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How Many Grams in an Ounce?

Last Updated: February 15, 2023By Joshua Mezher

most interesting man meme only do math when buying weed

Introduction - How many grams are in an ounce of weed

Although it may seem pretty straightforward to determine how many grams are in an ounce of weed, there are many other factors to consider to determine its value to the end user.  If marijuana is legal in your state, it will be regulated, and you will get precisely what you pay for.  At least, you would hope this is the case.  Not all growers are gifted at growing quality buds.  Illicit dealers are more likely to let you sample products before you buy, but this is illegal in the regulated market.  In fact, after opening a product purchased in a regulated dispensary, it is non-refundable.  This is why educating yourself a little bit about cannabis before you buy it is good practice.

Conversion Cheat Sheet: Oz of weed (ounce) to grams of weed:

1 eighth ounce

3.5 grams

1 quarter ounce

7 grams

1 half ounce

14 grams

Three quarter ounce

21 grams

Full ounce OR a Zip

28 grams

1 pound OR 16 ounce

453 grams

1 kilogram

1,000 grams


Other factors to consider are the pot seeds or cannabis strains, their density and moisture, when they are measured in relation to purchasing date, and how they are stored.  For example, a quarter of the best Sativa strain will look more abundant than a quarter of the best Indica cannabis.  Sativa strains are typically fluffier, whereas the Indica strain is more compact and firm.  When we asked a group of 300 people if they knew the different weed measurements, it was shocking to learn that 34% of people were unaware.  See below for results: survey results of "Are you aware there are different measurements for weed?"

Black Market Cannabis

The illicit market, however, can vary depending on your dealer's honesty and the quality of the scale they use to measure it.  Many people who continue to purchase cannabis from illicit dealers tend to have a good relationship with their suppliers.  When they get high-quality products and better value for their money, they are usually willing to take the risk.

Whether marijuana is legal or not in your state, (See which state is weed legal and which countries) selling cannabis without a license is still illegal.  This creates a higher risk for both parties involved. Therefore, the price doesn't always reflect the quality or weight.  This is why it is often recommended to purchase from licensed dealers/dispensaries whenever possible.

paying for weed with cash

Regulated Cannabis Market

When purchasing from a dispensary, cannabis is usually pre-measured and packaged before purchase.  In an ideal world, the dispensary will store it at a humidity level where it keeps its weight.  Alternatively, marijuana packaging can include humidity packs that keep their moisture and weight for more extended periods.  This matters because the flavor and smoothness of the smoke are better at prime humidity and moisture.  If you are a regular smoker, this becomes easy to determine with experience.  Meanwhile, if you can't find a knowledgeable dealer, the regulated market makes it easier to find experts in their field.

Even though marijuana has been legalized in most states, there are still limits on how much you can possess at once.  For example, Colorado has legalized the recreational use of marijuana since 2012, but there are still penalties for possessing over an ounce of weed.  That's why it's never a bad idea to have a digital pocket scale to ensure you are within the legal limits.

What to consider when purchasing a digital scale

It's always a good idea to purchase a digital weed scale to ensure you get exactly what you pay for.  This is also helpful to be aware of how much you are carrying at a time, as each state has different limits to the amount you can legally have on your person.  If traveling over state borders, it's a good idea to research the legal amount of weed allowed before leaving on your trip.  The tickets and charges involved otherwise could make it an expensive trip!

When purchasing a weed scale for personal use, you will want one that is accurate to at least 0.1 grams with a capacity of at least 200 grams.  Usually, a good quality, stainless steel scale will come with weights, so you can regularly calibrate it to ensure precision.  It would be best if you always tared your scale to zero before using it.    

While the metric system is the principal unit of scale, half an ounce of weed, ounces, and pounds of weed are commonly used as you begin to describe more significant amounts of cannabis.  Some scales can do conversions from metric to imperial for you, but the digital scale's quality will gauge the conversion's accuracy.  We surveyed to see which brands of weed scales are more prevalent at dispensaries, and here are the results: 

survey results of "If you buy from a dispensary what scales do dispensaries use?"


Based on a sample of about 300 people, the Citizen CZ1202N is the dispensaries' most commonly used scale.  

According to Esquire, the best-ranked weed scales for 2022 are as follows: 

 one gram of weed on a smart weigh digital scale

We have also curated our own guide on How to Pick the Best Weed Scale; whether you're planning to measure a gram of weed here and there, or a quarter of an ounce, half ounces, or ounces, we can help you figure out the best weed scale for your needs!

