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Flowering Booster

6 reviews
Flowering Booster
Supercharge your grow with our fortified Flowering Booster. Packed with our own all natural, nutrient rich formula, our flower booster will help your plant reach its max potential and sprout big, beautiful, bodacious buds. Add 2 teaspoons (10 ml) of Flower Booster to your watering can (1 Gallon) and mix once per week beginning in the 2nd week of flowering until your plant is harvested. 2 Oz (60 ml) per bottle
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Customer Reviews of our Grow Kits

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Excellent kit for beginners

Great! The kit is ALL INCLUSIVE, just add seed and water like they say. I am newer to growing but have been studying for a long time. Everything worked as promised out of the box. My plants are on day 24 and looking great! The support team has been great with questions and comments as well. They even over-nighted me a new pot saucer after mine showed up cracked. Great product and great team!

Wyatt B.


This soil literally has everything you need for your Auto. No need to mess around with expensive nutrient bottles, or droppers trying to figure out the right mix. Just follow the directions, water, and you're golden!

Zach K.

A pot for happiness...

This kit is truly an easy way for someone to learn the basics of growing your own healthy cannabis plant. The support was fantastic and all products arrived in record time (even during the height of the Pandemic). Very easy to follow guides and trouble-shooting and awesome online support. Great product for new growers!


Worry free!!!

This comes with everything needed except the seeds!! The directions were clear and my plants were growing in no time!!!


110% Satisfied Customer!!!

The only way to go! All you need is seed, water & love! I recommend you to all of my friends!!! I'm definitely a repeat customer.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 customer reviews


Flowering booster

Great from easy fast shipping to great turnout

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AnonymousVerified Buyer


Plant loves it

Plants seem to really love this stuff. Giving as directed during bloom, every 2 weeks. I’ve noticed an improvement vs previous crop without it.

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AnonymousVerified Buyer


All good

Everything was just fine, will be ordering another one soon

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AnonymousVerified Buyer


My observation

very good quality products and good service as expected. Please keep up the good work. Thanks

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Michael E.Verified Buyer


It's better homegrown.

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