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Weed Memes to Make you Laugh

Last Updated: March 01, 2022By Jason Levin

Memes, in some form, have been around forever. They are just a type of joke, which, of course, has been occurring since humans started telling stories around campfires. Every generation has its own form of culturally derived humorous commentaries described via imagery. Many millennials are familiar with the Spongebob chicken meme and the distracted dude walking with his girl looking at another girl meme. They are true classics, but there’s also weed memes

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A brief history on Weed memes

Weed memes have been around for a very long time. Stoner humor has been consistently popular since Cheech and Chong movies and records in the seventies, all the way to Dazed and Confused, Half Baked, and Pineapple Express

If it was funny on the big screen, why wouldn’t it also be funny on the micro screen? That’s why, since the dawn of the internet, we’ve turned to our online friends for funny weed jokes. Weed memes have come and gone, but the best weed memes remain popular to this day. 

Need a good laugh to go with your high? Here are some dank weed memes to enjoy. 



Shaggy This isn’t Weed

Shaggy This isn’t Weed

A classic since 2012 (ancient by meme standards), this meme consists of photoshopped images of Fred from the Scooby-Doo cartoons with his face distorted in such a way that it suggests he has taken hallucinogenics like mushrooms, or most likely acid. It has long been speculated that the Scooby-Doo gang, in particular Shaggy, was high on drugs.



Super bowl weed memes

Super Bowl Weed Memes

In the 2014 Superbowl the Denver Broncos faced off against the Seattle Seahawks, leading to, of course, a Super Bowl weed meme. These funny memes about weed led to a timely discussion on legalization, but naturally after the Superbowl ended, they left as quickly as they came. 



Anti Weed Memes

Anti Weed Memes

Anti weed memes are not anti-weed in the sense that they are against weed. Instead, these hilarious weed memes make fun of all the misinformation about how “bad” weed is. If the War on Drugs offends you, you’ll find these memes timeless.

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Weed Eater Memes

The weed eater memes, based on an old Veggie Tales clip, are a great example of how weird and wonderful internet humor can be. It does not make a lot of sense, but it does not have to, much like the internet itself, you had to be there.



weed head meme  

Weed Head Memes

A weed head meme addresses those philosophical questions we all ask ourselves, usually after smoking a good blunt. They’re all questions that seem super obvious at the time but would not have occurred without the presence of Mary Jane. 



Weed Wacker Meme

Weed Wacker Meme

The weed wacker meme, featuring comedian Hannibal Buress, is no weed meme. However, it does represent the nonconventional weird humor that stoners love and has since spawned many imitations.



Smoke some weed meme

Smoke Some Weed Meme

The “smoke some weed and…” meme is not really humorous, it’s more like a life suggestion or advice. Imagine if all those inspirational quote memes on Instagram were replaced with motivational marijuana memes. The world would be a lot more dank.



Cartoon Weed Memes

Cartoon Weed Memes

Cartoon weed memes are just like your standard cartoon memes featuring all your favorite cartoon characters, except they’re also smoking weed or are really stoned. Stoners love cartoon characters, so of course, we love our favorite cartoon characters sharing our struggles.



Johnny Cash Meme

Johnny Cash Meme

Ah yes, the infamous Johnny Cash eating cake in a bush meme. Seriously, who hasn’t been high enough to eat dessert in their shrubbery? This meme reflects what really makes weed memes funny – relatability. 

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