Can you use a kitchen scale to weigh weed?

Unlike digital gram scales, kitchen scales measures weed in 0.1-gram increments instead of in ounce, but some will not read the weight of anything below .05 grams.

Kitchen scales work best if you aren't too bothered about weighing your weeds with accuracy. You simply pour in some cannabis or place the bag on the tray and it will show you how much it weighs in grams. Kitchen scales make for an excellent "emergency" weed scale when you need to weigh how many gram in a quarter out of the blue. 

If you're stuck with a kitchen scale and you need to measure your cannabis in ounces, you can always convert the weight. Refer to our ounces - grams conversion chart below.

Can you use a pocket scale to weigh weed?

Pocket scales are the best option for people who want to easily put away the scales when not in use. Additionally, pocket scales are more affordable in comparison to digital scales. 

Pocket scales measure a hundredth of a gram. That being said, pocket scales can only be used if you're not weighing anything besides weed. 

Pocket scales are the most popular choice for people who use weed casually. Some pocket scales also come with an expansion tray upon purchase. Expansion scales can help you weigh a maximum capacity of 15 grams of weed at a time. In contrast, a pocket scale without an expansion tray can only weigh up to three grams of weed or less at a time.

Do note that, like digital scales, pocket scales do not come pre-calibrated. Use calibration weights to help your scale calibrate itself.


Another advantage to buying from licensed dealers is that they typically have THC and CBD content percentages in each strain.  Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the primary psychoactive compound that gives you the "high."  Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the active compound derived from the hemp plant that is often credited for its medicinal qualities.  If your intention with smoking weed is recreational, you will usually look for a higher THC content.  This is useful when measuring how much cannabis to smoke per session, as you will not need to smoke as much if your cannabis has a higher THC percentage

Those looking for more medicinal qualities will look for a higher rate of CBD.  Cannabidiol has been known to cure ailments and life-threatening diseases when used correctly.  It is also more practical to ingest CBD for medicinal purposes.  Some Cannabis health benefits and health conditions it can treat include chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, epilepsy, autoimmune diseases, depression, drug addiction and anxiety.

Similar to how acetaminophen is more effective when combined with ibuprofen, the combination of THC and CBD can be more effective medicinally than targeting one or the other.  More research is needed on this as it has only recently become legal and regulated in North America.

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Sativa vs. Indica

When experimenting with marijuana, depending on your brain's chemical makeup, people learn which strain is better suited for them (Sativa or Indica).  Sativa is more active, and some people experience more productivity when under the influence.  People that aren't suited for Sativa strain can get manic from overstimulation, so it is important to learn which strain is best for you.  The look of a Sativa bud is fluffier and lighter, so it isn't easy to measure accurately without a scale.

Indica tends to bring your energy level to a more relaxed state.  Indica is often used by people with insomnia or body pain issues.  It can also calm someone dealing with anxiety, but monitoring the dosage is essential when taking it for medicinal purposes.  Indica looks denser and more compact, but once busted up will yield a lot more than you would think at first glance.

With the advancement and experimentation of strains, it is more common to find Hybrid strains of cannabis these days.  They are usually described as "Sativa-dominant" or "Indica-dominant."  With the blend, they are more balanced, and end-users find more enjoyment in their experience.

Density & Moisture of Weed

The density and moisture of a plant are directly related to weight and can affect perceived value to a cannabis consumer (It's important for growers to know what's involved in watering weed).  As the buds dry out and lose their moisture, they also lose weight.  If a plant has too much water, it will weigh more and be more difficult to burn.  The plant will lose flavor and weight as it starts to dry out.  Finding a balance between the perfect moisture, taste, and burn rate is an actual science among growers and distributors.  Because of this, it is common to notice a discrepancy in weight advertised on packaging versus actual weight.  If the flower isn't appropriately stored after being packaged and dries out too much before purchase, it will weigh less when it is finally passed on to the end user.  This is why it is helpful to have your digital scale to measure your product when you get home.

So, How Many Grams are in an Oz? 

Now that we have addressed other factors to consider when measuring the weight of your weed, we can focus on why you are reading this article.  How many grams are there in an ounce?  Let's start by breaking it all down into typical measurements. 

