in lieu of THC dominant varieties. Although the 2018 Farm Bill favors big agriculture and leaves home cultivation of CBD hemp in somewhat of a grey area, growing hemp in a state where home cultivation has been approved, is totally acceptable. 

How do you grow CBD indoors?

To grow CBD at home, we recommend investing in a grow tent, LED lighting, and a few small fans to move air inside of the tent. An inline fan is beneficial to extract the stale air within the tent and exhaust it into a carbon filter, which removes any odors emanating from the budding female plants. All you need then, is the container, soil, and nutrients. Lucky for you, a Pot for Pot's Complete Grow Kits has all three of those important pieces for you. 

Our kits also come with step-by-step instructions and pictures walking you through the process of how to grow CBD hemp from getting your soil ready, germinating your seeds, and getting your seedling into the soil. In addition to that, you will receive grow tips via email, on our website, or by reaching out to one of our experienced grow coaches.

Is it hard to grow CBD plants?

Learning how to grow CBD plants is as easy as growing any other houseplant. You will need light, water, and nutrients. If those things are provided in the right amounts at the right time, even a novice grower can be rewarded with plentiful harvests of CBD-rich buds from growing hemp seed.

indoor hemp cbd plant with growing hemp seedling and other houseplants

How long does it take to grow CBD flower?

This question depends on the amount of vegetative time a grower wants to give the hemp plant. It is common for most hemp growers, to give their hemp plants a minimum of 30-40 days of vegetative growth. The more vegetative time a hemp plant is given, the larger it will be, and the more CBD it can produce.

Indoor gardeners will then switch the light cycle to 12 /12, and this initiates flowering. Most CBD hemp cultivars will reach peak ripeness within 8-10 weeks of initiating the flowering cycle. In total, from seed to harvest, the average amount of time to grow a hemp plant is 100-120 days.

Illustrated Marijuana Grow Guide

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How much money can you make growing CBD?

As a home grower,  your yields are not large enough to be commercially viable. Farmers with the ability to plant acres of CBD hemp can have lucrative harvests, but for the hobby level grower, it is done for the passion and personal benefit.

Many people who grow hemp for CBD at home look at that question slightly different. Instead of making money, they look at how much money they will save. Prices for CBD extracts, edibles, and flower can be expensive. Steady supplies can also be hard to come by in a recreational market.

Commercially produced crops can have inconsistent quality, and they may contain concerning pesticides or heavy metals. Growers who produce their own small crop CBD from hemp will tell you that knowing what goes into the plant is priceless.

How much does it cost to start a CBD hemp plant?

If growing outdoors under the natural sunlight, whether that be on a porch or in the ground, growing your own CBD hemp can be accomplished for under $100. All you need are the right genetics and one of our Complete Grow Kits to grow your own CBD at home.

Growing hemp indoors requires a few pieces of equipment. Grow kits can range from $200 for a one or two plant set-up, to $1000 and beyond for larger set-ups. Some growers will place hemp plants outside during the day and bring the plants in at night, bypassing the need to purchase a grow light. Growers in this scenario must be diligent about keeping to a precise schedule. 

Where does CBD grow best?

There are more than a few CBD dominant hemp cultivars. Research the varieties being grown in your area on a commercial level. Some areas contend with high heat and little water. Other areas battle with chilly nights and damp, foggy mornings. In every case, if growing outdoors, you will want to be in an area that provides plenty of days of sun. 

Each climate-zone will have one or two hemp varieties that do better than others. Reach out to the agricultural extension at your state college. Many of them have conducted field trials and have regional specific information on the preferred CBD-rich hemp cultivar to plant.

Can I grow and sell CBD?

While you are allowed to grow hemp in states with personal cultivation cannabis laws, it is not advised to sell your home grown CBD hemp buds. Fortunately, many states with adult-use cannabis laws allow for gifting. This allows a person to share their own hemp grown CBD flower with others, as long as no money is exchanged.

developing cbd bud on a growing hemp plant 

Wrapping up: Growing Hemp for Homemade CBD Products

Planting hemp seeds to grow a CBD dominant plant is not anymore difficult than growing tomatoes or garden vegetables. These plants do require attention, but hemp is a forgiving plant and can withstand imperfections in the process. This makes growing hemp flowers for their CBD content a process even a novice can succeed at. Decide whether to grow indoor or outdoor, select your genetics, use a Pot for Pot's Complete Grow Kit, and you are on your way towards your first bountiful harvest of hemp buds to make your own CBD products. Just remember to share! 


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