+1 Expansion Pot Grow Kit

+1 Expansion Pot Grow Kit

Our expansion grow kit contains all the ingredients to add another pot to your grow, or it slots right into your existing grow tent. Our included Superb Soil blend makes growing a breeze. Just add water, seed, and sun!

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Germination Guarantee - Our seed partner stands by the quality of their seeds, so let them know if you have trouble sprouting your beans.  Use Pot for Pot recommended autoflower seeds to harvest in as little as 80 days!

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Our expansion grow kit contains all the ingredients to add another pot to your grow, or it slots right into your existing grow tent. Our included Superb Soil blend makes growing a breeze.  Just add water, seed, and sun!

If growing outside or in a tent, our kits simplify the process.  Our living soil blend naturally grows healthy plants full of flavor.

Box Contents: 

  • $40 Seed Coupon (see below for details)
  • 2 or 5 Gallon Fabric Pot
  • Pot Drain Saucer
  • Seed Germination Kit
  • Superb Soil(s)
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Aeration Top Soil Mix
  • Coco Brick(s)
  • Rooting Booster

Kit includes a $40 Seed Coupon to discount your separate purchase of seeds from our online seed fulfillment partner (5 seed Minimum Order Quantity).

We recommend using Auto-flowering seeds.  They make it easy by flowering after about 3 months, regardless of light cycle.  This means you can plant it almost any time of year!  These plants can grow up to 4 feet tall and yield up to 8 oz.

Alternatively, regular (photo-period flowering) seeds perform best when planted outside in direct sunlight on your balcony or in your garden. This type of seed flowers when the number of light hours is equal to the number of dark hours (12-12). This means it will start to flower in the late Summer/early Fall.  These plants can grow up to 10 feet tall and yield up to 5 pounds!

Kits are privacy wrapped for discretion before being mailed.  Email help@aPotforPot.com with any questions.

    Kit Contents

    Seed Coupon
    Save money on your seed purchase from ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com

    Fabric Pot
    Helps prevent overwatering and allows your plant to breathe

    Pot Drain Saucer
    Acts as water reservoir and eliminates mess

    Seed Germination Kit
    Helps ensure germination and keeps roots wet and leaves at the perfect moisture. Sprout a seedling in as little as 3 days!

    Superb Soil
    Specially formulated to provide all the nutrients your plant needs from seed to harvest. It's that easy!

    Beneficial Bacteria
    Helps break down and replenish nutrients to increase bioavailability for your plant

    Diatomaceous Earth
    Keeps bugs and pests out of your soil.

    Aeration Top Soil Mix
    Balanced to hold air and water for your plant to thrive.

    Coco Brick
    Expands in water to help regulate air and moisture in your top soil.

    Rooting Booster
    Completes the soil food web and builds robust roots for maximum yield.

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    Selected: 2 Gallon

    • 2 Gallon
    • 5 Gallon
    +1 Expansion Pot Grow Kit