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What to Look for in a Weed Scale

Last Updated: November 22, 2022By Jason Levin

As someone who’s interested in weed, you’re probably also interested in a good weed scale. If not, maybe consider becoming interested?

There are many reasons to invest in a scale. Perhaps you’d like to sell large amounts of marijuana and would like to measure your product. Maybe you intend to work as a budtender in a dispensary and need to familiarize yourself with the different weights. Perhaps you are trying to learn how to quickly convert your measurements from the metric system (grams) to the US Imperial system (ounces). You might even measure to determine the proper dosage for edibles or other medical reasons. 

Even if you are selling small amounts to friends, you want to measure correctly. The best way to do this is with a digital weed scale. There are many different scales to choose from; how could you possibly identify the best digital scale for weed? It’s simple, choose the scale with the features you like most. 

where to buy a weed scale

Where to Get A Good Weed Scale

If you’re looking for the best scale to weigh weed, there are many options. For a good weed scale Walmart is an option, and yes, for a weed scale Amazon is one too. If you have typed in, Where can I buy a Weed Scale,” you’re going to get a ton of results. The better question is: “Which weed scale should I buy?” 

With so many options, the best place to start is by selecting a reputable manufacturer. Certain brands are known for reliability, such as American Weigh Scales. 

American Weigh Scales is the most trusted and affordable brand in weed scales. Stoners everywhere love it for its cost and reliability. Most of their scales are all in one and come from the factory already calibrated. However, it’s still a good idea to check the accuracy of your scale before using it. The most popular and affordable scale from AWS this year is their AWS 1KG Digital Pocket Scale, which you can find on Amazon for just over $10. 

Getting caught with a scale and weed in states or countries where cannabis is still illegal is very bad. If you’re found with both at the same time, you’ll likely get charged with intent to distribute. That’s a charge that carries some hefty jail time. This risk is why a stealth scale like this one from AWS is a good idea. Disguised as a CD jewel case, this scale allows you to conduct your business on the go with no worry of interference. 

If you are planning on dealing with things other than herb, such as concentrates or powders, then you should consider the American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable Milligram Scale. This scale is a bit pricier than the others, but it’s perfect for weighing out your concentrates, ensuring you get the perfect dosage each time.


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How Much Should You Pay for A Weed Scale?

The price of a good scale can vary greatly. On Amazon, a weed weight scale can start at $10 and go all the way up to $50 for the better, more trusted brands. Are you looking for something more professional?  The best scale for weed could easily cost over $100. These types of scales provide more precise measurements and are the types you find in labs.  

Your best digital scale for weed does not have to cost you a pretty penny. Again, depending on your needs, you could get by with a free version. For example, with a weed scale app iPhone and Android users can make their cell phones into a scale. Popular apps such as weed scale 4.20 are ideal for measuring small amounts of bud on the go.  If you’re the type that finds a weed scale chart useful, you can also find plenty of free apps on both iPhone and Android.

Now that you understand where to get a good weed scale let’s talk about how to use it. 

How To Weigh Weed On A Scale

Weighing weed on a scale isn’t hard, even if you have to go analog instead of digital. Nowadays, most people use digital scales to weigh weed, so this is kind of a lost art, but an important one, nonetheless. Here’s how you do it. 

First, you need to learn the most common weed measurements. For smaller amounts, you will be dealing with grams. Large amounts mean ounces and pounds. The tricky thing is: grams are metric, while ounces and pounds are US-based. 

When dealing with grams, it’s best to remember that 3.5 grams equal one-eighth of an ounce, and 7 grams are a quarter ounce, 14 grams is a half-ounce, and one ounce is 28 grams. All you need is simple math! It gets even easier, the higher you go.  Four ounces equal a quarter pound, 8 ounces are a half-pound, and 16 ounces is a pound. 

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Grams aren’t as easy to break down mathematically. It’s best to use a conversion chart. 

Weighing Weed with A Standard Scale

A non-digital pocket gram scale is simple to use and fairly easy to buy. These types of scales are perfect for dealing with small amounts of weed. To use them, simply place your herb in a plastic Ziploc baggie, clip it to the end of the scale and read the results. Always make sure that you subtract the weight of the baggie or add an extra little bit to make up for it. Everyone appreciates the hookup when your throw just a little bit more in the bag.

If you need something that measures larger amounts, you can’t go wrong with a standard mechanical kitchen scale. You can find these in the kitchen appliance section of your favorite department stores. These are a bit more accurate than a pocket scale and perfect for weighing out larger quantities like ounces and pounds. 

gram of weed on a digital scale

Weighing Weed with A Digital Scale

If you don’t want to risk an inaccurate measurement, you should spring for a digital weed scale. Digital scales take all of the guesswork out of your measuring and ensure accurate results. 

The mark of any good scale is its accuracy, which in laymen’s terms means the degree in which a measurement compares to its actual value. You can improve the accuracy of a digital scale by calibrating it. 

Calibrating Your Scale

Digital scales are very accurate if you calibrate them correctly. Calibration is measured as +/- (number) (percentage or weight unit). That means if you calibrate your scale using a 10-gram weight and the display reads “100.01”, the accuracy of your weed scale is 0.01 grams or +/- 0.1% or +/- 0.1 grams.

To calibrate your scale, weigh an object with a known weight and compare the results to its actual weight. Then, look at the difference and adjust your scale’s calibration accordingly. If that sounds overly complicated, don’t worry, it’s not. An easy thing to use is coins.  

