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2021 Highest THC Strains

July 14, 2021

High THC flower makes it easy to quickly experience the potent effects of marijuana. Worldwide, people love the blissful, euphoric feelings that THC creates. A high concentration of THC means more enters the body every time you consume it. This leads to more potent, faster-acting effects. High THC is also great for pain relief and inducing sleep

THC is the main psychoactive cannabinoid in weed. A strain’s THC percentage represents how much THC is present per gram. With many strains and THC percentages to choose from, it can be hard to know how high truly is high. 

What Strain has the highest THC?

Since cannabis strains are unique and contain various amounts of THC, many people want to know the strain of weed with highest THC content. Lately, more potent high THC strains than what we have witnessed in the past appear in dispensaries. Through precise breeding and meticulous pollination, consumers now have more powerful THC options to choose from. 

Curious about which strains currently lead the list? Here are some of the highest THC strains in 2021

ghost train strain

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze has won multiple awards for its high potency. In fact, this strain consecutively wins High Times Strongest Strains on Earth every year. Ghost Train Haze is a well-known Sativa dominant hybrid with levels testing up to 25% THC. 

Ghost Train Haze is so potent that some say it produces a somewhat psychedelic experience. It sports a pine-like, sweet aroma with a whiff of spice, citrus, and lemon.

Do not be surprised if merely breaking apart a bud creates an intense scent that saturates the room. Despite the strong numbers, the smoke is very gentle, with a taste that reminds you of OG.

Riding this train will send you into a state of euphoria while lifting your energy. The hazy effects also make it mentally relaxing. It’s a great daytime smoke, but due to its potency,  you might want to keep it light if you plan to do anything during the day.

Medical marijuana patients would be happy to know Ghost Train Haze has significant therapeutic properties. It is great for reducing pain and provides relief from symptoms of PTSD and depression. 

Trainwreck strain


Trainwreck is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a profoundly blissful mental high. This strain stands out from other hybrids because of its strong indica impact despite its sativa dominance. The result is a warm pain-alleviating effect complimented by a subtly spicy flavor.  

Again, Trainwreck is 90% Sativa, but the effects will not feel like it. It looks like an incredibly bushy Sativa, though, and can easily be grown outdoors and indoors. 

If you like the couchlock experience of an Indica and enjoy Sativas’ mentally stimulating effects, Trainwreck is the perfect mix. However, some people may get dizzy, feel anxious or experience paranoia from this potent strain. 

Trainwreck is popular for medical purposes such as stress, chronic pain, ADHD, muscle tightness, and PTSD relief. Because Trainwreck is so potent, it may only take a few puffs to reach full-body euphoria, experience a cerebral high, and enjoy that good old couchlock effect. 

Bruce Banner Strain

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is one of the highest THC percentage weed strain - its #3 version has up to 30% THC. Its name comes from the alter-ego of comic book superhero the Hulk, and once you try it, you’ll understand why. Besides being one of the highest THC content strain that’s easy to find, it also a nicely balanced hybrid – that isn’t too much of anything. In other words, it’s the friendly side of the Hulk. 

When you’re called Bruce Banner, it is not hard to expect a potent high- but the name also describes the yield. It’s strong, but it’s also huge with yields to match. The flavor is nice as well.

It boasts a slightly citrus taste that is more earthy than sweet. The buds are thick, with an abundance of THC that hits quickly. Like the Hulk, Bruce Banner changes.

The body high hits fast, but it becomes an imaginative ecstasy after a while, a stark contrast to feeling so stoned in the beginning. 

The strong body high is very relaxing, making it great for those needing pain relief. Bruce Banner is often a go-to for help with anxiety, ADHD, Bipolar disorders, and stress.

Users suffering from migraines and arthritis will find comfort from using this strain. Bruce Banner is one of the easiest to grow options on this list and produces the highest yield. 

