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4 Best Grow Tents for Growing Marijuana

Last Updated: March 13, 2023By Joshua Mezher

What do the Chinese emperor Shen Nung and the ancient Romans and Greeks have in common? Cannabis (the seed, fiber and leaves). They all used it for medical purposes. And they are not the only ones.

Before spreading to countries like Spain and Chile, marijuana history shows that it was consistently used in the Islamic empire. 

weed grow tent with LED lights

The Truth About Cannabis

Did you know that cannabis seeds can be used in animal feed? Or that its fiber is used to create hemp rope, which was actually the first use of cannabis when it initially appeared in North America.  And its oil has been used to manufacture paint.

Cannabis is a versatile plant which, unfortunately, is primarily known for its euphoric effects while other aspects of the plant are ignored. 

According to international statistics an estimated 159 million people worldwide use marijuana. In the United States at least 94 million Americans have used the drug at least once in their lifetime. In fact, marijuana is the second most-consumed substance after alcohol in the U.S. 

As marijuana continues to be legalized in several States within America and countries like the Netherlands legally allow it to be consumed, the stigma surrounding the plant is dissipating.

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Growing Cannabis

With the legalization of marijuana, an interesting trend has emerged. Regular consumers of the plant prefer to grow it themselves rather than buy it from expensive and sometimes unscrupulous sources, and a Pot for Pot can help.

Of course, not everyone has acreage to grow the plant, but the alternative of a grow tent comes in handy for small scale consumers.

A marijuana grow tent is a portable grow space that enables one to utilize a small space wisely when growing cannabis. The right kind of grow tent will yield incredible results and the wrong one will result in losing the entire harvest. 

Key Benefits of Using a Grow Tent

  • Creates an all-in-one grow room: Grow tents allow you to create a self-contained environment that optimizes growing your cannabis, allowing you to control light cycles, temperature, airflow, and smell. 
  • Creates a light-proof environment: Light leakage can significantly affect your harvest. And by using a light-proof tent, you have greater control of your plants’ light source and cycle.
  • Has reflective walls: Reflective walls help reflect light back to the plants to boost growth.
  • Creates privacy from unwanted eyes: Grow tents allow you to place your plants in any part of your house or garden away from people who might be judgy or ridiculous.

Are you thinking of growing your own marijuana plant for personal use? Shop our best selection of Cannabis starter growing kits from small to large pots. 

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Illustrated Marijuana Grow Guide

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Four Best Marijuana Grow Tents

Because a quality grow tent is essential to a good harvest when working with a cheap indoor grow setup, we’ll list our favorite grow tents for growing marijuana. These tents will produce the best yield for small-scale growers:

Best Overall grow tent

Gorilla Grow Tent Lite


The Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line is a trusted brand that offers this specific tent in a variety of sizes from 2x2.5x5.7 feet to 8x8x6.7 feet. This allows the grower to customize their grow tent to fit their size, budget, and harvest needs.

This is a very self contained tent that can be used even in the most remote settings. It can be bought with LED lights, like our Light for Pot, which comes in handy if it’ll be installed in an area with electricity. It also comes with a duct fan to circulate the carbon dioxide. This leaves the plant in optimum air conditions within the tent.

It can accommodate four mature cannabis plants and the overall construction is sturdy with bars within the tent to give it structure. It also has an adjustable fan and a timer.


  • An adjustable-height extension kit allows the tent to grow with your plants.
  • Durable 100% steel, interlocking frame, reinforced seals, and durable tent fabric that assemble easily and last for many harvests.
  • Strong zippers that hold up for many harvests and daily use.
  • Convenient viewing windows for monitoring your plants without opening the tent.
  • Affordable price for small-scale harvests.
  • Sturdy spill trays for catching spill off and cleaning up.


  • Not the most light-proof compared to other tents.
  • The fabric can easily puncture if not careful.

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Best Small Grow Tent

Coolgrows Mylar Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent


The Coolgrows Mylar Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent actually comes in small to very large sizes, but we like them best for their smaller tents. The smaller tents have a very attractive low price for the quality you get—dropping the price barrier for growing marijuana using a high-quality grow tent.

This grow tent will see the cannabis from the seedling stage to full-blown adult plants. It has excellent accessibility with the French doors so entry and exit are manageable without interfering with the plants. The viewing window is also strategically placed to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the white light.

The exterior of the tent is hard canvas and the interior is fitted with a strong metal bar structure and a silver aluminum foil. The reflective interior prevents light seepage keeping the environment inside conducive for maximum growth.


  • The reflective mylar is light-proof and efficient at managing the light so that you can easily manage the plant’s light schedule.
  • Made from durable materials with attention to construction detail to ensure stability and privacy.
  • The frame is PVC-free making it more environmentally friendly.
  • Easy-to-assemble and the smaller tents can fit in small grow spaces like a condo or greenhouse.
  • Observation window and door make it easy to monitor and manage your plants with little disturbance.
  • Removable waterproof floor trays catch dirty runoff and wash easily for fast clean-up.


  • Seams can start to give and allow light leaks over time.
  • Pole joints are a bit flimsy and cannot support heavy lights.

Best Large Grow Tent

Vivosun Horticulture Large Mylar Hydroponic Grow tent


The Vivosun Horticulture Large Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent is a very popular brand that is well-rated for its quality and price. Vivosun makes a variety of grow tents to fit different grow styles and needs. We love this tent for producing lots of large marijuana plants for personal use. And the best part is this large tent won’t break the bank unlike other large grow tents.

