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11 of the Best Games to Play While High

Last Updated: July 13, 2022By Joshua Mezher

Are you looking for ways to make meeting up with your friends to smoke unforgettable? Mix up your regular smoke sesh routine? You can’t go wrong with these stoner-approved games.

They’re appropriate for solo fun or an entire group of friends to enjoy while high. Between your stash and the actual game, you are certain to have a great time. So turn on your stoner playlist and get ready to have some fun.

Here are some great games to play while high. 



1. Lungs

This is one of the oldest stoner games around, and it has been played for decades. You may know this game by a different name depending on where you reside, but the basics of the game remain the same.

The mechanics of the game will vary, depending on how you are consuming your weed. For example, if you are smoking a joint, each player will take a hit from the joint and hold it in until that joint passes through the entire circle and ends up back at the start.

Whoever cannot hold it in and exhales or breaks into a coughing fit loses that round. You can decide whether the winner gets a prize or the loser pays a penalty. For instance, the loser can forego having snacks or maybe cannot say any word with the letter "e", or try to do a cartwheel (use your imagination!) or our favorite, roll the next joint! Or if you go the prize route, the winner can earn a special treat from the munchies table.

As a precaution, you should only play this version of the game if you have no more than five players. Why? If there are more than five players, there is a real risk that someone could suffer a health problem by holding the smoke in their lungs too long. Nothing kills a party faster than that.

If you are using a bong, then the game will need to be played differently, since no one can hold their breath for as long as it takes five people to light a bong, hit, and pass it.

If you want to play with a bong, use a timer and record how long each player can hold in their hit. This can get more dramatic (and hilarious) as you watch your one friend squirm. The player who holds in their hit the longest wins that round, and he or she can receive a reward (an extra joint, perhaps?)

But be aware this game is generally better played with vaporizers, because holding in smoke for too long can allow additional tar to deposit on your lungs.


ps4 controller

2. GTA 5

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto 3 in 2001, the Grand Theft Auto, or GTA series has been a favorite of both stoners and non-stoners alike.

This is for a very good reason: it rocks! The adrenaline rush of the game coupled with the effects of the weed you’re consuming combine to make a very high party!

You and your friends can start off by smoking a joint (or whatever form of marijuana is available) while deciding how you will be playing this game.

For example, you could decide to do missions with a friend or two, while others watch (and of course enjoy weed). Then you and your mates hand the controls over to the other team so that they too can do a mission while you watch and enjoy a well-deserved joint or bong hit.

For the best outcome, use a PC so that you can take full advantage of the opportunity to “mod” the game.

For example, each player can choose their preferred type of car. The fast pace of the game, together with the thrills of the storyline, will ensure that the weed gets to your head as fast as you smoke it.


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3. Get Musical

As hardcore potheads say, weed can turn you into anything you want, so why not use your weed party as an opportunity to make some music?

In this game, you and your friends can become a band playing live “on stage.” Not sure which song to sing?

Afroman’s "Because I Got High" is a fun way to sing about how high you are! Another great choice is Lana Del Rey’s “High by the Beach” or pretty much anything by Sublime. Select a lead singer and have everyone else act as band members with their own “instruments.”

For example, one can bang against the wall while another person could use an empty table as a makeshift set of drums.

The singer and those playing the instruments must all maintain the correct tune of the song, and anyone who starts laughing (in that laughter-inducing way that only a stoned person can manage) loses the game.

That person can be penalized, such as by performing a task for the group. For example, they have to roll the next joint that the other “band members” are going to enjoy before the next song is selected.

Don’t get too noisy with your makeshift “musical instruments” if you have neighbors!


4. Poker Face (for Stoners)

This game is best played after consuming plenty of weed. Once you are considerably high (like after a couple rounds of Lungs), begin looking at each other. Start a countdown to see how long everyone can keep a straight face.  

The first person to smile, laugh, or otherwise lose their serious face, has lost and must suffer a penalty. This could be making that person power smoke a joint (smoke an entire joint within a limited number of minutes), or perhaps, perform a chore for the group.

For example, they can prepare snacks for the entire group to enjoy the next half hour. However, you should avoid cooking while playing this game. Accidentally burning the house down is not part of the game. 


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5. Weed Pong

In case you hadn’t noticed, many of the best games that you can play while high are improved versions of classics that you played in college, or perhaps even younger. Weed Pong is no different.

In this game, two players stand at opposite sides of a table that has a cup of water or beer at either end. These players must then try to bounce a ping pong ball into the cup at the other side of the table.

The player who successfully gets the ball into the cup wins a reward, such as a glass of beer or even a joint. 

Alternatively, the loser can pay a predetermined penalty, such as forfeiting a draw on the joint to their opponent. Within no time, the two players are likely to stumble as they leave the table to go and flop on the couch!

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You can also play the variant “Paddle Pong,” using a paddle to hit the ball into the cup. Can you keep your hand-eye coordination up while high? This version makes it extra hard.


