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2022 Highest THC Strains

Last Updated: April 06, 2023By Joshua Mezher

High THC flower makes it easy to quickly experience the mind-altering effects of marijuana. Worldwide, people love the blissful, euphoric feelings that THC creates. The higher the potency of your flower, the more THC enters your bloodstream. Depending on the person consuming the marijuana and their tolerance level, this can lead to more intoxicating, faster-acting effects. High THC weed strains are also great for pain relief, inducing sleep, stimulating creativity, strengthening mental health, and dramatically elevating your mood. 

THC is the main psychoactive cannabinoid in weed (that we know about so far) but it is the source behind the high that we experience. A strain’s THC percentage represents how much THC is present per gram, also known as potency.

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What are Best Weed Strains with the Highest THC?

To be clear: when we say high THC, we mean that the bud in question has a THC percentage per gram of over 20%. These are the strongest weed strains around as many can test out even higher!

Since each cannabis strain is unique and may contain various amounts of THC, many people want to know the strain of weed with the highest THC content. Lately, more potent high THC strains than what we have witnessed in the past appear in dispensaries. Through precise breeding and meticulous pollination, consumers now have more powerful THC options to choose from. 

Each year, cannabis gets higher and higher in THC. We‘ve bred it throughout the plant’s history to produce more and more of the intoxicating cannabinoid. In the 1970s it was common for THC Today, some plants reach THC levels in the mid-to-high thirties!

While THC isn’t the only cannabinoid contributing to the high we experience, it’s the leading player. So when you think about marijuana as euphoric, intoxicating, sedating, mind-altering, etc., the THC is primarily what’s responsible. Though traditionally for recreational use, the compound also alleviates inflammation and pain, reduces nausea, treats muscle spasticity, and stimulates appetite. All of these effects are prominently found in cannabis strains with high THC.

So, if you’re looking for strains with the highest THC levels, we’ve got you covered.


Highest THC Strains 2022 List

If you’re a regular cannabis user, there’s no doubt you enjoy high THC strains, sometimes you just need strong weed strains to get your mind right. Of course, the stronger it is, the more enjoyment you may get—go ahead and try out one (or more) of these high THC cannabis strains!

Curious about whats the strongest weed strain? Below are some of the top weed strains with the highest THC as of 2022, listed from lowest to highest. THC only goes up from here! 


critical kush strain

Critical Kush

Critical Kush is one of the strongest marijuana strains with the highest THC content. It is a powerful Indica strain that takes over your body, providing complete relaxation and significantly calming effects. 

This strain is the child of Barney’s Farm, an Amsterdam-based grower that’s responsible for amazing strains such as Liberty Haze and LSD. Critical Kush is a mix of the infamous OG Kush and Critical Mass.  It received consistently high reviews, with THC levels ranging from 16% - 29%. (note: this wide range is why good growing practices are so important!) 

Critical Kush plants will bless you with thick buds, which is not surprising considering they are 100% Indica. Good quality Critical Kush flowers have an earthy, kushy scent with hints of citrus, which you will notice is more potent when ground up. When smoking it, the taste is similar to a spicy pine. 

Newbies should take note - this strain produces intense smoke that can harsh sinuses and eyes. If you prefer discretion when you smoke, this strain is not the one. Save Critical Kush for when you are doing something, well, less critical.


trainwreck strain trimmed buds


Trainwreck is a one of the best sativa strains, and perhaps the strongest sativa strain, with a profoundly blissful mental high. This strain stands out from other hybrids because of its strong indica impact despite its sativa dominance. The result is a warm pain-alleviating effect complimented by a subtly spicy flavor.  

Again, Trainwreck is 90% sativa, but the effects will not feel like it. It looks like an incredibly bushy sativa, though, and can easily be grown outdoors and indoors.

Depending on the cultivator, Trainwreck tests out at 18- 20% THC. While this may not be as high as others on this list, she has historically been considered a high THC strain and it’s important to acknowledge your roots. 

