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10 of this Year’s Best Indica Strains

Last Updated: February 06, 2023By Jason Levin

Indica Cannabis Strains

The year is coming to an end soon, which means it’s time to review some of the best indica strains of 2022.  Maybe you’re looking for something to grow. Perhaps you need inspiration for something to consume. Whatever your situation, these strains are favorites in both scenarios. 

Indica strains tend to provide a relaxing effect on the body and mind, making them popular for chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. The plants are short and bushy with broad leaves and can withstand colder temperatures. There are many types of Indica plants, but most strains nowadays are actually Indica hybrids – mixtures between indica, sativa or ruderalis plants. There are pure indica strains as well, but they are not as available. As a result, many of the best indica strains are actually indica dominant hybrids.  

Still, they grow and behave like Indicas, earning them a spot in our 10 of the best indica strains from 2022 list. 

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Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana is a winner due to its potency, smell, and yield. Its effects are strong, with test results ranging from 22-26 percent high THC content. Strawberry Banana is a hybrid that is 30% sativa and 70% indica.

Strawberry Banana grows vigorously and is somewhat on the larger side for an indica. It will need training and pruning to make sure all of the plant gets enough light. It’s best to grow this strain indoors because it doesn’t like humidity, but you can also grow it outdoors if you live somewhere dry.

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You’ll see some huge buds from this strain! They are resinous and very sticky, making this strain an ideal choice for those who plan to prepare concentrates or extracts. 

The smell is one of the best parts. A “hint of bubblegum” is the closest way to describe it. It’s fruity, yet subtle. 

As a large plant, it should be no surprise that it also has a large yield. You can expect to harvest more than 2 pounds of usable marijuana if you grow this indica strain outdoors. Growing indoors could yield up to a pound per plant. Flowering time is 9 weeks.

Dark Star 

dark star bud

Remember the Grateful Dead? Well, this indica strain is named after one of their songs! Dark Star is a pure indica strain that packs at least 20 percent THC content. The plant is stout and stocky, making it easy to grow in smaller places. It also produces some interesting colors. During the late stages of its flowering, the plant takes on a deep purple appearance.

Dark Star buds are round and dense. You could yield a pound when growing indoors, but if you take it outside, that increases to a little over a pound and a half.  If you are growing it outdoors, make sure there is a dry environment. As a pure indica, it does not like a lot of moisture.  

Dark Star buds are dense, and they also have a distinct blackberry aroma. You’ll have to wait a little longer for this strain to flower – a full 70 days, but it’s worth it.  It’s one of the best indica strains for good reason. 

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Kosher Kush

This bad boy of indica strains traces its origins in LA, California. With three straight Cannabis Cup awards under its belt, Kosher Kush stands tall among pure indicas. Not only is it taller, but its buds are also quite potent as well. You’ll see THC levels up to 29 %!

Because it grows so tall and stretchy, you’ll need to do a little work if you plan to grow it indoors.  Train the plant so that its main cola, which can become very high, doesn’t prevent the rest of the plant from accessing light and budding.

The yield on Kosher Kush is moderately large. You can yield a pound indoors and a little over a pound and a half outdoors. It’s easy to grow both indoors and outdoors; however, outdoors, you may need to add a little magnesium to help it reach its full potential. The flowering time is 9-10 weeks. 

Kosher Kush has a woody aroma and an immediate impact. You will feel the effects quickly. That’s why it’s loved by many who depend on it for relaxation and pain relief. 

Purple Kush

Purple Kush has the enviable reputation of being one of the most potent pure indica strains ever developed. It was developed in Oakland, California and is a mixture of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani

This strain is easy to grow, but seasoned growers will get the most out of this plant. Purple Kush is a favorite for cannabis growers because the plant is resistant to powdery mildew and mold, making it suitable for growing in humid conditions. 

Like many of the other best indica strains on this list, Purple Kush can yield a pound indoors. When grown outdoors, the yield increases slightly.   

This strain’s taste is somewhat peppery, but you can tease a sweet flavor from its buds if you cure your harvest slowly. Your reward will be a happy, energetic high when you smoke the buds! Flowering time is 8-9 weeks.

Lithium OG

lithium og bud

Lithium OG is what happens when you cross OG Kush with Master Kush. This indica-dominant hybrid grows into a perfectly shaped bush that requires minimal training. Its buds are densely distributed all over the plant, and with minimal pruning, you can help distribute light to all the bud sites for a truly nice harvest.

The buds are dense and heavy, and the yield is quite high. You can easily end up with more than a pound of weed when growing this strain indoors. Outdoors, the yield increases slightly. 

You’ll need to keep an eye out for moisture if you plan to grow Lithium OG outdoors. Time your cultivation so that the flowering stage begins as the weather gets drier. This will save you from having to deal with mold in the buds as those buds get bigger.

In terms of flavor, Lithium OG combines a diesel fuel and skunky aroma in each dense bud. Its effects are a feeling of euphoria that also makes you calm and relaxed. The buds are quite sticky as well, with plenty of residue on your fingers. 

Indoor growers will love Lithium OGs relatively shorter flowering time of 56-63 days.

Northern Lights x Big Bud

If you are new to growing cannabis and want to start with a pure indica, this strain is a perfect choice. It’s easy to grow while also delivering a high yield, making it ideal for home growers.  

