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How to Make a Joint Burn Slower

Last Updated: July 29, 2022By Jason Levin
A man lighting a joint 

How to Make a Joint Burn Slower

There are few things worse than sitting with a joint and then realizing how short your smoke session lasted. Many people often assume that’s just how it works. And of course, if someone’s high, they’re rarely thinking about the logistics of the burn rate. 

However, maybe that’s what people need to start thinking about in advance - there are actually several factors that can help the joints burn slower than usual. At a Pot for Pot, we empower you to grow your own cannabis with simple directions and useful tools. Here’s how you can make a joint burn more slowly.

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Tips to making your joint last

Smoking a joint is nothing less than art. Many moving parts need to be considered to make sure the joint lasts long, or burns slower than usual. Here are some tested and proven techniques that can be implemented to make a joint burn more slowly:

1. Choose The Right Bud

One of the most important factors that influences the burn rate is the bud itself. Choosing the right bud and the right strain is half the battle won.

For instance, if the bud hasn’t cured properly, it’ll burn at a much higher rate than buds that have undergone proper curing technique. Curing allows the bud to retain some moisture, roughly 10%, which stops it from burning quickly. When you’re growing your own weed, it’s also important to give your plant the right nutrients to help it grow properly and reach high potency levels.

2. Use The Right Paper

person making cannabis joint

Believe it or not, the rolling paper plays a huge role in making a joint burn slowly. It mostly depends on the thickness of the rolling paper. For slow-burning papers, stick to thin papers. A thin rolling paper, preferably additive-free, will make the joint last longer. 

There are many rolling papers available in the market today, and in the end, it comes down to personal preference.

3. Grind It The Right Way

It goes without saying that you need to break down the bud for a good joint. The difference is whether or not you manually crumble it into small pieces or grind it using a grinder. When crumbled by hand, there will be uneven pieces throughout that will ruin your smoke. This causes a fast burn rate and a rough joint. 

To avoid this, use a reliable grinder to finely grind the weed and ensure that it is even to slow down the burn.

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4. Roll It Right

Everyone who smokes weed should learn how to roll a joint and the right way to do it. If done incorrectly, the joint will burn more quickly than it should and ruin the whole experience. Here are some simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Grind The Cannabis

As mentioned earlier, cannabis needs to pass through a grinder, and it should be as fine as possible to have a joint that burns slowly.

Step 2: Create A Filter

While many rolling papers come with a filter/crutch, it is easy to make from a business card as well. All it needs are some accordion folds, and it is ready to go. The crutch prevents excess weed from falling in the mouth and also provides structure to the joint.

Step 3: Fill The Joint

Fill the paper with around a half gram or a gram of the finely ground cannabis, called shake, and start forming the joint shape with your fingers.

Step 4: Pack The Joint

Packing is an essential step while rolling a joint. Pinch the paper between the fingertips and roll it back and forth to pack the cannabis down. This allows marijuana to be packed together and also ensures evenness. This allows the joint to burn in an even manner. 

Step 5: Roll the Joint

Rolling the joint can be the decisive factor between a good joint and a bad joint. The unglued side of the paper needs to be tucked into the roll and the glued edge should be tacked down on the other end of the paper. After this, use some moisture to seal it down.

Step 6: Finish The Joint

To ensure an even burn, pack it all together. This can be done by pushing a pen or even a small stick to get the weed as close and packed as possible. Be careful not to overpack though, or the joint will feel clogged when you try to inhale.  One can also tie the end if they don’t intend to light the joint right away.

Step 7: Light It

The only thing that’s left is to light the joint and smoke away.

person wearing ring and holding blunt

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5. Try Twaxing

Many smokers use ‘twaxing’ to make a joint burn slower. Twaxing is adding cannabis concentrates to the joint to make it last longer. By adding wax to the outside of the joint or mixing it with the ground cannabis, you will slow down the burn rate significantly.

In addition to the slower burn rate, twaxing also boosts the density of cannabinoids, thus giving smokers a more profound and long-lasting high.

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6. Inhale Correctly

It isn’t just about the materials used. The technique of smoking a joint also affects the burn rate. Many people inhale too deeply, which will make the weed burn faster. Instead of getting a deeper high, you’ll just run out of weed more quickly.

To make the joint burn slower, take smaller and slower puffs. Not only will the joint last longer, but the effect will also be more profound and more relaxing in the long run.

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Clearly, there’s a lot that goes into making a joint burn slower, but joints really aren’t as complicated as they look. Not only are these steps easy to implement, but they’re also likely to significantly improve the burn rate and overall experience of smoking a joint. 

Most of all, remember to take it easy and enjoy the process.

If you’re interested in growing your own marijuana plant to make that perfect joint at home, then check out a Pot for Pot, giving you the tools to grow weed indoors and outdoors.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Joint

How do you roll a joint easily?

Here are some steps: 1) Grind cannabis, 2) Fill the joint with cannabis, 3) Pack the joint and spread the cannabis, 4) Roll the joint, 5) Give finishing touches

What can I roll a joint with other than joint paper?

You can use gum wrapper with the aluminum peeled off, corn husk or printer paper.

Can flavored rolling papers improve the taste of cannabis?

Yes, a flavored paper can help mask a poor cannabis taste.

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