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How Many Ounces In A Pound Of Weed?

Last Updated: March 08, 2023By Joshua Mezher

Cannabis is a popular recreational and medicinal drug around the world, and for many cannabis consumers and enthusiasts in the United States, knowing how to convert grams to ounces to pounds is essential. After all, in the cannabis industry, pot is commonly found in grams or ounces, and it can be hard to keep track of how much you have, especially if you’re hoping to establish your own dispensary or if you've been growing hella weed.

As your stash grows into large quantities, your plants flourish and you pull down bigger and bigger harvests, you may start asking the question: "How Many Ounces Are In A Pound Of Weed?"

Ya know, for 'scientific' purposes only. Definitely not for aspiring entrepreneurial purposes at all.

pile of marijuana buds spilling out of a pound bag above a rolling tray with a joint, bowl, grinder, and two ounces of weed

In this article, we’ll explore this question and discuss the different ways to measure marijuana flowers and how many grams and how many ounces (oz) are in a pound (lbs) of cannabis. We will also offer Cannabis 101 tips on ensuring you’re getting the right amount and answer some common questions about cannabis measurements and weight conversions and discuss how much does a pound of weed cost. As well as common slang terms for these weed measurements so you can communicate effectively with buyers and sellers, both in dispensaries and for recreational purposes. 

How Many Ounces in a Pound?


What is an Ounce, What is a Pound? 

Before we jump into the question of "How many ounces to a pound of marijuana?" it’s essential to understand the terms “ounce” and “pound” for accuracy.

An ounce is a unit of measurement used to measure both weight and volume. To be exact, an ounce is equal to 28.35 grams or 1/16th of an lb.

A pound, on the other hand, is a unit of measurement used to measure weight only. So, one pound is equal to 453.59 grams or 16 ounces.

For clarity, one ounce equals 0.0625 lbs or 1/16th of a lb.

In the United States customary system of measurement, an lb equals 16 ounces. However, in the metric system, an lb equals approximately 0.45 kilograms or 453.592 grams.

It is also important to note that this number will not vary because it is a standardized measurement of mass. (Okay, there is an exception to this that we will cover below.) But depending on the strain of marijuana and the density of the flower, two pounds of pot can look very different while weighing the same. Some bud is just fluffy-- looking at you Sour Diesel!

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What Does One Ounce of Weed Look Like? 

An ounce of marijuana looks like a large handful of marijuana buds. On average, it is enough bud to fill a sandwich sized ziplock bag. Which is why an oz of cannabis is often called a 'zip'. The denser the buds, the less space they take up so if you are getting really good bud covered in trichomes and loaded with terps, you can expect the bag to have more room.


What Does a Pound of Weed Look Like? 

An lb of weed is a large amount of cannabis, and it’s difficult to estimate its size without taking weight measurements. But it generally is in a shape of a football, but bigger.

It's important to note that nug quality and size vary widely depending on the strain, or whether they are smalls or bigs, so the size of an lb of marijuana can differ significantly. 

one pound of weed in a turkey bag shaped like a football


How Much Is A Pound of Weed?

Generally speaking, a pound of marijuana costs from $800 to $2,000 on average, but it can go even higher for rare or top-shelf chronic high THC varieties. In the legal cannabis industry and the black market, cannabis prices in California have fallen to as low as $300-400 per lb for growers.

Depending on supply and demand, the market rate for a lb of mary jane can and will vary depending on region and local laws.

How to Accurately Weigh a Pound of Cannabis

A digital scale is the most accurate way to measure a lb of marijuana. Digital scales are typically accurate to within a tenth of a gram, which is more than precise enough for measuring a lb of cannabis. The only downside is that in most cases these weed scales tend to be quite small so sometimes you have to weigh in batches.

A kitchen scale will also work if you don’t have access to a digital scale or if your digital scale is too small for such a large quantity. Kitchen scales are generally accurate to within an ounce, which is precise enough for measuring a lb of marijuana.

Make sure whatever scale you use is properly calibrated for accuracy. (Tip: this is also useful when cannabis cooking with oils and making edibles.)


Slang for Pound of Weed

In the cannabis community, a pound of marijuana is often called an elbow or ‘bow’ or just 'L.' These terms are derived from the phonetics (how speech sounds) of the measurement abbreviation lb, which becomes "el-BOW." Example: "I'm throwing a big 420 party so I'm gonna cop a bow of weed."

When dealing with bulk amounts, one pound is often called a 'pack' where a 10 pack is 10 pounds and so on (i.e 50 pack, 100 pack).

10 pack of weed, 10 pounds of marijuana bagged up in turkey bags


Selling Cannabis: When is a lb of Cannabis NOT a Pound?