Trainwreck also has high amounts of the terpene Terpinolene which is a serious tranquilizer. Trainwreck is popular (and has been for a long time!) for medical purposes such as stress, chronic pain, ADHD, muscle tightness, and PTSD relief. Because Trainwreck is such a potent strain, it may only take a few puffs to reach full-body euphoria, experience a cerebral high, and enjoy that good old stuck in the couch locked feeling. 


gsc strain trimmed buds


More commonly known as Girl Scout Cookies before the organization filed for a trademark violation, GSC is a high-THC strain found worldwide. It’s the flagship strain of Northern California’s Cookie Family, who pollinated OG Kush with their own F1 Durban Poison to breed this iconic bud. Because of this Durban Poison heritage, Girl Scout Cookies is also one of the best weed strains high in THCV as well as THC. 

The THC levels of GSC vary from 18-28%, and the strain is another prolific one, with several awards from the Cannabis Cup. Their Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint varieties are also among some of the strongest weed strains. GSC will continue to be one of the most popular weed strain because we know that cali weed strength is undeniable.  

chemdog strain weed


Emerging from an encounter at a Grateful Dead concert, Chem Dog is one of the most famous strains when talking about high THC levels. It’s often called “Chemdawg;” the breeder Greg Krzanowski (who also goes by Chemdog) dislikes this spelling. It’s a phenotype of the strain Dogbud that Chemdog first acquired from two fellow breeders (Joe Brand and P-Bud) in a Grateful Dead show parking lot in Deer Creek, Indiana in the 1990s. Blown away by the bud, Chemdog asked them to ship him a few ounces of Dogbud back home in Massachusetts and in those ounces he found 13 seeds. From those high thc seeds, he popped 4 and got three female weed plants that were named “Chem Dog” (now known as Chem 91), “Chem Dog A” (now called Chem’s Sister) and “Chem Dog B.”

The name comes from a combination of the nickname Chem or Chemweed, for the plant’s distinct “chemmy” diesel flavor and Dogbud that produced the bag seed.

THC levels of Chemdog sit between 19 and 24% and are said to make you roll over like a dog. 

Undeniably one of the best strains of all time, Chemdog genetics live on and have given birth to high thc seeds to produce genetics of other strong weed strains like Sour Diesel, Stardog, and GMO Cookies. 

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amnesia haze marijuana plants

Amnesia Haze

Coming from two sources Soma Seeds and First Medical Seed, Amnesia Haze boasts a complex lineage featuring ancient roots of landrace strains, including Afghani, Southeast Asian, and Hawaiian landrace varieties. Its THC percentages range from 20 to 25%.

Now, don’t confuse Amnesia Haze with Amnesia, which is a cross of Super Silver Haze and Bubble Gum. Amnesia Haze, an award-winning Sativa strain, offers an interesting range of effects, touted for being both uplifting and relaxing.

Spicy, slightly citrus, and earthy taste give way to a cerebral high complete with mental sharpness and intense focus. Great for completing tasks that involve both the body and the mind. 

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ghost train haze strain buds

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze has won multiple awards for its high potency. In fact, this strain consecutively wins High Times Strongest Strains on Earth every year. Ghost Train Haze is a well-known Sativa dominant hybrid with levels testing up to 25-27% THC

Ghost Train Haze is so potent that some say it produces a somewhat psychedelic experience. It sports a pine-like, sweet aroma with a whiff of spice, citrus, and lemon.

Do not be surprised if merely breaking apart a bud creates an intense scent that saturates the room. Despite the strong numbers, the smoke is very gentle, with a taste that reminds you of OG.

Riding this train will send you into a state of euphoria while lifting your energy. The hazy effects also make it mentally relaxing. It’s a great daytime smoke, but due to its potency,  you might want to keep it light if you plan to do anything during the day.

