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Medium Weed Grow Kit

Last Updated: March 10, 2023By Joshua Mezher
At a Pot for Pot, we provide a wide selection of grow kits and equipment supplies for growing weed. Our cannabis grow kits are customized for your green thumb or beginner grows- with nutrient-enriched natural soil as part of an all-in-one complete pot grow kits. The Medium Complete Pot Grow Kit is our most popular option, designed for the first-time farmer as well as the more experienced gardener, all at an inexpensive price.

all-in-one grow kit box next to pile of freshly harvested cannabis grown with the growing kit

All-In-One Grow Kit

The Medium Complete Grow Kit is packed full of all the things you need for success in beginner or advanced marijuana gardening. With our grow kits, you only need to add a seed, water, and light. The speciality blended Superb Soil provides the exact nutrients and nourishment your developing weed plant needs. No mixing nutrients, no need for grow tents, no stress! Our growing kit includes everything you need to nicely boxed up so you can save money and smoke healthy, homegrown weed.

There are multiple options for locations to grow with our grow kits. These growing kits can be placed indoors, in the garden, or in between, on the patio or in a greenhouse. With the included fabric pot with handles, it is easy to place our grow kits in many places around your home and yard. In this article, we will be discussing how to grow your own weed with this growing kit in two ways: indoors and outdoors.

How to Setup Medium Complete Grow Kit Pot

This is the beginning of the growing weed process. Inside the Medium Complete Pot Grow Kit box you will find these materials:

medium complete grow kit materials

• $40 Seed Coupon (see details below)

• Grow Guide

• Watering Can/Spray Bottle

• Trimming Scissors 

• 5 gallon Fabric Pot

• Pot Drain Saucer

• Seed Germination Kit

• Superb Soil (x2)

• Coco Bricks (x2)

• Rooting Booster

• Beneficial Bacteria

• Diatomaceous Earth (Large)

• Aeration Top Soil Mix (Large)

• Smartphone Camera Lenses

• Natural Leaf Shine

We include a Grow Guide with every one of our grow kits for weed that is specific to the size of grow kit and type of cannabis plant that grow box grows best. So be sure to follow along with the Grow Guide that came with your unique grow kit, as well as the steps we will be covering in detail below. And if you want individualized feedback on your plants from industry veterans, we are only just an email away at help@apotforpot.com. Every grow kit package comes with unlimited online customer support that is dedicated to your success.

We're going to setup the 5 gallon growing kit below, step by step, and some steps may feel out of order, but trust the process for best results.

The first thing you'll do when you start growing weed is setting up the environment. This includes mixing the topsoil and setting up the fabric pot with our specialty blended soil for cannabis. Getting the soil activated with water is super important. The health of the soil is directly related to the health of your plant. Soil is not a stagnant substance; it is a living environment full of microorganisms that work to support your plant's growth and health. If the soil dries out, the microbiology deactivates and your plant will suffer. We encourage maintaining an even level of moisture throughout. In the beginning, this means you may just give the topsoil a light sprinkle of water to keep moisture moving.

Yes, before you even think about germinating a seed, you need to prepare the soil for your future plant. This may seem like it's out of order but, you want your soil and rooting booster to come alive and cook up the perfect environment for your plant baby. In nature, plants establish relationships with mycorrhizal fungi to more easily access and use nutrients that are present in the soil. It can take a little time for mycorrhizae to turn soil mix into a healthy home-- which is why it's important to start the soil prcoess before starting the seed.

It's also important to setup the topsoil first because this can take a lot of water to expand and break apart. Your future cannabis seedling doesn't want her soil to feel too soggy. Damp, yes, but soaking wet, no. This prep allows excess moisture time to evaporate. However, if you notice the soil drying out too fast before your weed seedling is ready to transplant, you will want to water the soil in the pot as if there was a plant there. If the soil dries out completely, things turn off and all that prep goes to waste.

Here's the steps to setting up: 

1. In a separate plastic bin, bucket, or bag, add water to the bricks of coco coir and allow time for the coco to expand and break apart

2. Mix in perlite, diatomaceous earth, half the package of rooting booster, and a couple handfuls of Superb Soil. 

3. Add all remaining Superb Soil to the fabric pot. 

4. Add the topsoil mixture from Step 2 on top of the Superb Soil. Mix a little where the two layers meet. And you're ready to grow! (Pro-tip: pick up the pot now and feel the starting weight so you have a better idea of when to water throughout your grow.) 

Now that you have the environment ready to go, you can start germinating your seed in the jiffy pellet and the first choice to make is whether you want your grow operation powered by artificial light or sunlight, as this will determine how you set up your grow space and maybe even what seeds you decide to grow.

Indoor Grow Kit

Let's start with option #1: start growing indoors. The great indoors is a great place to grow your own medicinal marjiuana or recreational cannabis. This is a common method of cannabis cultivation because with the proper amount of set up, the ideal environment can be created and managed. The positives of choosing this method include: discretion and control.

If you are wanting to grow marijuana safely in a state or country that hasn't legalized growing weed yet, and you don't live on multiple acres of private property, an indoor grow is your best setup option.

