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Smell-Proofing Your Indoor Marijuana Grow Room

Last Updated: October 06, 2022By Jason Levin

hands holding a marijuana plant

It’s not a huge surprise to anyone that cannabis smells. It has a very distinct, pungent, and lingering smell that is widely recognized.

For someone who is starting or has started an indoor cannabis grow room, the smell can be a huge drawback.

While the smell is tolerable and fleeting on small grows and with single plants, it does tend to get inconvenient for long-term, large scale grow-ops.

Whether it is a large personal cannabis grow room, a marijuana closet grow, or a commercial one, odor control is something that shouldn’t be ignored - especially early on, since it will only get worse.

At a Pot for Pot, we’re dedicated to making cannabis growing straightforward and easy-to-maintain. With that in mind, here’s our guide to smell-proofing your grow room.

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Why Should Odor Be Controlled

While it is easy to ignore odor control, there are several reasons why a large-scale indoor cannabis grow room should be odor-controlled. 

Security and Safety

It’s safe to say that an indoor cannabis grow room isn’t the most inconspicuous thing in the world.

Not only is the smell widely recognized, but it is also often seen as taboo by many. Even when it is being grown in a state that has legalized it, there are still many negative connotations associated with growing cannabis.

Odor control helps keep the smell low and prying eyes away from the grow room.

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Sign Of Poor Health

Excess odor can be an indicator of a poor growing environment for plants. From the ventilation to air-circulation and temperature, there are a lot of factors that play a key role in cannabis growth and farming.

Any of these factors left unchecked could result in the plants letting off more odor than usual and more often than not it is an indicator of poor growth conditions within the grow room.


hiding cannabis grow from neighbors

Walls have ears and noses too. When it comes to keeping things discrete, odor management is the biggest challenge.

For those living in matchbox homes or houses with close proximity, maintaining an indoor grow farm becomes a challenge. For this, a grow box marijuana setup and odor control can be crucial aspects. 

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How To Control Weed Odor

When it comes to controlling odor, there are many ways to approach the situation. Most of these solutions are related to controlling the environment and how to reduce the odor while making sure the plants grow in a healthy manner.

Ensure Proper Air Circulation

air circulation for cannabis grow room

The impact of air circulation in different phases of plant growth is well known. Proper air circulation keeps the temperature and odor levels low while recycling used CO2 out of the indoor grow space. 

Different types of grow lights produce varying levels of heat, and along with that, plants in different stages of growth have different ventilation needs.

The easiest way to tackle this is to install fans in the grow room.

Both standing and oscillating fans provide varying levels of air circulation that not only keeps the air clean but also removes the odor when paired with an air duct and an exhaust fan.

Install A Carbon Filter

Cannabis smell is natural and an essential part of any indoor grow space. It is impossible to stop the production of the odor, but steps can be taken to reduce its impact.

One such step is to install an activated carbon filter. This filter can remove up to 90% of the cannabis odor in a room, since it attracts dust, hair, mold spores, and other particles that are responsible for transmitting odor.

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Use Grow Room Ozone Generators

Ozone generators are an effective yet underrated means of removing odor from a grow room. These machines use three atoms of oxygen or O3 to remove odor.

They are recommended to be used in a commercial environment as they can be programmed based on the space of the grow room.

Due to their effectiveness in purifying the air and getting rid of various contaminants such as mold, bacteria, odors, and pests, they tend to be on the more expensive side of options when it comes to odor management.

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Use Surface And Air Purifiers

Another effective solution for commercial indoor grow spaces is fitting surface and air purifiers. Due to their size and capacity, these are best suited for large cannabis grow rooms.

These machines constantly work on making the air in the room better. They do so by removing airborne particles including mold, dust, smoke, pollen, viruses, and bacteria. 

By getting rid of such unwanted particles, the odor in the room is naturally reduced to a more tolerable and ideal level.

Use Odor Absorbing Gels

oder absorbing gel for cannabis grow room

When it comes to controlling the odor, there is only so much that can be done when it comes to making the environment around it better.

An alternative is to mask the odor. There are various odor neutralizing gels and masking solutions available that hide the cannabis scent and replace it with something else.

These should be reserved for emergency situations and it is recommended to use sparingly, as the scent lasts only for a couple of hours and when used excessively, the plants will absorb the scent.

Check The Room Temperature

A fundamental aspect of controlling the odor in an indoor grow room is to manage the temperature and humidity.

As a plant grows and enters different stages, its need for humidity fluctuates. For example, a plant in the vegetative state requires 70% to 80% humidity, while a plant in its flowering phase requires no more than 40% to 50%. 

The best way to tackle this is to install dehumidifiers and air-conditioners in the grow space. Not only will the cannabis plants grow under optimum temperatures and humidity levels, but the scent will also be under control.


growing cannabis discreetly

It is important to remember that as pleasant as growing cannabis is, not everyone shares the same opinion.

Using any of the above-listed solutions, either by themselves or combined, does not cost a lot when considering the benefit they provide to the whole process of indoor cannabis growing and the peace of mind that comes when the room is scent-proofed.  

Also, most of these methods are intended for large scale indoor grows.  If you’re growing a single plant grow box or only a handful, then the odor won’t be worse than smoking a joint in your living room, and these methods of odor control may be overkill for you.

These solutions, while keeping the odor levels low, also focus on maintaining optimum growth conditions for the plants which are an obvious benefit in the long-term.

Now that you know how to keep your indoor marijuana grow room smell-proof, check out other products at a Pot for Pot to make the growing process even better. 

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FAQ for Smell-Proofing Your Indoor Marijuana Grow Room

Should I control weed odor?
Yes! Cannabis has a distinctive, pungent smell that is widely recognized. It’s vital to control the smell of cannabis whether indoors or on a large personal cannabis grow room due to various reasons such as security and safety concerns. If you are growing marijuana discretely, controlling the odor should be one of your biggest concerns.

Are there effective ways to control cannabis odor?
There are various ways to control weed odor. These include: ensuring proper air circulation, installing an activated carbon filter, use ozone generators, fitting surface and air purifiers, using odor absorbing gels and keeping room temperature in check.

Which method of controlling weed odor is more affordable and easy to use?
The cheapest method of controlling weed odor is by installing both standing and oscillating fans to ensure proper air circulation. Maximum air circulation ensure temperature and odor levels are kept at bay while ensuring used CO2 is recycled and channeled back to the room. 


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