Northern Lights x Big Bud hardly grows any side branches and instead produces one huge cola that’s nicknamed the “bud tube.” You can easily harvest over a pound of marijuana when growing this strain indoors and nearly two and a half pounds per plant when grown outdoors. Of course, if you’d like to see a yield that large, you’ll need to provide a plentiful supply of nutrients to feed its gargantuan cola.

You don’t have to grow this strain outdoors to get an excellent yield, but you do want to ensure it has plenty of airflow. Northern Lights x Big Bud plants can develop grey mold in the final stages of flowering if you are not careful.  

In terms of aroma, expect a fragrant combination of jasmine and diesel skunk from this plant. A clear resin coating makes the frosty and sticky. Flowering takes 55 days.

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Money Maker

money maker bud

Cannabis strains are often named after their attributes, so it should be no surprise that one of the best indica strains on this list is known for its yield. Money Maker earned its name because it can yield an incredible 2 pounds/m2 indoors and nearly 4 pounds (per plant) when grown outdoors.  

It gets even better; the Money Maker strain doesn’t have any specific preference in terms of cannabis growth environment or setup. It can reach its full potential under nearly any situation. 

For those growing this strain, that means you’ll need to provide enough nutrients to support bud growth.  You should also do some trimming, but this is easy since the plant has tight flower clusters and small internodes. The only possible downside of this strain is that some of its phenotypes can take 10 weeks to flower. But then again, the considerable harvest more than justifies that long wait, right?

Money Maker is an indica dominant hybrid combining Master Kush, Skunk, and Hindu Kush genetics.

Eleven Roses

Eleven Roses is an indica-dominant delicacy. Its aroma is a blend of fruity and earthy scents that will leave you deeply relaxed. When grown indoors under appropriate conditions, this strain can yield over a pound while a plant grown outdoors can yield nearly 5 pounds!

Its name is no accident given that the buds and leaves turn a dazzling array of different colors ranging from purple, red, orange, brown, yellow, and green! The name also references its yield potential. Some joke that this plant has the potential to yield as much as eleven plants, although that may be a bit of a stretch when growing indoors.  

Super Bud

super bud

If yield potential is one of the top qualities you are looking for in an indica-dominant strain, then Super Bud is the variety for you. This indica-dominant hybrid yields nearly 2 pounds/m2 indoors and over 4 pounds per plant when grown outdoors.  

It also grows rather fast, with a flowering time a short as 56 days. Indoor growers be warned, Super Bud tends to grow rather tall. You’ll need to train it adequately (using the Sea of Green technique, for example) so that all potential bud sites can receive ample light to trigger budding.

Apart from that need for training, Super Bud is an easy indica strain to grow, and a great high- yield strain for beginners.

In terms of taste, Super Bud has a pungent citrus or fruity taste. It produces a strong body high, so don’t be surprised if you drift off to sleep after sampling your harvest! Because it is so relaxing, many people use this strain to help with insomnia. It’s also popular for pain relief. However, have food nearby. You’ll experience a significant appetite boost the minute you start smoking this strain.

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Bad Azz Kush

At 24 percent THC content, this Snoop Dogg endorsed pure indica strain is one of the best indica strains if potency ranks high on your list of requirements. The best part about this strain: that potency doesn’t come at the expense of yield. Bad Azz Kush plant can produce way over a pound of marijuana (per square meter) when grown indoors. If you grow this strain outdoors, it increases to 2 pounds per plant. 

For a pure indica, this strain can grow on the taller side. It’s common for Bad Azz Kush to reach five feet, so be prepared to do some work trimming or training this plant to reach those yields. That higher maintenance aside, Bad Azz Kush is a generally easy plant to grow.

The buds of Bad Azz Kush are bathed in resin, and they give off a strong fuel aroma in the latter stages of flowering or when smoked. This means that anyone planning to grow these plants stealthily has to either set up an effective odor control system or switch to another strain. Stealthy outdoor grows are a no-go for Bad Azz Kush since odor control is nearly impossible in such a grow environment.

As skunky as this plant can get, the good news is, it flowers fast. The flowering time is 55 days. 

2019 has been an excellent year for cannabis, as proven by some of the best indica strains included on this list.  Many are high yielding, although the highest yields require careful attention to nutrients, environment, and some plant training. If you aren’t receiving the highest yields, don’t give up. Even if you’ve tried one of these strains in the past, with every attempt you learn a bit more about the plant and increase your chances of having an optimal yield. 

Regardless of what you decide to grow, the best way to get started is with an a Pot for Pot grow kit. It has everything you need to give your indica plants an optimal environment. Growing cannabis is an adventure, so get started on yours! We’ll supply the materials; you provide the love.


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FAQ for 10 of this Year's Best Indica Strains 

What is the strongest strain of Indica?
Indica strains are known for an excellent body high perfect for relaxation and meditation. They also have medicinal value and can be used in the treatment anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders, seizures, migraines, headaches and stress among others. The strongest strain of Indica is the Strawberry Banana-a cross between Banana Kush and Bubble Gum.

What are the 10 most sought after strains of Indica?
The 10 most after strains of Indica include: ICE, Northern Light, Blue Mystic, Special Kush 1, Bubble Kush, Pineapple Kush, O.G. Kush, Fat Banana, Speedy Chile and Royal Cookies.

How do I identify Indica strains by just physically looking at them?
Indica strains are best identified through the physical appearance of the plant i.e. Short bushy stature. They can also be well identified by their pungent/sweet aroma and distinct flavors.

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