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5 Reasons You Should Grow Your Own Christmas Tree 

Last Updated: June 08, 2023By Joshua Mezher

It may seem like it’s a bit early to be discussing Christmas and the holidays, but, there is no time like the present to think about how and why you should grow your own Christmas tree-- with weed! 


Think about it, you have got to be tired of those standard boring Christmas trees, especially if your usual plan involves purchasing a plastic tree. Instead of hauling out that dusty old thing from the garage this year, why not grow your own Christmas tree, one made from weed? It’s surprisingly easier than you think.

Yes, there’s still time for Christmas!

I know what you’re thinking. Christmas is only a few months away, how can there still be time to grow a marijuana Christmas tree and do everything else? I mean, the holidays are indeed joyous, but all the things you need to do to make this holiday season a success can be quite stressful.

The good news is, you can pull it off in time. You’ll just have to start right now and that's super easy with a grow kit

So, how do you quickly grow a marijuana Christmas tree? It’s simple, you use autoflowers! Autoflowers are cannabis plants that enter the flowering stage automatically. That means those growing these plants do not need to be concerned about changing the amount of light. Normally, when growing marijuana, the light cycle must change as the plant matures. Plants mature over months, but there are two key periods.  The vegetative stage is when the plants need 18-24 hours of light per day. This normally corresponds to spring and summer. The flowering stage is when their needs drop to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. This is similar to the fall. 

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This process occurs naturally outdoors, causing non-auto-flowering plants to sync with the seasons. However, when you are growing indoors, you have to use extra lights and follow a strict schedule to recreate this natural occurrence.  

You also have to allow a lot more time when you aren’t growing auto-flowering plants. This is why many people prefer to grow autoflowers -- they grow faster. In fact, with some strains, you can harvest your plant in under 90 days! That leaves you plenty of time to grow your own marijuana Christmas tree.

It truly comes down to having the right seeds. Don’t know where to find these types of seeds? Do not fear – we offer referrals (and deep discounts!) to seed banks that sell high-quality auto-flowering seeds. 

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Why You Should Grow your own Marijuana Christmas Tree

Marijuana Christmas Tree with Stoner Gifts

Are you still on the fence about it? Here are five reasons why you should grow your own marijuana Christmas tree. 

1. Less Mess, Less Stress

Anyone who has dealt with a regular Christmas tree knows how messy they are. Your living room ends up covered in dead pine needles. Plus, at the end of the season, you must haul the entire mess out to the garbage, thereby succeeding in making even more of a mess. Not to mention, if you’re buying a tree from a lot, you’re probably buying a tree that is malnourished and of poor quality. If you choose your tree too early, it’s brown, dead, and all over your carpet by mid-December.

How about plastic trees? 

While a plastic tree is less messy than a real tree, it isn’t exactly the most fun. Putting it together is easy, but it takes time, and I’m sure you’d rather spend that time doing something else. Then there’s storage. No matter how compact the original packaging, the box you ultimately end up storing the tree in will not be nearly as tidy and convenient. 

If you plan on storing your tree, you’re most likely going to end up with a slightly squashed box with ends of the tree awkwardly poking out the edges. You could try storing your tree in a plastic garbage bag, but you’ll want to check and make sure no little critters took up residence while it sat in the corner of your garage. 

2. Save Money on Christmas decorations!

Growing your own marijuana Christmas tree will ultimately end up saving you money. First of all, those lot bought trees are usually not cheap. On the other hand, cutting down your own tree might be free, but the manual labor might be more than you are willing to spend.  Store-bought trees are typically the easiest, but they are often extravagantly priced (easily at around $200)– likely way more than they are worth. Remember, this is something you’re only going to use once a year and forget about in the garage or attic for the remaining 10 months of the year. 

Growing your own marijuana Christmas tree is not nearly as expensive, or as time-consuming as a traditional Christmas tree. In fact, with auto-flowering seeds, it’s extremely cost-effective.  Even with our LED light to support your growing tree, you still won’t end up spending as much as a store-bought Christmas tree. Best of all, you’ll make that money back once you harvest those buds.  

3. Ooh, That Smell!

Most of us love the smell of a good old fashioned Douglas Fir Christmas tree. It evokes memories of the Christmases of our childhood, decorating the tree, drinking hot chocolate, and of course, presents! Unfortunately, that fresh pine smell does not last the entire holiday. Anyone who’s had a natural Christmas tree knows that the smell dissipates the longer you have the tree out.  

Wish the scent could stay? That’s why a marijuana tree is better. Cannabis plants smell more as they grow, meaning that the sweet smell of nature will only get stronger as Christmas draws closer. During vegetating stage, it smells piny and floral.  Once your cannabis Christmas tree reaches the flowering stage though, you will be able to smell that thing across the room.

