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Some of the Best Ways to Smoke Weed Without a Pipe

Last Updated: March 13, 2023By Joshua Mezher

Over the years, weed smokers have come up with creative ways of getting high by using different tools and conducting various experiments. Nowadays, it is just as common to see people smoking weed just as much as they’d use hash, wax, and hash oils.

In some areas like Southern California, dabbing wax has become a lifestyle. There are many ways to enjoy cannabis; however, the best way to smoke weed is the method you like the best.   

Do you need a little inspiration for ways to go beyond the pipe?  Here are ten other ways to consume marijuana. 

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Butane Hash Oil (BHO), commonly known as dabs, is made from the extracts of all the most potent parts of the cannabis plant. The solidified hash oil is not smoked; instead it is vaporized using a rig similar to a bong bowl. You use a blowtorch to light the rig instead of a lighter.

The high heat from the blowtorch vaporizes the weed concentrates, thus getting you high much quicker. Although the blowtorch makes it look dangerous, dabbing is thought to be one of the healthiest and best ways of consuming weed. This is because BHO is exposed to high temperatures, thus causing the vapor to be free of any foreign material. 

This method is not recommended for beginner smokers due to its high potency, hence the nickname - the ‘crack’ of cannabis.

Portable Vaporizers

cannabis vaporizer


Recently, vaping (where dry weed, oils, and wax are converted into an inhalable vapor) has become the most popular way of consuming marijuana. It is also thought to be one of the healthiest ways to get high since you are inhaling vapors instead of smoking it.  Their portability also makes it easy for stoners to smoke weed practically anywhere. People can be seen using handheld vaporizers in bars and other public smoking areas. 

Vape pens were initially introduced as a healthy alternative to cigarettes, as they were intended to help smokers quit smoking. Later, cannabis consumers began trying them for weed. The vape pens made it easy to consume marijuana by using lower temperatures to activate cannabinoids from solid weed or oils to gas. The lower temperatures help in preserving active ingredients, such as THC, CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids, which would be destroyed when smoked traditionally. 

The drawback to vape pens is that they can be very costly upfront. However, once purchased, they can be used for several years.

However, not all vaporizers are expensive. Due to their popularity, there are also inexpensive, simple to use disposable vape pens that are pre-packed with THC distillates or hash oils.

Cannabis users simply toss out the pens once the attached distillate runs out. Just make sure the company you buy from is reputable in order to avoid illness.

Many people prefer vape pens because there is no combustion, so there is no smoke and fewer toxins. When smoking marijuana with a pipe or joint, you may produce tar, which is especially detrimental for people with lung-related conditions.

Vaporizing marijuana, on the other hand, can reduce respiratory problems caused by smoking marijuana. 


smoking with a bong

Bongs are many stoners’ best friends because they make it easy to smoke weed and get high fast

Bongs can be made from a variety of materials. You can find them in ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, and even bamboo.

There are also several types and designs, such as carburetor, gravity, multi-chamber, straight tube, percolator bongs and beaker-shaped. One of our favorites is the gravity bong. 

Gravity bong

The gravity bong is affordable and requires very little cannabis to get you high. It comes in two designs; bucket and waterfall. 

Bucket Gravity Bongs

To make this bong, you need a bucket and a 2-liter bottle. Cut out a portion equaling less than half of the bottom half of the container and insert it into the bucket of water.

You can make a bowl by placing foil around the mouth of the bottle and poking holes into it. Place your weed in the foil and light, while at the same time, lifting the bottle slowly from the water to trap all the smoke.

Take care not to pull it all the way out, as you will lose your smoke. To inhale the trapped smoke, lift the aluminum foil.

Waterfall gravity bong

Make a hole at the bottom of your 2-liter bottle. Use your finger to cover the bottom hole and fill the bottle with water. Then place the poked foil onto it and light your weed. Hold the bottle over a bucket and remove the bottom hole finger.

The water will empty slowly into the bucket pulling the smoke into the container. When it is fully drained, cover the bottom hole once more, lift the aluminum and inhale the smoke.


marijuana joint

Smoking a joint is a huge part of marijuana culture. It can be included as a best way to smoke weed because it is so easy. This “tried and true” method simply requires rolling papers. Add marijuana and roll it up to make a joint. It’s simple, convenient and cheap. Rolling papers are waxed or glossy to keep them from burning too quickly. 

Don’t have rolling papers? You can also roll a joint using the following materials.

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Fenty blotting sheets

Rihanna’s line of beauty products features blotting sheets, which are very similar to rolling papers. However, those who have used the blotting sheets for smoking weed aren’t necessarily in love with them. Many users say the sheets burn very quickly. You can use Fenty blotting sheets if you are out of rolling papers and there are no other alternatives available. Milk Makeup offers rolling papers like this, too.

Corn husks 

corn husk pipe

In a pinch, you can always use corn husks as a substitute for rolling paper. People in Jamaica and California often use corn husks as more healthy alternatives to rolling papers, making it the best way to smoke weed if you are health-conscious. Since corn husks are fibrous, they can hold the weed tightly inside, allowing it to burn slowly.

Rose blunts

This is the coolest, if not the best way to smoke weed. You’ll need plenty of practice to roll the perfect rose blunt, but it’s worth the effort. The edible nature of rose petals makes it a healthy way to smoke weed. 