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush

In 2012, High Times awarded Kosher Kush the Medical Cannabis Cup. This Indica dominant strain is also the first ever to receive the blessing of a Rabbi. This religious act is said to increase euphoric peace and grant enlightenment.


Kosher Kush has a strong yet very relaxed high. For some, it is mentally and emotionally uplifting and possibly even narcotic – this is due to the Sativa side. However, the Indica influence can be overpowering, so take it slow if you are new to this strain. It can cause couchlock. 

Kosher Kush successfully assists with insomnia, reduces worries, and ends jitters. It numbs pain and helps people find relief from nausea. Potential side effects include dizziness, anxiousness, dryness of the mouth and eyes, and paranoia.  It’s suitable for beginners to grow, but it’s best to keep it indoors. 

Critical Kush

Critical Kush

Critical Kush is one of the strongest marijuana strains with the highest THC content. It is a powerful Indica strain that takes over your body, providing complete relaxation and significantly calming effects. 

This strain is the child of Barney’s Farm, an Amsterdam-based grower that’s responsible for amazing strains such as Liberty Haze and LSD. Critical Kush is a mix of the infamous OG Kush and Critical Mass.  It received consistently high reviews, with THC levels ranging from 16% - 29%

Critical Kush plants will bless you with thick buds, which is not surprising considering they are 100% Indica. Good quality Critical Kush flowers have an earthy, kushy scent with hints of citrus, which you will notice is more potent when ground up. When smoking it, the taste is similar to a spicy pine. 

Newbies should take note - this strain produces intense smoke that can harsh sinuses and eyes. If you prefer discretion when you smoke, this strain is not the one. Save Critical Kush for when you are doing something, well, less critical. 

Illustrated Marijuana Grow Guide

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How to grow these strains at home

Buying high THC weed from your local dispensary is good; however, there are much better ways to enjoy your favorite strains, whether it’s the highest THC strain you can get your hands on, or a low-THC, high CBD strain. 

Growing your own marijuana is a much cheaper option – and it’s lots of fun. Believe it or not, the process is a lot easier than many people think.

Of course, there may be some ups and downs, but A Pot for Pot minimizes the variables by providing you with tools to grow your garden effortlessly. 

Why go to a dispensary and buy a few buds when you can get the whole plant?  Purchasing a complete grow kit, and you have everything you need. We make growing quality weed easy, effective, and fun! 

Autoflowering seeds are best 

How do home growers ensure the highest THC content? You use autoflowers. They simplify the growing process without sacrificing THC. 

Autoflowering strains grow based on age instead of the hours of light and darkness. These strains are great for outdoor growing in cooler climates or as an affordable indoor houseplant.

They also harvest faster than traditional options. Autoflower plants are typically ready within 8-10 weeks after the seed starts to germinate. 

Because autoflowering seeds finish growing faster, you can have multiple harvests each year.

This more than makes up for the lower yields that autoflowers tend to produce.  You’ll also have hearty plants that stand up to most environmental stressors, including a plant ‘parent’ that has no idea what they are doing. 

A Pot for Pot helps you grow the best weed 

We like making it easy to grow the best weed. Our simple marijuana grow kits ensure your growing experience is effortless and effective. We have everything that both an experienced and experimenting grower might need to produce the highest quality weed.

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Our complete grow kits include everything you need to go from seed to your very own supply of high grade medical cannabis.

aPotForPot Complete Grow Kit Unboxing

Purchase our Medium Complete Pot Grow Kit (5 Gallon) for a guaranteed yield of up to 8 ounces. Grow a plant that reaches 3-6 feet by giving it 4 or more hours of sunlight a day and the correct amount of water. If you are working with a small space, a balcony will suffice. We recommend this size for growing the highest THC autoflower seeds. 

When you’re ready to enjoy some of this year’s highest THC strains, wouldn’t it be nice to have plenty of it? Start your personal marijuana garden with A Pot for Pot and enjoy the best weed that you can grow. 

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