Here are the known weights of everyday coins:

Penny  2.5 grams
Dime 2.268 grams
Nickel 5 grams
Quarter 5.670 grams


Compare these weights to what your digital scale measures. 

Most people use a nickel to calibrate their scale because it is the most reliable. Nickels have weighed the same since 1866. They are also easy to find lying around. Now you should keep in mind, everyday wear and tear is going to make your nickel weigh less. Therefore, you should try and use the newest nickel that you can find for the most accurate results. 

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How Much Is A Gram of Weed on A Scale?

A gram of weed should also weigh a gram when placed on a scale. However, unless you are using a digital scale, it might be hard to read. A gram is the smallest unit of measurement when weighing weed – larger kitchen scales may not do the trick. 

That’s why many at-home dealers prefer to deal in large amounts. Not only is it less of a hassle, but it’s also a lot easier to measure. If you’re on the other end of the deal and aren’t sure whether or not you received the amount that they sold you, here are some ways to tell. 

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Are They Using A Weed Scale to Cheat You?

There are ways to make your weed weigh heavier on a scale, though this practice is highly shady. Do not do this yourself unless you want to make some enemies. However, if you are still buying weed on the black market, there are some things that you should watch out for. Here’s how to tell if someone is adding fake weight to their weed.

The Weed Will Be Wetter Than Usual

We all love sticky buds, but there is a difference between “sticky” and “wet.” A common practice among shady dealers is too wet their weed slightly. This practice makes weed weigh just a bit more on the scale. Savvier smokers will be able to spot damp bud pretty quickly.

Here’s what to look for. 

  • Buds with a weird color that looks almost too dark
  • Weed that doesn’t smoke properly. Instead, it chars up, and you can’t get a decent hit
  • Herb that feels wet to the touch. Again, this is not the same as sticky! 
  • A weird smell that varies based on how much the bud was tampered with. 
  • When pressed between a folded sheet of paper, the buds leave a wet mark.

If you don’t experience any of these situations, your weed is probably just some good dense dank!

Your Weed Might Be “Gritty.”

Some dealers dust their buds with sand to make it weigh more and look higher quality. The dust makes it look covered in kief. Instead, there is nothing magical about that dust. You can tell the difference when holding these dusted buds, and the “kief” immediately falls off, covering your hand with dirt. Even the most inexperienced stoner should be able to tell the difference between trichomes and dirt.

If the person or dispensary that sells you your weed is doing this, find somewhere new to buy. 

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measuring weed without a scale

How to Measure Weed Without A Scale

The best way to double-check someone’s measurements is to weigh it yourself. But if you don’t own a scale that can be kind of hard – if you don’t know what you are doing. You might find this hard to believe, but it is possible to accurately measure weed without a scale. No, we are not talking about eyeballing it. 

You should never count on just your eyes to do something as meticulous as measuring out weed, or anything for that matter. Would you trust a construction worker who you saw eyeballing the wood when building a frame for your house? Would you trust a nurse or physician’s assistant who simply guessed at the amount of morphine they were supposed to safely inject into a patient? I think you get the point. Leave the eyeballing to cooking, and only if you are so familiar with the recipe that you could probably make it with your eyes closed.

There are ways to accurately measure weed without a scale. The simplest method involves a ruler and a penny! No, that’s it. Every penny minted after 1982 will weigh approximately 2.5 grams. Balancing your herb on one end of the ruler/scale and the penny on the other, you will easily be able to weigh it out accurately. 

There’s a reason why so many people use this method. It is because it works. 

Another great check-their-work method is a weed scale app like the ones mentioned at the beginning of this article. There are many options for both iPhone and Android users. If you’re looking for a free weed scale, this is probably your best option. Make sure to read reviews and download the highest rated ones. There are a lot of crap apps out there!

With so many weed scale options, there really isn’t a reason not to have a scale. So, stop wondering, and start weighing.


Frequently Asked Questions About Weed Scales 

What is a gram on a digital scale?

A gram will read out 1.0 grams on a scale, or 1000 milligrams

How can I measure a weed gram without a scale?

When you do not have a scale, you can make a balance scale from a ruler and use coins from your pocket to find the weight.

What scales do you use for weed?

There are many different types of scales used to measure weed. However, many prefer scales that can measure the weight of small quantities, including marijuana, herbs, and jewelry. The top scales used to measure weed include: 

  • Spirit Pronto Pocket Scale 
  • Smart Weigh SWS100
  • Smart Weigh ZIP300 Scale
  • Horizon PCC-100 Scale
  • Boldall Portable Scale
  • Etekcity Digital Touch
  • Poniie Digital Jewelry Scale
  • AWS Signatgure Series
  • AWS Blade Style Scale

How do you use a gram scale?

A gram is often the smallest weight of weed you can buy from a dispensary. However, if you’re using other measurements for cannabis, it is as follows. 

  • An eighth of an ounce of weed weighs around 3.5 grams
  • A quarter ounce of weed weighs roughly 7 grams. To be precise, a quarter weighs 7.0874 grams
  • Half an ounce of weed weighs around 14 grams
  • A full ounce of cannabis weighs 28 grams

Is it illegal to buy a scale?

Under prohibition, carrying a scale with illegal cannabis can bring a possession with intent to distribute charge, no matter the amount of cannabis.

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