This tent has the size to hold up to six fully grown cannabis plants comfortably. The inner fabric is reflective mylar offering 98% reflection. The outside fabric is 600D canvas which is durable and hardy. One of the areas this Vivosun tent exceeds expectations is with the zippers. They are heavy duty, keeping out light while remaining sturdy even after extended use of the tent.

It also has removable floor trays that collect the runoff from the plant and make for easy clean-up between grows.


  • The light-proof design with 100% reflective Mylar interior lining is very efficient for managing light cycles.
  • Extra-thick, strong metal poles and tear-proof Oxford fabric prevent light leakage and hold up through several harvests.
  • The optimal observation window allows you to monitor without disrupting your plants.
  • No tools are needed for setup and installation, making it a excellent pick for beginner or amateur growers.
  • The brand offers a variety of growing products and equipment that can be bundled with your tent for additional cost savings.


  • When outfitted with other grow products that Vivosun doesn’t make, they may collapse the tent because of weight, pressure, or airflow.
  • The top bar weight distribution is not designed as well and can cause problems if you hang too many things from them.

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Best Eco-friendly Grow Tent

iPower Hydroponic Water Resistance Grow Tent


iPower Hydroponic Water Resistance Grow Tent isn’t as light-proof or feature-rich as the other grow tents that we’ve recommended. Still, it is ideal for eco-minded growers who love a lower price point. The iPower grow tents are very affordable and come in various sizes. They also come as a kit with all the other products you will need to grow marijuana, creating a compatible turn-key solution.

With this tent, the cost of growing cannabis is much lower because it uses less power compared to other options. It saves power because it is fitted with thick tent material that maintains the growth environment better and for longer. It is also water-resistant, tear-proof, and easy to clean and maintain. It has a 95% reflective interior. The iPower Hydroponic Water Resistance Grow Tent is also pest resistant so the plants within it are safe.


  • More energy efficient than other grow tents.
  • Uses durable oxford tear-proof fabric, strong metal poles and connectors, and zippers for daily use.
  • Tool-free, easy to assemble frame for quick installation.
  • Removable waterproof floor trays for easy cleaning and catching spill off.
  • The frame can support a 110 lb load to accommodate grow lights and other products.


  • Not the most light-proof, it may have holes around seams and zippers. 
  • Only uses 98% Mylar reflective material.
  • The main zipper can wear over time, making it harder to open your tent.

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Factors to consider when choosing a cannabis grow tent

1. How many plants

The number of plants will determine the size of the tent. Grow tents come in varying sizes and heights. Height is especially important to consider because cannabis is a plant that grows high.  A height of 80 inches will suffice to accommodate the plants as they grow without interfering with the grow light that typically hangs a foot from the tent’s ceiling. Cannabis needs to fall at least 18 inches from the grow light.

Also, consider that the plants cannot grow flush against the wall because of horizontal growth. For a 4 X 4 tent, one can only utilize 3 X 3 of the space.

2. Grow Tent Features

The grow tent should have a few important features to ensure excellent growth for the cannabis. These include viewing windows so that there’s no need to enter the tent and disrupt the environment all the time for inspection. Also, choose tents with large doors so that accessing the tent is easy and comfortable. Other features should include waterproof floor trays and exhaust ducting vents.

Viewing Windows: Allow visibility without needing to enter the tent and disrupt the environment all the time for inspection. 

Large Doors: Make accessing the tent easy and comfortable. 

Waterproof Floor Trays: Catch runoff from the plant and make for easy clean-up between grows.

Exhaust Ducting Vents: Circulate the carbon dioxide and strengthen the plants by providing airflow. This also helps manage the sweet, stinky smell.

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3. Materials

Ensure that the materials used are hardy and durable. For example, the material should be tear-resistant and the seals of high quality. Even the zippers and joints cannot afford to be low quality because you’ll be in contact with the tent daily.

Marijuana is slowly losing its bad reputation as more people learn to use it responsibly. Growing it requires patience and consistent care for the plant to survive and thrive.

If you are interested in growing your own cannabis plants, consider a Pot for Pot’s complete grow kits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana Grow Tents

Do grow tents need ventilation?

Yes, air circulation is important within your tent. This will keep temperatures low and strengthen your plants.

What are the advantages of growing cannabis in a grow tent?

There are many advantages of growing cannabis in a grow tent, here are some

  • Grow tents are cheap (average price is around $70-$150)
  • Grow tents are pretty easy to setup
  • Grow tents prevent light and smell from escaping
  • Grow tents keep bugs away

Are grow tents worth it?

Even though grow tents can cost some money but they are totally worth it in the long run. 

They provide the ideal conditions to grow marijuana because they can: 

  • Control the amount of light your plants receive.
  • Control growing temperatures and conditions.
  • Provide privacy from nosy neighbors.
  • Manage the scent of your plant.

What do I need to buy in addition to my grow tent?

To grow the best marijuana, you’ll need to invest in other equipment to optimize growing conditions inside your grow tent. You’ll need:

    • Grow Lights: You should look into a grow light system that includes a ballast, hood, hanging equipment, power strip, and a timer.
    • Ventilation System: If your grow tent doesn’t include a ventilation system, you’ll need to get one that includes carbon filters, ducting, duct clips, and can fans.
    • Pots, Growing Medium, and Seeds: You also need soil and pots for your plants to grow inside. a Pot for Pot has a wide selection of pots, our speciality blended Superb Soil, and other products to help grow cannabis in a grow tent.

Want to get started on growing your own Cannabis plant? Check out our wide variety of Cannabis starter growing kits for the beginner to intermediate growers. 

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