6. Fortnite

playing fortnite

This is another video game that you can play with your friends or on your own. The popularity of this game is growing, and you’ve probably already heard of it.  Most kids are experts at it, and most adults 35 years of age and under may have already played or heard about it. Few realize that it is even better stoned. 

In this game, you and 99 other players will be dropped off on a map by a blimp. Once your feet hit the ground, there is a scramble to gather weapons while simultaneously chopping down trees to build a fortress.

You will also be engaged in gathering wood, in addition to many other supplies you’ll need to survive.

The longer the game lasts, the smaller the map becomes. This results in a mad frenzy in which the different players attack one another while building forts at the same time.

The weed that you have been smoking will supercharge each of your guests to give the game everything that they’ve got to survive the scramble and remain on the rapidly reducing map.

The player who stays in the game the longest is the one who wins! That person can get a reward from the group, such as a personal joint, or any other reward that you collectively agree upon before the start of the game.


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pokemon go

7. Pokemon Go

You had a sneaky feeling that this game would find its way onto this list, didn’t you? 

The game you enjoyed playing as a kid has only gotten bigger and better over the years. Naturally, it makes its way effortlessly onto the list of the top games that one should play while high.

The ratings of Pokemon Let’s Go, and Pokeman Go indicates that this game has marched past many of the legendary games that people have played “since forever.”

So, grab your toke and start exploring for your furry/scaly/rocky/fire-y companions!

Just remember, you’re high. Stay away from traffic. 


8. Never Have I Ever

This game is primarily a drinking game, but it is also very easy to play while high with your friends.

In the highly unlikely event that you have never heard of this game, it requires all the players to form a circle and take turns making statements about the things that they have never done. The statement starts with the words, “Never have I ever…”

The people who have done what has been mentioned puts down one of their ten fingers and the game proceeds to another person taking center stage.

If no one admits having ever done what you say that you have never done, then you smoke a joint and change the statement to something else.

Another variation involves asking the person who is the only one who has ever done the thing in question to explain more about that activity.

By the end of the day, not only will the group be very high, but each person will have learned something about the others. By learning juicy secrets about each other, hopefully this will strengthen your friendship. Who knew that getting high can have such an effect?


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9. Movie Time

This one is great for those times after you and your friends have had a rather hectic day. You all might just want to veg out and get incredibly high without doing anything that requires you to move a lot.

In that case, it’s probably best to get a movie. This can be a stoner movie like Pineapple Express or Dazed and Confused, or any other movie. You just have to agree on the rules to observe. For example, you could agree that each time someone in the movie lights up a joint, you all will.

If it is an action movie, you can take the game a notch higher by saying that each time the main actor takes a blow or kills someone, then you will all light up a joint. By the time the movie ends, you will all be one bunch of sky-high,

relaxed friends!


10. Ape Out

If you’re alone and want to play a game while high, Ape Out might be the video game for you. This game is a single-player game. 

The player controls an ape that is trying to escape through a maze in which the enemies (humans) are trying to kill it.

As the gorilla makes its way through the maze, it can grab human beings and use them as shields to evade the incoming gunfire. Alternatively, the gorilla can kill humans in its way.

The bottom line is that you, as the player controlling the gorilla, have to decide whether to kill the humans you lay your hands on, or you push them in front of you as shields.

There is no chance that you will master the maze after playing the game several times because the layout of that maze automatically changes each time you start the game.

So, why don’t you play this game and release all that energy that you have got from the weed you have been consuming? See how destructive you can get with this ape in your control!

11. The Game of Nothing

To play a game or not to play a game...that is the question. After you’re worn out from the other games, or if you just want to have a chill night, take the time to engage in deep conversation.

Everyone knows that some of the best existential conversations are had while high. Philosophy, art, the state of the universe...don’t leave anything off the table.


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There are plenty of games to play while high; these are just some of our favorites. Remember, you don’t have to pick just one game.

As a good host, you should prepare several games in advance and then keep switching them up depending on how well your group enjoys them. 

Regardless of how many people you invite, or how long you play, you’ll want to have plenty of weed on hand.

The best way to do that is to grow your own. A Pot for Pot makes it easy to grow and harvest plenty of weed for hosting great stoner parties with your friends. Simply start with one of our Complete Grow Kits, and you have everything that you need to enjoy a great night of fun. 


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Frequently Asked Questions about games to play while high

Why do I play video games better when high?

Its very debatable, some say its a myth, but researchers have found that smoking cannabis before playing a game effects your brain in a positive way and helps you to stay more focused.

Is Indica or Sativa better for video games?

Yes, Sativa-dominant strains for serious gaming and Indica dominant strains for not so serious gaming

Can you spend the rest of your life smoking weed, playing video games, and watching movies?

Yes with well planned finances to support you for the rest of your life you can do what you want with your life. However what you need to understand is that, excess of anything is harmful. You need social interaction, exercise, sports, family, festivals, and many more things. All of these are necessities to stay healthy mentally, physically and emotionally.

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