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10 Best Gifts for Stoners

Last Updated: March 23, 2023By Joshua Mezher

cannabis gifts

The great part about marijuana is that as of 2019, it is legal in over 10 states recreationally and over 30 states medicinally. This newfound accessibility is a stoner's dream come true.

Now you have more freedom to enjoy your favorite herb without the worry of “getting caught.”  If you have a friend who enjoys getting stoned, then you are in luck. 

Here is a list of the best Christmas gifts for stoners.

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Grow your own Marijuana Plant with a Pot for Pot

small weed plants in a Pot for Pot grow kits

If you’ve got a friend who’s into houseplants, crafting, DIY, or is an overall cannabis enthusiast-- this is the gift for them

Grow weed indoors or outdoors with a Pot for Pot’s 5-gallon marijuana grow kit. This kit includes everything you need to grow your own marijuana houseplant! Complete with an extensive grow guide, fabric pot, pot drain saucer, seed germination kit, trimming scissors, and more!

Check out other cheap grow kits and accessories like their Jiffy pellet seedling kit or air pruning pots!


Weed Shaped Cookie Cutter

cannabis cookies

If you want to make your weed brownies or that new infused cannaoil cakes exceptionally special, then try the Marijuana Pot Leaf Brownie Cookie Cutter. This stainless steel cookie cutter can bring your brownie to life. Your stoner friend will love making brownies for you.

It’s dishwasher safe and has an easy cleanup. Not only that, but you can also use it to make special cookies where every bite will bring you closer to bliss.


Bong Pong

If your friend loves beer pong, then bong pong would make things ten times more exciting. It’s similar to beer pong, except players will fire a ping-pong ball out of a bong device.

The first team to clear their opponent's side of the table wins, while the loser will have to drink (or smoke!). 

The game includes a bong pong shooter, one ping pong ball, and 12 plastic cups for your enjoyment.

This new game is genius, and will definitely make the holiday season brighter. All you have to do is fire a ping pong ball out of the bong and see which cup it lands on. 

So what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and family, pour some drinks, choose your team members, and fire up.

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cannabis odor remover

Cannabolish is a plant-based cannabis odor remover. One of the most common issues that stoners face is getting rid of the odor from their smoke. 

After all, not everyone feels the same way about marijuana. Fortunately, the cannabolish might be your solution. It can be bought in candles or sprays. 

This product is made from plant oil and water, so it’s safe and natural. It can neutralize the smoke odor and replace it with something pleasant like wintergreen, root beer, or citronella type aroma. 

With that in mind, you will never have to leave the room or go searching for any old air freshener again.

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CBD Infused Honey Stick

cbd honey sticks

This is perfect for the stoner who is always on the go. The sticks are individually wrapped with honey flavor in 10 mg of CBD for a euphoric and relaxing experience. 

This can help alleviate stress and anxiety when your stoner friends come back from a busy and exhausting day. If your friend has a history of anxiety or spends little time on themselves, then CBD infused honey sticks can be a lifesaver. 


Hemp Facemask

hemp face mask

Sometimes, your face can have wrinkles, acne, get dried up, or be oily. Fortunately, the hemp facemask contains natural CBD ingredients and other nutrients to replenish your skin. 

The relaxing CBD components help reduce wrinkles while the nutrients and extra hydration help provide moisture to your face. With this moisturizing hemp facemask, it will make your skin vibrant and leave you feeling fresh!

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Illustrated Marijuana Grow Guide

aPotForPot Olive Green cannabis leaf Save Money - No Tent Needed

aPotForPot Olive Green cannabis leaf Organic Cannabis Soil Recipe

aPotForPot Olive Green cannabis leaf Avoid Common Mistakes


Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis for Self-Care by Sophie Saint Thomas

Caribbean author Sophie Saint Thomas educates people on how to incorporate marijuana, CBD, and THC in a daily self-care routine. This is a fantastic gift for loved ones who have recently introduced marijuana into their life.

It offers some excellent suggestions on how to use weed and all the stoner culture without getting too crazy. The book teaches readers about various strains and strategies to consume cannabis in order to obtain its maximum therapeutic effect.

In addition, this book goes into detail about how you can reap all the benefits of both CBD and THC. Enhancing your higher self includes activities such as guided meditation and cannabis massage oil to relieve stress and anxiety. No doubt, this is a must-have book for all stoners.


The Vegan Stoner Cookbook

cannabis cookbook

If your loved one is a vegan and a stoner, then this cookbook is an extraordinary gift to them. It has 100 easy vegan recipes to create and consume. The book shows that cooking does not have to be complicated. In fact, it can turn a slacker into a culinary genius. 

With this cookbook, you will be able to whip up some of the most delicious and relaxing meals with a few ingredients in a minimal amount of time. These recipes contain breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tasty snacks in between.

Don’t get us started about the mint green smoothie, animal cookies, churro chips, and much more.

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Toking Hazard

If your friend loves a good laugh, then Toking Hazard can be a dream come true. It has 50 marijuana cards to knock you off your feet. With these cards, you will be able to experience the existential crisis through the eyes of a stoner. You can also show your life situation in both a funny and weird way. 

In addition to the cards, there is a secret in each box. The box is oversized to fit the surprise that will leave your friend craving for more.

Raw Rolling Kit

cannabis rolling tray

Some stoners prefer their weed the old fashioned way by rolling up a joint instead of smoking it through glass or a bong.

This is an excellent Christmas present that contains rolling papers, filters, tips, hemp wick, travel containers, grinders, rolling machines, and much more. With this rolling kit, your stoner friend is ready to rock the world.

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Take-Home Message

Your stoner friend means a lot to you. He or she enjoys the pleasure that marijuana can bring. So why not give them a marijuana Christmas gift that they will never forget. 

We have provided you with a list of creative and wonderful gifts for stoners. These gift ideas can range from card games and odor neutralizers, all the way to a complete grow kit, and much more. 

With these types of presents, the possibilities of putting a smile on your friend's face are endless, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to cherish the holiday with these creative gifts.

For more tips visit our blog about cannabis growing kits!

Frequently Asked Questions about Christmas Gift for Stoners

What should I get my stoner friend?

Here are some options: Stoner Cookbooks, Rolling Papers, Cannabis Candles, E-cigarettes, E-Lighters, Weed Canisters, Sun Glasses, Bongs, Ashtrays, and A Gift card to buy stuff online

Whats the best time to gift your stoner friend?

4:20 pm, It is cannabis culture slang for marijuana consumption, especially smoking around the time 4:20 pm

What every Stoner should have?

Here are some Weed essentials: One hitter, Roor bong, lighter that isn't white, RAW rolling papers with filters, Grinder, G-Pen, and a reliable delivery service


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