Growing weed indoors has become a standard cultivation practice with the cannabis plant being illegal in many areas. Bringing the grow operation inside the home provided discretion and protection.

marijuana plant in a grow kit growing indoors in a cabinet with houseplants

Growing marijuana with an indoor grow means that the grower is in total control of the environment. It also means that the grower needs to provide all aspects of the environment-- a space, hanging lights, fans to circulate air at the minimum. Some growers like to use a closet or cabinet, set up a grow tent, or build entire grow rooms just for growing weed. Depending on the level of commitment to the grow, more supplies are often required like a grow tent kit, intake and exhaust fans for ventilation, a carbon filter for smell, and devices to measure and manage the temperature and humidity. This means an indoor grow comes with a higher start up cost and require higher maintenance costs as it takes a lot of electricity to run all the lights and fans in your home.

If you are a beginner just starting out and need to grow indoors, we suggest starting with just a grow kit, an energy efficient LED grow light, and a fan. This is the bare essentials with which you can grow cannabis like any other houseplant. (Yes, that means that you don't need a grow tent to grow weed at home.) We also encourage those with an indoor grow to take their plants outside to get direct sunshine when the weather permits to get an extra healthy boost.

Grow Light

Grow lights are essential pieces of equipment when running a marijuana indoor grow. The strength and type of light that a grower decides to buy is directly related to how good their weed plants will grow and the quality and size of the buds they produce. Weak lights produce weak plants and vice versa. If you cheap out on the light that you pair with your weed growing kit, you are already limiting and reducing your harvest results in the end.

There are many types of grow lights fixtures from HPS, LEDs, to incandescent. Many come with horticultural accessories to making hanging lights in grow tents and grow rooms easy.

LED grow light hanging over cannabis plant in medium complete grow kit

LED Grow Light

Today, LED grow lights are typically the best choice as they are energy efficient and can easily produce enough energy needed to boost bud production. Choosing an LED grow light with a bad color spectrum (like those blue or red lights) can actually lead to nutrient deficiencies and sick plants with weak immune systems. To grow a healthy marijuanas plant indoors, you need a grow light that is full spectrum. We offer a range of grow light choices, starting with a LED light bulb that is 36 watts. This is the minimum wattage needed to sustain a cannabis plant's growth. We typically pair this LED bulb with a desk lamp that can handle that wattage and grow only Mini Complete grow kits. For the Medium Complete Grow Kit, you'll want something significantly stronger like the Single Pot 75 Watt LED Grow Light.

Outdoor Grow Kits

Okay, so maybe you don't have the funds and time to set up a grow tents or a grow room with all the lighting and ventilation and accessories. What's the cheapest and easiest way to grow your own marijuana at home? Option #2: growing kit outside with the sunshine!

growing kit outside with grow kit box surrounded by other potted plants

Growing cannabis outdoors follows what nature intended. As long as you have a space that gets a consistent amount of direct sun (a great place to grow weed ideally has more than 6 hours a day), you can grow weed for super cheap using the power of the sun. There is no comparison for the complete full spectrum of light that the sun provides; it sustains all life on Earth. Sun-grown cannabis plants also tend to have stronger immune systems and more complete terpene profiles. This is probably the best way for growing high quality, medicinal marijuana while keeping costs down and value up. However, your plant is now at the mercy of the weather. Storms, lack of sunlight, extreme high temperatures, can lead to reduced yields, but this can be managed by watching the weather and intervening when needed. The handles on the fabric pot that comes with the grow kit makes it easy to pick up and move your pot plant whenever the need arises!

Cannabis Seeds

High quality cannabis seeds are important because you can only grow good plants if you start with good genetics. Like mentioned previously, we make buying weed seeds easy by giving growers $40 discount seed coupon with every purchase of a grow kit to use with our trusted online seed bank partner ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com. ILGM is great because they stand by their seeds, boast a wide variety of cannabis strains, and have a germination guarantee.

We prefer to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds with our grow kits. Autoflowers require no change in lighting to start their flowering phase so they can be grown just like any other houseplant. You can use feminized, photoperiod cannabis seeds with the Medium Complete Kit, as long as you make some adjustments to account for a longer vegetative stage. We do not encourage growing with clones because 1) clones are weaker than seeds and are more likely to get sick and 2) clones are often started in rockwool which is a cannabis grow medium that sometimes does not work well with soil. Every kit includes a jiffy pellet to make seed germination simple and easy! 


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Our complete grow kits include everything you need to go from seed to your very own supply of high grade medical cannabis.

aPotForPot Complete Grow Kit Unboxing


With our 5 gallon kits, we encourage growing a single autoflower seed per pot. We strongly suggest this for many reasons. Namely:

  1. Autoflowering seeds are feminized so you will always get buds instead of the chance of pollen which can ruin a whole crop.

  2. Autoflowers have their own timeline and will transition to the flowering cycle cannabis is so famous for without any external environmental changed. This means an easier go at things because no need for light timers if growing indoors or planning your grow based on the time of year. 

  3. Autoflowering cannabis is ready quick! Most autoflowering marijuana buds are ready to harvest in just 80 to 100 days after planting the seeds. This means even growing just one plant at a time, a grower can harvest four times a year!