You may have noticed slang terms used before, so here is some clarification.  When someone asks for a nickel of weed (or a 5-spot), it usually translates to 0.5 gram of cannabis, a five-dollar bag, or a half gram of pot.  If you hear a dime bag of weed (or a 10-spot), it means 1 gram of weed, which is a bag worth ten dollars. Do note, however, that some dimes weigh closer to a gram while other barely fill a blunt.  The actual name comes from the fact that "dime" has been used to refer to "ten" for a long time.

The valuations of weed can vary depending on the strain and quality of the product and geographical location, but this is a general guideline.  

So, how many grams are in an ounce of marijuana?  Almost everyone who claims to know the answer will say 28 grams are in an ounce of weed.

one gram of weed next to one ounce of weed

In reality, according to Way of Leaf, an ounce of weed contains 28.3495.  It is common for it to be rounded down by both legal and illegal cannabis dealers when they sell their products. It doesn't seem like much, but half a gram of weed here and there can add up over time!  Here is a more detailed list of cannabis amounts and slang terms associated with them: 

  • a tenth of weed is equal to 1/16 of an ounce (1.77185 grams, often rounded down to 1.75 grams)
  • an eighth of weed is equal to 1/8 of an ounce (3.5437 grams, often rounded down to 3.5 grams)
  • a quarter of weed is equal to 1/4 of an ounce (7.0874 grams, often rounded down to 7 grams)
  • a half of weed is equal to 1/2 of an ounce (14.17475 grams, often rounded down to 14 grams)
  • a zip of cannabis is equal to 1 ounce (28.3495 grams, often rounded down to 28 grams)

The relationship you create with your service provider, or budtender, is the key to getting the best value for your money.  It's good to find passionate people who know about their product and how it's made and can educate their clients who want to learn more about its science.  These people are industry unicorns and are very rare.  With the regulation of cannabis, however, the more relevant information is on the label now and is more easily accessible to the end user.  

We asked a random population of 300 people some questions to test their knowledge of cannabis measurements, and here are some of our results:

survey results to "How many grams in an 8th of weed?"

As you can see, knowing how many grams in a dime bag, an eighth, or an ounce of weed is not as common as one might think.  There is no shame in asking a dealer how they measure their bags or how high quality their product is.  There is also no shame in looking it up on the internet.  As always, exceptions exist for every rule created.  Some people prefer high-grade strains, like AAA, which cost more per gram. 

What is an eighth of weed?

An eighth of weed, or 3.5 grams, is the most common weight purchased by cannabis users. This is because an eighth of weed is the most affordable and convenient option. 

An eighth of weed is the best choice if you are a casual or moderate smoker. An eighth can easily be rolled into 3 one-gram joints, 7 half-gram joints, or 14 quarter-gram bowls. An eighth of weed can also give you about three blunts or a handful of spliffs. 

An eighth of weed is at least $48 dollar worth, on average.

What is a quarter of weed?

A quarter of weed weighs about 7 grams. Also known as the quad, a quarter of weed is very common among heavy smokers. Quarters also help heavy smokers get acquainted with strains. While quarters do see some minor price breaks, it will still depend on your dispensary or caregiver.

What is a dub of weed?

A dub of weed, usually called a dub sack, contains at least $20 worth of weed. Depending on where you live, a dub of weed will give you a gram or two or even more. 

In some cases, a seller would mention "ten dollar dub" or "fifteen dollar dub." When you hear that, it means the seller is offering you $20 worth of weed for only $10 or $15.

a gram of weed costs 7-15 dollars and is the size of a cheesepuff 

What is a nickel bag of weed?

Nickel bags, commonly called "nicks," are the smallest amount that most sellers would offer. A nickel bag, which contains $5 worth of weed, commonly has low-grade cannabis because high-grade weed would only weigh about 0.25 grams. For reference, an oz of medium-quality weed may cost you around $230 and an oz of high-grade weed can go for up to $350 in California. 

Grams - Ounces Conversion Chart

Imperial measurement

Metric Unit

Other Interesting Facts

1/8th - or "eighth of weed"

3.5437 grams

referred to as a "half quarter" or a "slice"; will usually make 3-5 joints or 2-4 blunts

1/4 oz - or "quarter ounce"

7.0874 grams

can be called a "Q" as a slang term

1/2 oz - or "Half Ounce"

14.17475 grams

also known as a "half O"; it can last for several weeks

One Ounce - or 1oz,  "Zip"

(ounce weed, Ounce of Cannabis,  Ounce of Marijuana)

28.3495 grams

"Zip" comes from the baggie brand name of choice, Ziploc.  


