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a Light for Pot - Single Pot 75 Watt LED Grow Light

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Why should I use indoor Cannabis Grow Lights? Because growing indoors has never been easier. Our 75-Watt low cost, LED Grow Light comes pre-built with everything you need to grow indoors & maximize your harvest. Simply take it out of the box and hang the grow light with the included rope and carabiner for amazing, full spectrum coverage.

New LED technology means these lights emit the perfect full spectrum wavelength to grow your plants indoors with natural-looking light. Ideal for a single pot with 2 sq ft of canopy. The natural white light looks great from the living room to the grow tent. And thanks to the LED Grow light, unlike HPS bulbs, it will never overheat.

These powerful grow lights will help get the most from your indoor plants. For best results, use LED Grow Lights along with natural sunlight. Or double up on lighting and grow even more. These high powered LED lights are perfect for use during both the flowering and veg stage.  They're all you need to have a bumper crop!

You won't even need a tent if you grow your cannabis plants with auto-flowering seeds! Grow in your living room and proudly show off your plant. Hang your grow light above your pot, plug into a wall outlet, and you're good to grow. Unlike regular photoperiod cannabis, autoflowering marijuana does not need a 12 hour dark / 12 light cycle to flower. Instead, it flowers automatically after a few weeks.  Blast it with as much light as possible during that time to grow big beautiful delicious buds.

With this light and our Complete Grow Kit, you'll harvest your own beautiful indoor flowers in as little as 80 days! We want to save you money and get you growing as quickly as possible so you learn how to grow your own pot at home like a houseplant. Become an expert grower with our grow kits and you'll have a thriving indoor garden in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us for your cannabis grow lights & purchase your full spectrum light fixture today.

Wattage Draw : ~75W From LED

LEDs : Top Bin CREE CXB3590

Driver : Mean Well XBG-100-48X

Flower Coverage Area : ~2 Square Feet

Veg Coverage Area : ~3 Square Feet

Tools Required : None

Ready to hang and use, no assembly required

Parts used in build:

-1 x CREE CXB3590 LED with holder
-1 x 160mm Pin Heatsink
-1 x Meanwell XBG-100-48X driver
-1 x ANGELINA Extra Wide Reflector with holder
-1 x SurSeal Thermal Pad
-1 x Universal Wire Connector
-1 x 10' Power Cord (US)

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We want to help you become an indoor marijuana gardening pro. We've created a community of over 25,000+ home marijuana growers. The community is filled with members with varying gardening experience, including some with the best tricks for getting high-quality cannabis yields.

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No Green Thumb Needed

Growing weed can be easy! It doesn't have to be expensive either when you use what mother nature has provided: water, soil, and sun. Our soil is specially formulated to grow excellent all natural cannabis. We break down bulk ingredients and give you all the tools and guidance you need to save money by growing the most amazing plant at home. Harvest in only 80 days!

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We are here to help from seedling to harvest. In addition to our step-by-step Grow Guide included with the purchase of one of our grow kits, we provide week-by-week video tutorials and grow coaching. Email Help@aPotforPot.com to receive personalized professional grow coaching. We’ve helped tens of thousands who have never grown a plant before yield a huge harvest of the tastiest weed buds they’ve ever smoked.

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7t watt grow light

Awesome lamp, the little sprout is thriving under it.

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Chris g.Verified Buyer


75 watt grow light

My pants were not growing as fast as I thought they should. I at new at this stuff and growing indoors because a have a yard that does not get a lot o...

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AnonymousVerified Buyer


Pearls Pots

Perfect Purchase for my space! Easy setup and results are awesome

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Cheryl H.Verified Buyer


75watt LED

This light works great ! my plants love it I don't get a lot of sun in my house so this light definitely does the job !

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AnonymousVerified Buyer


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