It is important to note that many growers have an idea that autoflowering cannabis is not as 'good' as photoperiod cannabis. This is a fallacy. Seed breeders have worked hard so that autoflowers found today often have just as high THC and other cannabinoids as their photoperiod cousins. Yes, often autoflowering cannabis plants stay more compact, but this doesn't impact the final product. Their compact size actually makes them easier to cultivate as they are easier to move and more discreet. And the fact that you can have more harvests a year growing autoflower seeds, more than makes up for the plants' smaller size.

watering autoflower weed plant

Watering Tips for Weed Plants in a Grow Kit

How do you know if your plant needs water? By picking up the fabric pot with the attached handles and feeling the weight. Water is actually quite heavy. When you pick up the pot and it feels light in weight, it needs water. If it feels as heavy as it did the day before, you may pass on the water for the day. If you pick up the pot and it feels heavy but you notice the top of the soil dry, you'll want to give a light sprinkle of water just so that moisture is present for the bioactivity occurring in the soil. Underwatering can be just as stressful to a marijuana plant as overwatering.

How does overwatering happen? Overwatering is not about the frequency in which you water but about the amount of water given at one time. This is because overwatering is not really a problem of too much water, it is a problem of not enough oxygen around your plant's roots. Too much water floods the system, drowns the roots, and stresses the plant. We recommend watering a little, letting the water settle, picking up the pot and feeling the weight, and then adding more water repeating this process until the pot feels the right amount of heavy.

If you happen to overwater in the growing process, it often makes sense to withhold watering all together. However, as we've already discussed, if the soil mix dries out completely, the soil and the cannabis plant are going to be extremely unhappy. If you overwater, it's okay (and encouraged) to withhold water for a couple days but be careful to not swing to the other extreme of underwatering the soil mixture.

Getting a hang of watering plants growing in soil mix with coco coir can take some time and practice. Stay steady with it and listen to what your plant and her soil is telling you. You have visual cues as well as the kinesthetic clue of picking up the pot and feeling the weight to gauge the amount of water currently present in the soil.

Illustrated Marijuana Grow Guide

aPotForPot Olive Green cannabis leaf Save Money - No Tent Needed

aPotForPot Olive Green cannabis leaf Organic Cannabis Soil Recipe

aPotForPot Olive Green cannabis leaf Avoid Common Mistakes

Types of Grow Kits

We have a variety of marijuana growing kits for all types of spaces. Our grow kits are designed for beginners and experts who want to learn new ways to grow cannabis.

Our grow kits include:

  • Medium Complete Pot Grow Kit (5 gallons)- You can complete the cultivation process from beginning to end with our Medium 5 gallon kit. This kit includes everything needed from start to harvest, all in one box. 

  • Small Complete Pot Grow Kit (2 gallons)- This grow kit is the perfect way to kickstart your first harvest. With step-by-step instructions, an easy-to-follow guide, and everything you need.

  • Mini Complete Pot Grow Kit (1/2 gallon)- This simple kit includes everything you need to start growing your cannabis plants. The $40 seed coupon will help get your garden started.

  • Large Complete Pot Grow Kit (35 gallons)- You can save even more with this kit with a large coverage area. It is designed to remove the guesswork and grow a full-term outdoor season photoperiod cannabis plant with ease starting from seed. This kit includes all the products and supplies you need to have a successful harvest at the end of summer. Ask us about free shipping! 

We also have an Expansion Grow Kit if you want to add another pot to grow or garden. Explore our wide range of marijuana growing kits and plenty of growing accessories and pick the best kit that will suit your needs!

cannabis plants growing in various sized marijuana growing kits displayed with grow accessories

Do You Need a Marijuana Grow Kit?

To be honest, you don't need a growing kit to grow weed at home. You can do research on all the styles of cannabis cultivation the industry has, experiment, take bad advice from a forum, buy bags of soil or lots of salty liquids in big plastic jugs and a spend loads of money shopping on hydroponic kits equipment and probably still get a cannabis plant to produce a small bag of marijuana buds. It is called 'weed' for a reason. Cannabis is an amazing plant that just wants to grow. But, how much will that cost you in terms of time, stress?

a Pot for Pot's grow kit features are affordable, accessible and backed by experience growing delicious, all-natural cannabis. And don't forget, ongoing Grow Coaching– included with all grow kits, we provide ongoing grow coaching throughout the life of your plant! Save Money- grow your bodacious bud at home and say goodbye to expensive Corporate Weed.

Privacy Wrapped, Delivery Guarantee – if your package doesn't reach you for whatever reason, just contact us. Our discreet packaging ensures your pot grow kit tools arrives in perfect condition without attracting unwanted attention. This discreet shipping pack is perfect for those who live in areas where growing cannabis is prohibited. The kits pack includes all the materials needed to grow your marijuana, including a strain selection guide, and instructions on how best to grow pot indoors or outdoors.

No Green Thumb Needed– We made growing cannabis as easy as adding a seed, sunlight, and water with our natural, time-tested pot grow kits. Try one of our kits today with autoflowering seeds and see results in as little as 80 days from seed germination!

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