If the smell of Christmas trees delights you, you are highly likely to enjoy the smell of a cannabis plant in full bloom.  There are plenty of strains that give off the aroma of fresh pine, minus the dead pine needles. Plus, think of what those terpenes will do for your holiday cheer!

4. Better for the Environment

By now, everyone should know that those plastic trees are terrible for the environment. Even if you have purchased one to last you many years, you are not the only one who buys those fake trees. Millions of fake Christmas trees are sold each year. They are manufactured and shipped all over the US, which is a ridiculous waste of fuel and, of course, plastics. We know that plastics are killing the environment and that their use in manufacturing is contributing to the global climate crisis that threatens our existence. Why not take a huge step in limiting carbon emissions and not use a fake tree?

Traditional Christmas trees are not without their own faults. Almost thirty million real trees are grown and sold each holiday season. That may sound good, but it’s what happened after the holiday season that is the problem. People throw them out, leaving them in backyards, dumpsters, and landfills to sit until they decompose.  Sure, they will decompose, but in the meanwhile, they are causing a lot of waste. Plus, pine needles are terrible when they get in your yard, as they can easily impede the growth of other plants. 

5. You get to smoke it afterward

Perhaps the best thing about growing your own marijuana Christmas tree is that you get to smoke it after the holiday is done. Can you imagine a better way to spend Christmas than smoking from your own Christmas tree?!

Instead of the boring task of taking a Christmas tree down, you could have the exciting task of harvesting buds!  Even if you aren’t interested in smoking them, you could decarb them and create edibles or tinctures. You could also use the buds as stocking stuffers. Wouldn’t that be the best Christmas present??

There are so many reasons to grow your own marijuana Christmas tree, and these are only five of them. However, the best reason remains clear - it is incredibly easy. 

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How to Grow your own Marijuana Christmas Tree

marijuana Christmas ornament

Growing your own marijuana Christmas tree is one of the simplest things that you can do – especially if you start with a Pot for Pot

We provide everything that you need to grow a marijuana Christmas tree or just an ordinary marijuana plant if you like. In our complete kit, we’ve included a pot, our specially formulated superb soil, and growing and harvesting supplies. We also include a coupon for marijuana seeds, so you can select the perfect auto-flowering seeds for your Marijuana Christmas tree. 

Now, since this will be a Christmas tree, there are a few extra steps. You will be growing this indoors because you don’t want your plant to get too cold. This means you will need to provide your plant with a little light. However, since you are going to grow an auto-flowering plant, you will not need to worry about any complicated lighting schedule. Instead, a single LED light will suffice.

You can purchase one of these lights on the a Pot for Pot website. 

What about the size?  

If you’ve grown a marijuana plant before, you may have noticed how tall they can become. While you may be able to support a 7-foot Christmas tree in your home, you may not want a 7-foot marijuana Christmas tree.  This is another situation where auto-flowering plants come in handy. Auto-flowering plants tend to be a bit smaller than traditional cannabis plants, making them the ideal indoor plant. When it comes to your Christmas tree, they produce plants that will be a perfect size. Just be sure to check the average expected height of your plant when you purchase your seeds. 

Timing is key when planning your grow

If you want to ensure that your marijuana Christmas tree is ready for the season, the time to start is now!  With auto-flowering plants, it is possible to harvest by Christmas, if you started in early October. However, if you’d simply like the tree for the holidays, and don’t mind harvesting in January, plant your tree in November to enjoy a fluffy holiday tree without buds.  

Decorate your Holiday Tree

Should you decorate your tree? Of course! Place that Christmas tree skirt under the bottom and hang your LED light above it (instead of the angel). Skip the heavy decorations, and opt for lighter things, such as colorful strung popcorn and tinsel. Remember, you want your tree to yield some buds once it’s all over and done, so don’t damage it while it’s growing.  

Celebrate your Cannabis Harvest

If you were able to start growing your plant in September, you could have some juicy buds waiting for you on Christmas. Why not invite some friends over and have a harvest party? Harvesting marijuana can be fun when you gather a few people to help. Grab some extra trimming scissors and some egg nog, and you’re all set. 

If you must wait a few weeks for the harvest, don’t let it get you down. Even if your tree doesn’t produce buds in enough time for Christmas, there’s still New Year’s and Valentine’s day. Freshly cured marijuana flowers make the perfect gift for your sweetheart.


If you’re still not ready to grow your own marijuana Christmas tree, that doesn’t mean someone else might not be. Instead of another boring present, why not give your friends a Pot for Pot? They’ll be able to grow their own trees all year long. Who knows, they may even invite you to their marijuana Christmas tree trimming party next year.

Whether you decide to grow your own marijuana Christmas tree or give the gift of marijuana growing this holiday season, you will quickly discover that marijuana and the holidays go very well together. That’s why a marijuana Christmas tree is an especially good idea. Not only do you help the environment, but you get to grow something that brings joy to many people around the world. 

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Merry Juana Cannabis Christmas ornament

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