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The Costs of Growing Marijuana

Last Updated: January 19, 2024By Jason Levin

Lots of potential growers are worried about the expenses around growing marijuana. At a Pot for Pot, we offer the perfect comprehensive solution to growing that is easy and affordable. Just about anyone can grow cannabis with the right tools and information, and we focus on providing everything that a home grower needs. Our grow kits include everything, from a step-by-step guide, to specially formulated Superb Soil. In other words, it’s a one-stop shop for your growing needs.

We even help you with seeds! We’ve sourced high-quality breeders and selected the best strains for easy, guaranteed germination (seeds sold separately). In terms of your weed grow kit, you can choose from four options, each equipped with a mini pot to germinate your seeds, a full-sized fabric pot, Superb Soil, and many other tools and goodies. Choose yours based on the amount you intend to grow; bigger pots grow bigger plants!

cost of growing weed

So How Much Weed Should You Grow?

You really don’t need to grow a ton of cannabis plants to get enough weed. If you keep it small, there is no reason growing marijuana should be expensive.

In many areas, there is a six-plant limit. If that seems small, keep in mind that with just six plants or less, you can still yield plenty. Plus, it is way easier to handle six plants instead of something like fourteen. This is especially true when growing indoors. Think about how much yield you can produce under a grow lamp. For example, using four plants under a 600-watt HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamp will produce more yield than squeezing sixteen of them under that lamp.

Even when growing with lamps indoors, a single marijuana plant can yield a whole pound of weed with the proper growing techniques. Clearly, less is the most cost-effective option!

Also, when you only grow a few plants, things like fans and carbon filters to reduce the smell aren’t necessary.

growing cannabis outdoors

Growing Outdoors

When growing outdoors, it is highly unlikely you’ll get more than a few ounces of weed if you only throw the seeds in the ground and never give them the right care. That’s why it’s better to start with a Pot for Pot since it provides everything needed to grow healthy marijuana plants outdoors or inside.  

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Illustrated Marijuana Grow Guide

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Typical Costs of Growing Marijuana

The cost associated with growing marijuana plants can be a bit scary if you don’t know your stuff, but your new hobby really doesn’t have to break the bank. Even indoor growing can be quite affordable when well planned, and it is also a discreet way to produce high yields for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

Below are some costs that are typically associated with growing marijuana:

Indoor growing using a 600-watt grow tent

Let’s say you grow 5 marijuana plants in a 4x4 foot grow tent using a 600 watt HPS lamp. This will run the price tag to about $2000 per year with a yield of a single pound. That works out to about $100 per plant if you are harvesting 4 times a year.

The tools needed to get a grow of that size started include timers, grow lights, filters, and exhaust fans and are typically quite pricey. You could easily spend a few hundred dollars on those alone. On top of that, you’d need pots, soil, a watering can, and other gear to make the experience turn out well. With a Pot for Pot Complete Kit that starts at $79.95, you can see why indoor growing has never been easier.

Indoor growing using a LED - powered grow tent

LED lights have received quite a bit of attention over the years with some growers saying they produce very high yields. While this fact still remains to be settled, here are some things to consider if you plan to use them.

One reason people like LED lights is that they tend to generate far less heat when compared to HPS lights. Because of this, your plant will use less water, which means they won’t necessarily need as much water or nutrients.

The other good thing about LED lights is that they are cost effective. Using LED lights can save you money compared to Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL). CFL lights take longer to become fully lit and can’t be dimmed, so they’re not very energy efficient. LEDs emit very little heat to produce the same amount of good light as HPS lights. You can produce a much larger yield with 5 marijuana plants in a 600-watt grow tent (see above) using HPS lights than with CFL lights in the same space.

As you can see, unless you’re growing outdoors, you simply get more for your money by using LED lights.

Indoor windowsill growing

Your marijuana plants need enough light to grow, and generally, 3-4 hours of direct sunlight is the minimum needed.  A windowsill will typically give them enough to do it effectively. Grow lights can provide higher yields, but natural sunlight has been doing a great job since long before LEDs were invented, and it's totally free!

Grow lights can also help you alter the lighting schedule to encourage flowering, but that’s something you don’t need to worry about with auto-flowering seeds, which is the variety we encourage for first time growers.  When growing in a windowsill, choose auto-flowering plants, since you won’t need to alter the amount of light to induce the flowering phase -- those plants will grow no matter what.

As you can see, growing in the sun is the most cost effective way to get great bud at home.  Growing marijuana doesn’t have to be expensive, and it definitely does not have to be hard!

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Knowing how to grow a small weed plant is likely the hardest part of actually growing it. Now that you know what to do, you are well on your way to enjoying hassle-free, home-grown marijuana.

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FAQ The Costs of Growing Marijuana

How many Marijuana plants should I grow to cut down on the cost?
You don’t really need to grow a lot of weed especially of you’re not a commercial grower. The recommended plant number is six especially when growing indoors. Also, it's quite easy to handle six plants and costs a lot less.

What are the costs of growing marijuana indoors?
If you’re a first-time indoor marijuana grower, the growing cost can be a little bit high since you have to set up the farm and get the right tools i.e. timers, grow lights, filters and exhaust fans which are quite expensive. You will also need to acquire other growing items such as pots, soil, watering cans and other gear. The overall cost can reach a couple of hundred dollars. With the indoor farm up and running, you’re likely to spend an additional $2,000 per years growing 6 marijuana plants due to other expenses such as lighting, ventilation, water, fertilizers etc.

What can I do to cut on the cost of growing marijuana?
There are various cost-cutting measures you can undertake to lower the cost of growing marijuana. For instance, you can purchase a marijuana indoor growing kit to cut on the cost of acquiring soil, pots, watering can etc. Grow outside with the sun whenever possible. When/where sunlight is not available, use LED lights instead of Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) which are energy intensive. LED can save you money used to pay hefty electricity bills.

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