Medical marijuana patients will also be happy to know Ghost Train Haze has significant therapeutic properties. It is great for reducing pain and supporting mental health as it provides relief from symptoms of PTSD and depression.


strawberry banana strain flowering cannabis plant

Strawberry Banana

A frosty combination of Amsterdam and California genetics, Strawberry Banana, bred by DNA Genetics in collaboration with Serious Seeds, is a fan-favorite. According to its DNA, this strain has a high resin output, making for a potent, tasty concentrate.

Bred from a male Bubble Gum and female Banana Kush plant, Strawberry Banana is a multiple-time first-place winner at the Cannabis Cup. PSI Labs show this strain’s THC level going as high as 27%. With proper care, the Strawberry Banana plant can produce massive yields of resin-ripe, frosty buds. 

An indica leaning hybrid, Strawberry Banana strain has a sweet and mildly fruity taste that leads to a slow building high that is best indulged toward the end of the day. 


gg4 strain cannabis buds


Also called Gorilla Glue, and Gorilla Glue #4, but officially named Original Glue for now, GG4 is a strain bred by the founders of the GG strains—Lone Watty and Josey Whales. Some of the best weed in the world that was a result of an accidental crossover of a hermaphroditic Chem Sister with Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. When fellow breeder Mardogg cultivated four different phenotypes, Whales decided #4 was the winning strain.

GG4’s THC levels are at 27-30%, as certified by Phylos Bioscience and True-Breed. This strain is widely available—in 2015, at the High Times Cannabis Cup, they released 125 GG4 cuttings so that their fellow growers could grow GG4 all over the country.

The cannabis flower is aptly named as it is so sticky to trim, gunking up scissors with every snip which is a testament to the trichomes that carry all those delicious cannabinoids. But the Original Glue strain also sticks up all those racing thoughts as it calms the mind. 


bruce banner strain marijuana buds

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is consistently one of the highest THC percentage weed strain - its #3 version has up to 30% THC. Its name comes from the alter-ego of comic book superhero the Hulk, and once you try it, you’ll understand why. Besides being one of the highest THC content strain that’s easy to find, it also a nicely balanced hybrid – that isn’t too much of anything. In other words, it’s the friendly side of the Hulk. 

When you’re called Bruce Banner, it is not hard to expect a potent high- but the name also describes the yield. It’s strong, but it’s also huge with yields to match. The flavor is nice as well.

It boasts a slightly citrus taste that is more earthy than sweet. The buds are thick, with an abundance of THC that hits quickly. Like the Hulk, Bruce Banner changes. The body high hits fast, but it becomes an imaginative ecstasy after a while, a stark contrast to feeling so stoned in the beginning. 

The strong body high is very relaxing, making it great for those needing pain relief. Bruce Banner is often a go-to for help with anxiety, ADHD, Bipolar disorders, and stress. Users suffering from migraines and arthritis will find comfort from using this strain. Bruce Banner is one of the easiest to grow options on this list and produces the highest yield.


godfather og strain harvested marijuana flowers

Godfather OG

This mysterious high-THC strain, donned the “Don of all OGs,” likely originates from Bubba Kush, OG Kush, Granddaddy Purps, and LA Confidential. The original strain of Godfather OG, popular in California medical circles, is reportedly a cross of Alpha OG and XXX OG. No matter how you break down the genealogy, this cannabis flower is the top of all top og strains. 

Winning the title of best Indica strain at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015, Godfather OG tested at around 28% THC. It’s valued for its strong sedative effects and full-body relaxation. CannaSafe Analytics tested the strain and found that its levels could reach up to 34% THC. At one point, Godfather OG bud was considered the highest thc ever recorded in flower, but we have continued to evolve as growers and breeders. The limit has yet to be reached! 

A true hybrid, the grape tasting cannabis flowers first invoke euphoric effects that leads into full body relaxation. There are various “Godfather OG” strains, so ensure that you ask for clarification if it’s the original or a different variety.


future #1 strain buds

Future #1

Future #1 first coming out of 7 Points Oregon, now making a name with high thc seeds coming from Anesia Seeds Co, is making some serious waves in the canna-consumer community. Why? This Gorilla Glue #4 x Starfighter F2 cross is forcing us redefine the upper limits of cannabis potency. Depending on the harvest, Future #1 can test at 30- 37% THC per gram. Before this, the accepted THC limit was considered 35%. The testing facility, MRX Labs, had to run the sample four times to verify the 37.28% sample in 2018. 