So let's just say that hypothetically you are a budding pot dealer. Maybe you're a well connected stoner hoping just to cover what you consume for personal use and after you've saved up enough slinging dime bags from coping zips that you are able to buy weed by the pound. It's the big leagues buddy! It's amazing how much weed is in a pound. Break that into half then divide to 4 qps or quarter pound. Then you break that down to ounces, 4 to each quop, so 16 ounces total. But you know your clientele and need to know how many eighths are in one pound. Well, there's 8 eighths of weed in an oz and 16 ounces in a pound so, 8 multiplied by 16 equals 128 eighths of marijuana. There are 3.5 grams in an eighth so you eagerly measure 128 out in little baggies just to get your supply measured and ready to sell and there's none leftover.

Well, let's do some math. 3.5 grams multiplied by 128 equals 448 grams. And how many grams in a pound of weed? 453. That's 5 whole grams unaccounted for! The quantity of buds that you receive in your lb of marijuana tells you how far removed you are from the grower.

448 grams is what's known as a street pound compared to the 454-458 grams per # that is considered a grower's pound. (Yes, growers typically throw in a couple extra nugs because they have so much weed and know everyone takes a little.) We recommend to weighing before paying-- keep in mind that turkey bags weigh between 14 to 17 grams.

And if you really want a bulk amount of cannabis with no headache, you can grow your own easily with a grow kit. Our Large Complete Pot Grow Kit (35 gallon) is designed to grow and harvest over a pound of marijuana (from one plant) at a fraction of the cost, no green thumb required!

two growers tending to a cannabis in a Large Complete Pot Grow Kit (35 gallon) that harvested almost two pounds of weed 

Tips for Ensuring You Get the Right Amount 

No stoner wants to get ripped off. Here are some tips to ensure that you’re getting the right amount of cannabis when making a purchase: 

• Check the label: If you are medical patient or at a dispensary, make sure the product you're purchasing states the weight of the product. And don't forget to include taxes in your weed cost calculation.

• Ask questions: If you’re unsure how much cannabis you’re getting, don’t be afraid to ask. No need for estimating!

• Know the market rate: Research the market rate for cannabis in your area. Knowing the marijuana price per ounce and price per gram can help determine how much you should pay for a lb of marijuana.

• Know your conversion tables: If you haven't memorized how to convert different weed measurements, be sure to have conversion tables handy when purchasing your marijuana. Some measurements are easier to convert, but it can get complicated when you try to convert them to different units.

Conversion Table for Ounces to Pounds to Grams


1 Dime 0.035274 Ounces

1 gram

1 Eighth 1/8 Ounce

3.5 grams

1 Quarter 1/4 Ounce

7 grams

1 Half 1/2 Ounce

14 grams

1 Ounce  

28 grams

1 Pound 16 Ounces

453 grams

Ounces to Pound: 1 Ounce 0.0625 pounds
Grams to Pound: 1 Gram 0.002205 pounds
Pound to Grams:  1 lb 453.59 grams 


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FAQs on How Many Oz in a lb of Weed?

Does 16 oz make 1 lb? 

Yes, 16 ounces is equal to 1 lb. 

How much does 8 oz weigh in pounds? 

8 ounces is the same as 0.5 lb or a half pound. 

Is 12oz a half pound? 

No, 12 ounces is not equal to a half pound. A half pound is equal to 8 ounces. 

Is 8 oz half a pound? 

Yes, 8 ounces of cannabis flowers is equal to a half pound of weed. 

What is half of 1 lb? 

Half of 1 lb is equal to 8 ounces. 

How much does 1 pound cost? 

The price of a pound of cannabis can vary widely depending on the quality and variety of the flower. Generally, a lb of marijuana can range from $800 to $2,000 USD, but it can go even higher for rare, highest THC, or top-shelf varieties. 

How many ounces does it take to make a pound? 

It takes 16 oz to make 1 lb. 

How many ounces for 1 pound? 

1 pound is equal to 16 ounces. 

Can you buy a pound of weed legally? 

It depends on where you live. In states where cannabis is legal, you may be able to purchase a pound of weed legally. However, in states where cannabis is still illegal, buying any weed is considered a crime. 

Is it legal to have a pound of weed? 

It depends on the possession laws where you live. In states where cannabis is legal, possessing a pound of weed may be okay-- especially if you grew it yourself. However, in states where cannabis is still illegal, it's better to have less weed on you at any given time as more in possession tends to have increased penalties. 

What do they call a pound of weed? 

A pound of marijuana is often called an elbow or ‘bow’ or just 'L.' When talking about multiple lbs, a pound is often called a 'pack.' (Example: I just picked up 10 packs of chronic from a grower up in Humboldt.)

What is slang for a pound of weed? 

Terms that mean a pound of weed: elbow, L, bow, pack, brick, or bar. But most just call it what it is, a pound. 

How much was a pound of weed in the 90s? 

The price of a pound of weed in the 90s varied widely depending on the quality and variety of the cannabis. Generally, a lb of weed in the 90s could range from $400 to $1,000 USD. 

What was the price of a pound of weed in the 70s? 

The cost of a pound of weed in the 70s varied widely depending on the quality and variety of the cannabis. Generally, a pound of weed in the 70s could range from $100 to $400 USD. 

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