453.592 grams

also referred to as "Elbow", "Bow", "L", or "Pack"


Gram to Ounce Conversion Table



1 gram of weed


0.0353 ounces

2 grams of weed


0.0706 ounces

3 grams of weed


0.1058 ounces

4 grams of weed


0.1411 ounces

5 grams of weed


0.1764 ounces

6 grams of weed


0.2116 ounces

7 grams of weed


0.2469 ounces

8 grams of weed


0.2822 ounces

9 grams of weed


0.3175 ounces

10 grams of weed


0.3527 ounces


Ounce to Gram Conversion Table

0.10 ounce of cannabis


2.835 grams of cannabis

1 oz of cannabis


28.3 g of cannabis

2 oz of cannabis


56.70 g of cannabis

3 oz of cannabis 


85.05 g of cannabis

4 oz of cannabis 


113.40 g of cannabis

5 oz of cannabis


141.75 g of cannabis

6 oz of cannabis


170.10 g of cannabis

7 oz of cannabis


198.45 g of cannabis

8 oz of cannabis


226.80 g of cannabis

9 oz of cannabis


255.15 g of cannabis

10 oz of cannabis 


283.50 g of cannabis


Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Measurement

How many ounces are in a gram?

A gram of weed is equal to about 0.035274 oz. You can refer to our grams to ounces converter, as seen above.

How many ounces of cannabis are in a milligram?

A milligram of weed is equal to approximately 3.5274 ounces.

How much is a pound of weed?

A pound of weed could easily give you up to 453 gram-sized joints. A pound is 453 grams. Prices vary do to quality, cultivation type, age, and legal/under the table purchases. 

What other food scales and weighing scales can I use to measure cannabis?

  • Horizon PCC-100 Digital Pocket Scale and Calculator
  • Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale
  • EK6015 Digital Kitchen Scale - Etekcity

When choosing weighing scales, you will want a scale with a high-precision sensor and tare function. The tare function means you can calibrate the scale to zero even when it has weight on it. For example, you can put a bowl on the scale and then press the tare function button so it no longer registers the weight of the bowl. 

The tare function is commonly used in kitchens, especially by bakers measuring wet and dry ingredients.

How important is scale precision when measuring weed?

The weight of weed is very important, especially if you have a production line. This is because even the smallest measurement errors tend to add together. You'll start from losing a penny, to losing 5 cents, to losing dollars pretty soon. 

This is the reason why dispensaries usually use weighing scales that come with calibration weight to ensure that it is properly working. If something is wrong, you can always re-calibrate your scale. Some would also use scales with flip-open lid protection.

How many grams in a blunt? 

Depends on who's rolling. On the skinnier side, you can make .5 grams work, but most blunts are in the 1 to 2 gram range. Depending on what you are using as your blunt wrap, you can get a whole eighth of weed in your blunt-- some say even more!

How many ounces are in a pre-roll?

There are many kinds of pre-rolls sold by dispensaries: .25g pre-rolls, .5g pre-rolls, .75g pre-rolls, and 1g pre-rolls. The most commonly sized pre-rolls are 1g rolls. 

What is the formula when converting ounces to grams?

The ounce-to-gram formula is x 28.34952.

How much does 1 oz weigh in grams?

An ounce is a unit of weight equal to 28.346 grams or a sixteenth pound. The conversion is the same regardless of the item you are measuring, be it an ounce of silver or an ounce of marijuana.

Does 5 grams equal an ounce?

No, five grams is not equal to an ounce. When you convert grams to ounces, five grams is equal to 0.176 ounces.

Is 100g 4 oz?

To be precise, four ounces is equal to 113.40 grams. Converting 100 grams to ounces will result in 3.527 oz. 

Is 2 grams a quarter?

A quarter ounce of weed, which is also known as a quarter, weighs 7.087 grams.

Is a quarter 5 grams?

No. A quarter weighs 7 grams.

What is a nickel of weed?

A nickel of weed, also known as a five-dollar baggie, will get you a quarter of a gram of fine organic weed. However, depending on where you are, a dime bag could also just get you half a gram of marijuana. A nickel bag is the absolute smallest amount of weed you can purchase.

What is an 1/8th in grams?

An eighth of cannabis also equates to 3.5 grams of weed. The cost of an eighth varies based on the quality of the cannabis. Some eighths may also look larger than other bags depending on the cannabis strain.

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