This frosty hybrid isn’t just all THC, she’s got terps, too. Primarily citrusy and pine, leading to a tropical evergreen taste. And this all contributes to an euphoric high, an uplifting stoned experience with some body tingles. Great for when you want to zone into a creative project, connect, or just giggle. Because of the high THC, it is best to gradually intake as some report that this strain takes them to another dimension. 

Medically, this strain is useful for combating depression, allievating stress, and relaxing achy bodies. 

Growers note the size and density of buds and trichomes. A Future #1 plant isn’t just highly potent, she brings down high yields, too. And accessible for beginners! Just make sure she has good soil and a lot of light. 

Future #1 is a great development in the continually evolving relationship between humans and cannabis, a future that we want to be a part of!


the toad strain dank marijuana buds in glass jar


The Toad

And last but not least, the strongest weed strain on our list, is a newer addition to the high-THC cannabis market. The Toad is exclusively grown by Tyson Ranch, a cannabis brand co-founded by celebrity Mike Tyson. It’s an indica dominant strain and derived from Chemdog OG and GSC. According to Tyson Ranch, The Toad offers an immediate, euphoric high that settles into a relaxed body state. 

Testing at around 37% THC and a total of 43% cannabinoids, The Toad is exceptionally one of the most potent weed strains 2022. Kevin Bell, the COO of operations at Tyson Ranch, stated that the strain was offered for sale to them by another grower—a proposition that they gladly accepted. With the rebranding to Tyson 2.0, they have also launched the Midwest Toad strain, another indica dominant and already very popular as one of the new weed strains 2022.


How to Grow these Strongest Strains at Home

Buying high THC weed from your local dispensary is good; however, there is a much easier way to enjoy high-quality marijuana, whether it’s the highest THC strain you can get your hands on, or a low-THC, high CBD strain, or just your favorite strain from high school– and that is to grow it yourself

Growing your own marijuana is also cheaper. And it is the only way to know what exactly is in your buds. No pesticides, not additives that you don’t know about. Plus you get to connect with your ancestors and develop a relationship with a very cool plant.

Why go to a dispensary and buy a few buds when you can get the whole plant? It is more affordable to get a complete grow kit and you have everything you need for a lot longer.

homegrown cannabis grower checking marijuana plant buds trichomes

How do home growers ensure the highest THC content? 

Let’s remember that the cannabinoids, like THC, are found primarily in the trichomes. Or, in other words, “The frostier the flower, the more potent the cannabis.”

Trichomes are the tiny crystals that you see coating the buds of a flowering cannabis plant. It is the grower’s job to set the plant up to produce as many trichomes as possible. This means sticky, resiny, super sparkly buds. 

To get this at home, first, start with good genetics like we’ve covered above. Having a plant that produces high THC buds first comes down to genetics. It is the most important factor to consider when wanting to grow high THC buds. The genetics of a plant sets the upper limit of cannabinoids that your plant could potentially produce under ideal conditions. Let’s not forget that us humans have selectively bred cannabis for certain traits– “how stoned can this get me?” being one of the many reasons! 

But, genetics only goes so far. To get that homegrown potent marijuana, you will need to enlist best growing practices to keep your good genes as healthy plants.

Cultivation factors that contribute to high THC: 

  • Strain and genetics
  • Healthy plants
  • Light
  • Proper harvest time
  • Curing

Maintaining healthy marijuana plants does not need to be hard. Grow kits make it super easy! Once you have a grow kit for cannabis, you just need to provide a lot of light and keep your plant lightly watered. And avoid all the common growing mistakes: over/under watering, heat stress, root rot, irregular light, and nutrient excess/deficiencies

If you choose not to get a grower kit, you will also need a well draining grow medium and nutrients. Nutrients for cannabis can be found in speciality blended super soils or you can find a liquid or powdered nutrient line that works for you, your budget and values. 