To make a rose blunt, you will need three rose petals, an oven, and some weed. Place the rose petals in the oven for about 10 seconds. When ready, remove the rose petals, lick them and stick them together.

Then place them back in the oven for another 10 seconds. Make sure you watch them carefully because you don’t want them to get crispy.  Remove the leaves from the oven, and let them cool. Finally, use the leaves to roll a joint.

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Gum Wrapper

Gum is usually wrapped with two papers, and you can use one of those wrappers as smoking paper. Dispose of the outer foil and use the inner wrapper. It is tricky separating the two wrappers; so be  extra careful when removing the thin wrapper from the outer foil.

Empty Cigarette 

smoking weed with an empty cigarette

True marijuana enthusiasts are often repulsed by this method, but if you have no other alternatives, it’s worth a shot. 

To remove the cigarette content, roll it gently between your fingers. Once it is empty, fill it with the finely ground weed. Remove the cigarette filter.



Blunts and joints have many similarities, which make people assume they are the same; but, unlike a  joint - which uses rolling paper - blunts use cigar papers.

They are the best way to smoke weed without a pipe because cigar papers are significantly larger, allowing you to use more marijuana when rolling. This makes it thick and long. 

The advantage of using a blunt over a joint is that the blunt burns slower due to the thickness of the cigar wrapper. 

Hot Knives

smoking with knife hits

This method of consuming marijuana is likely one of the oldest and best way to smoke weed without a pipe.

It is best done sober to prevent any burn accidents. To enjoy marijuana in this way, place knives on a stove, and have small nugs of marijuana close by (the wider the blades, the better).

Once your knives turn red, pick your marijuana up with one hot knife, and squeeze it between the other. Lift the two blades to your nose to inhale the marijuana vapor.

It is a little challenging to control the direction of the smoke. To get a full hit, you can make a dome around your knives by cutting off the bottom part of a soda or water bottle.

Use the top half the bottle to make the dome, as it makes it easier to trap the smoke. You can inhale the vapor through the opening at the top.


marijuana edibles

Edibles are one of the best and healthiest way to consume weed. Many stoners like firecrackers because they are the easiest to make. 

To make weed firecrackers, you will need crackers, Nutella or peanut butter, and of course, weed. Preheat your oven to 220 degrees, spread your ground cannabis on the tray, and cook it for one and a half hours.

You will not get high if the weed is not heated enough to decarboxylate.  Once the marijuana has decarboxylated, mix it with peanut butter. Then spread it on a cracker and cover it with another cracker/ Next, wrap them with aluminum foil and place them back in the oven for thirty minutes, while increasing the temperature to 250 degrees.

Firecrackers are an easy snack to make, but you can also bake weed brownies, cookies, or try your hand at making your own gummies or gummy bears

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smoking out of an apple

Apples are fun, and probably the best way to smoke weed without a pipe if you are a fan of fruits. They are also easy to find and convert into a smoking device.

To make an apple pipe, you will need aluminum foil, a pen, and an apple. Make sure to choose a fresh apple since you will be poking holes in it.

Poke a hole in the apple from top to bottom using the pen. Using the same pen, make another hole to the side, making sure that it coincides with the other hole.

Poke holes into the aluminum foil, place weed on the top part, and light. Inhale the smoke from the side. The best thing about this fruit pipe is that there is no mess. Once you are finished, you can eat the apple.


Plastic Lungs

smoking out of a plastic water bottle

Plastic lungs mimic a bong. They are not easy to make, but they can get you incredibly high.  You will need a plastic container (such as a 2-liter water bottle), aluminum foil, scissors, tape, and clear plastic bags. 

Cut the plastic container into two halves, then attach the plastic bag at the bottom of the top half using the tape. Fold aluminum foil to resemble a bowl, poke holes into it and place it on the lid of the bottle.

Place weed in the bowl and light, pulling the paper bag as the marijuana burns to create a suction. When the paper bag is full, remove the aluminum foil and inhale the trapped weed smoke.

The amount of smoke you can capture depends on the size of the container and the plastic bag you used. The larger the plastic bag, the more the smoke caught in the bag. This will get you higher

Using a Soda Can or Plastic Bottle

If you want to get high and you have no apparatus, but see a soda can or plastic bottle near you, you are in luck. Bend the soda can in half, poke several holes into the new crease and another hole to the side.

Place your weed in the crease and light. Then inhale the smoke through the can’s mouthpiece. While soda cans are simple to find and use, most people are concerned with adverse health effects since the ink on the can may emit chemicals harmful to the human body. Therefore, use soda cans sparingly.

A water bottle can be recycled into a smoking apparatus. Make a hole at the side, then place a piece of aluminum foil with holes poked into it over the mouth of the bottle and light it. Inhale your marijuana from the side hole.  Most people are concerned with the adverse health effects of this method too, though, since burning plastic can release toxic fumes.

Once again, the best way to smoke weed is the way that works for you. As long as you have something to consume, there really isn’t a reason not to. 

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FAQ about the Best Ways to Smoke Weed Without a Pipe.

Are dabs more potent than weed?
Since dabs are are created from an extract of the most potent parts of the cannabis plant, it is natural that the effects of dabs end up being more potent than smoking marijuana.

What is the most efficient way to get high?
Dabs are able to get you high much faster than a regular joint, due to their high concentration of THC.

Do edibles expire?
Edibles are food, and food does expire. The exact date of expiry depends on what edible it is.

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