Once you have the medium that you are going to grow your dank weed in, you need some sort of lighting. Cannabis loves light! The more light the better! If your light is inconsistent or weak, your plant will still grow, but she will turn out spindly and lack robust buds. Remember, light is how your plant is getting all the energy she needs to build those flowers and cover them in delicious resin. 

Really, you can never give your plant too much light. Outdoor plants need 8+ hours of direct sunlight to reach peak potential (like when grown in the summer) and indoor plants need strong, bright, grow lights that are full spectrum and need 16 to 20 hours during their vegetative growth. (Autoflowers ideally get 20 hours of light their entire lives.)  

We cover this more in depth in this related article: How Much Weed Does One Plant Produce?

Knowing when to harvest is key to getting the most potent buds possible from your homegrown marijuana plants. Each cannabis plant has a two to three week span in the late flowering stage where her buds have the highest percentage of THC. (A weed plant can and will live for a long time past her peak THC window.) 

How do you know when your cannabis plant is in her peak THC window? The buds give clear clues as to when to harvest your homegrown weed: 

  1. Trichomes, the tiny sticky crystals, are cloudy/milky looking like white plastic in color and have rounded, mushroom-shaped heads. (Underdeveloped trichomes are clear and glass-like with flat heads.) 
  2. Stigmas, the hair-like pollen catchers darken up, changing to brown, red, or orange instead of white and curl inwards.

 Like this: 

close up of marijuana plant trichome harvesting peak window

This is also when you may find your plant to be the most pungent or smelly. But the most reliable method of knowing when to harvest your weed is to check the trichomes. This is only really possible with some sort of magnifying lens. Stigma color is less reliable because an unpollinated cannabis plant (what we want) can continue to put off more stigmas way past her prime in a last-ditch attempt to get seeded. 

Harvesting your weed to early not only sacrifices your potency and yield, the buds that you consume may leave you feeling anxious, racy, or give you a headache. 

Harvesting your weed past her peak THC is still possible. The plant just continues to mature and her cannabinoids develop. With the continued time and exposure to air and light, THCa degrades into CBN (Cannabinol) which is less potent than THC but is know for promoting sedative effects. Making it great for those that want help sleeping but don’t want to get stoned. 

Then once you harvest your weed, properly drying and curing is essential to get the most potent final product possible. Curing won’t necessarily increase the THC percentage of your product, but it will ensure that you get the best experience from your homegrown marijuana. Curing breaks down chlorophyll which reduces the chance for molds, eliminates harshness and allows the unique terpene profile to come through in both smell and taste. 

Curing is done by jarring up your dried and trimmed buds, and burping (opening) the jars daily for one to three weeks. This process results in tastier, stonier weed! Yes, this may take a little more time but why waste all your hard work at the end?


High THC vs Terpenes

High THC isn’t the only factor contributing to your experience when consuming cannabis in whatever form you choose. Terpenes and other less studied cannabinoids also contribute to the experience. This goes beyond a sativa or an indica, it is the unique biochemical makeup of a specific strain, harvest run, or individual plant sometimes.  

Stacking cannabinoids, like CBD, CBN, and CBG, can interact with THC and cause cascade effects. This means that your experience gets elevated and enhanced. 

Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds (technically hydrocarbons) that are aromatic meaning that we experience them as smells and tastes. These chemicals are found in both plants and animals– including cannabis. Terpenes are why different marijuana strains taste and smell differently. And they are a big (yet, still being discovered) factor contributing to the particular high that one strain may produce over another. We may find one day that we are more interested in the highest terpene production possible than the highest THC possible and at that point we will put out a list of the highest terpene strains. But more than likely, these chemicals, terpenes and cannabinoids, created by the cannabis plant actually work together to make us feel good. 

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